S&ASR Transformed US TV Commercial Appears Online


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed will soon be available at retail and with that in mind SEGA has started their TV advertising campaign in the US. The whole commercial feels like a brief episode of Wacky Races and SEGA is really pushing Danica Patrick’s presence, but oddly not Wreck-It-Ralph. You can view the commercial in the video above.

Thanks to NASCARFAN93100 on YouTube for the upload.

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  1. The logic of this commercial is stunning as well but this is strange. Is Sega making 90’s commercials again?

  2. “…I think they hate AiAi…”

    Well considering the state of Super Monkey Ball after the first two games I think Sega have hated him for a while.

    Kind of like this add for it’s sense of parody. Danica Patrick still freaks me out though…

  3. “Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed: the Video Game”

    Overkill on the title much? What’s with with “video game” part? Is there going to be a movie as well? LOL

  4. why…Why..WHY WHY WHYYYYYYYYYYYY…. why why Danica Patrick of allllllllllll Characters Danica FLIPPIN Patrick….. Dumbest THING AGAIN SEGA & THEEEN YALL gave Her A HOT-WHEELS VEHICLE im soooo disappointing

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