Sonic the Fighters HD One Week Away

Looks like we won’t have to be waiting for much longer.

Coinciding with the Japanese release, Sonic the Fighters HD (along with Fighting Vipers and Virtua Fighters 2) will become available digitally to Western audiences as early as next week!

The official SEGA Blog has confirmed that the upgraded brawler, which boasts online play and extra playable characters previously unavailable in the original, will roll out worldwide beginning from the 27th of November for North American PSN users at the cheap price of $4,99. This translates to 400MP on XBLA, with the arcade title releasing around the world the following day.

PSN users in Europe will have to wait until December 5th, where the game will be priced at €4.49/£3.69.

So, who’s excited to throw down in fisticuffs on the online ring?

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  1. Finally! I can play with out the damn time limit from the Arcade Machine in the laundrymat. lol Looking forward to this!

  2. Still sucks that there is no training mode. I wanted to practice some of those “Invincible Star Combos” I’ve seen on the web.

    Oh and ban Metal Sonic, don’t be that guy who everyone hates!

  3. This is awesome! Since I only have 560 mp AND live in the US, I’ll Be getting it launch day!!!

  4. This will be a great thing to get on that day! It’s also probably when I’ll get PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! Yay! More games! More games!

  5. Don’t forget: today is the 20th Anniversary of the release of the Sega Genesis version of Sonic 2! Released first in Japan November 21st, 1992. 🙂

    1. you should cause the Gems version doesn’t have all the updates that this port has. Honey the Cat, Metal Sonic and Robotnik (Eggman) are playable fighters this time around. Plus online match-ups. So yes I think you should. I know that I am.

  6. 400 mspoints? I’m in! I feared that this would be 800 and, considering that there isn’t much to this game, that would have been a rip off. Good word SEGA.

  7. As a kid I wanted to play this sooo bad but it was only on arcade. Then, years later, I finally got to play it on Gems and it was… well… shite… (maybe good at the time, but hugely out-dated now!)

    That said, muggins ‘ere will probably still buy it since I seem buy every other Sonic game Sega release, or re-release.

  8. Lemme guess: “ONLY ON XBOX 360 AND PS3! AND NOT ON ANY OTHER SYSTEMS LIKE THE WII U OR PS VITA, JUST THE SAME EXACT SYSTEMS EACH TIME EVEN THOUGH SONIC HAS WAY TOO MANY GAMES ON THE XBOX 360 AND PS3!” Seriously SEGA, those aren’t the ONLY two game systems in the world. And there are better classic Sonic games that can be ported SEGA, like if you wanna get specific, Knuckles Chaotix or maybe an old newer game like Sonic Heroes. Also, happy birthday Sonic 2! You are an awesome game! 🙂

  9. If this comes out on Steam, I will most definitely be getting it. I enjoyed it like crazy when I had it on Gems Collection for the Gamecube, and now that it’s back with Dr. Robotnik, Metal Sonic, and Honey playable, along with online multiplayer, it’s totally worth it. And happy birthday to Sonic 2 and “Tails”!

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