Wreck-It-Ralph Asks Sonic What He’s Doing in a Car in New S&ASRT Trailer


Following the Danica Patrick-focused trailer, SEGA has released a Wreck-It-Ralph heavy trailer for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Lots of gameplay footage is on show with some hilarious voice acting such as Ralph asking the internet favourite question “Hey, Sonic! What are you doing in a car?” You can check out the trailer in the video above.

Source: KochMediaEs on YouTube

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  1. Hearing John C. Reilly saying “Hey Sonic, why are you in a car?” was unexpected, I’ll give them that.

    1. Is that John? His voice sounds way too goofy here in comparison to what I’ve heard from the movie.

      1. I don’t think it’s him, most of the time big actors don’t bother doing voice overs in a game or tv series, it’s probably a different actor, voice sound nothing like (well sorta like) Wreck-It Ralph from the movie.

  2. Loved the Knuckles part. Sumo could have shown some mouth animation, hearing them talk with mouth closed freaks me out. Strange to see Ralph scream from across the track saying “HEY SONICZ, WHY YOU INZ A CAR!”

  3. Oh my, that voice is completely off. As fun as some of those lines are, i’d have prefered they just stuck with stock clips from the film if that’s the best stand-in they could get; sounds ridiculous!

  4. Is it just me, or does Ralph’s voice here sound a lot like Vector’s from Shadow the Hedgehog?


  5. damn does SEGA hate knuckles that much? he got hit in this trailer twice! lol. after sonic heroes, knuckles’ career went downhill

  6. Ralph here sounds… almost german…

    Like Arnold Schwarzenegger…


  7. I think they could have hired someone better, this guy sounds NOTHING like John C. Reilly. -_-

  8. Sonic: Why the hell am I in a car?!
    “And that’s why Sonic Drift sucks!” 😀
    -Sonic Shorts Volume 2

  9. Gah, I Derped on that last comment, delete it if any one of you gets the chance.

    There’s still a third guest star they have yet to announce, right? I’m dying to find out who it is, and considering they’ve held out on it so long, it might be a Wii U exclusive character.

    Regardless, Ralph looks fun, even if his voice is way off.

  10. “Hey Sonic, why are you in car?”

    To some people, that’s the million pound question right there.

    1. With an easy answer:

      Because it’s a KART race. Everyone knows YOU’RE the fastest, but how good are you behind the wheel like the rest of us?

  11. Ralph sounds a bit like Vector…they shouldn’t have an imposter voicing him.

  12. Oh, and as someone pointed out, “In Theaters 15.02.13”

    Not one bit of that is right. What.

  13. Or for another easter egg, Sam Witwer (from Being Human) is another Arnold impersonator. (oddly enough he can do quite a bit of voices actually) But I am surprised that Vector’s voice actor takes the helm with Ralph. I thought I was hearing things. Love the fact that his vehicle looks alot like an arcade cabinet.

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