Sonic Classic Collection Coming to PSN Next Week?

Whilst everybody has been getting excited over ASRT and Sonic the Fighters, it seems something has slipped under the radar. Website who list sneak peeks of what will be on the Playstation Store in the coming weeks are claiming that a ‘Sonic Classic Collection’ will be coming to the PSN next week.

This is… rather strange. Mainly because whilst Xbox 360 owners have been able to enjoy more or less all the main classic Sonic titles via the Xbox Live Arcade, PS3 owners have only had Sonic 1 & 2 since 2011 with no sign of Sonic 3 or Sonic & Knuckles.

Is this a sign that PS3 owners will finally get Sonic 3 & Knuckles!? Are the online services finally going to get equal content! Will we get a new generation of people screaming HOW DO YOU GET PAST THIS BARREL!? Or is it just Sonic 1 & 2 bundled together!? Tune in next week! Same TSS Time, Same TSS Channel.

And no that is not going to become a new catchphrase!


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  1. OMG, thatt damn barrel took me YEARS! Seriously, I think I was in high school and some guy told me the manual said you could push up and down and I was like WTF!!!!!!

    Also, I love that Sonic Shorts dealt with that.

  2. I’m surprised SEGA hasn’t done a Sonic & Knuckles Collection under the Vintage Collection label. Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles all thrown together, with the option of playing with the Genesis OR PC audio. Perhaps they could even add Sonic 3’s save feature to Sonic & Knuckles.

  3. We’ll most likely get Sonic 3 and knuckles, it could be a PS3 port of Sonic Classic collection on DS since that had 1,2,3, sonic and jnuckles, knuckles in Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 and knuckles. It could also have the bonus pictures

    1. It won’t be a PS3 port of that wreck.
      It might have the bonuses (which it most likely won’t) but it will certainly not go without a fresh porting job.

  4. It’d be cool if it had a level select feature after you finish a level so you can go back and get the emeralds and then super emeralds so sonic can go hyper

  5. That brings back some memories. I actually made it past that barrel before learning the up/down knowledge once.

    Took over a month, though. I thought it was crazy to put something that needed that much precision in a game at the time.

  6. Cool, but you know what would be great? If this came to PS VITA, BECAUSE WE HAVE ZERO SONIC GAMES ON PS VITA IF YOU DON’T COUNT SONIC RIVALS 1 & 2! ZERO! GAMES!

    1. Yes, SEGA make the Sonic on the PSN work for the Vita. At least Sonic 1, 2, CD and 4. And if possible, SA1 and SA2 as well. (And free for the ones who bought them already on the PS3)

      1. Oh, believe me, the PS Vita is more than capable of those Dreamcast titles, so that would be splendid. Genesis Sonics, Dreamcast Sonics, and Sonic 4 I & II would be great. I know SEGA doesn’t care too much about the Vita, but at least ONE Vita-exclusive Sonic title would be great. If not, then maybe that ‘2013 Sonic boxed title’ could come to Vita as well, considering it’s capabilities are equal to, if not almost at the PS3’s capabiliyies.

        1. Yeah Sega! Give me all those Sonic games on my Vita and I WILL buy ALL OF THEM over LBP Vita. I mean seriously ANY sonic game for the vita, please sega…(except for the game-gear games…)

        2. I’m sorry but I’m pretty sure the Vita’s capabilities aren’t even near to the PS3 ones. When it was released it was stated to be more powerful than the first Xbox and PS2 but it being equal to PS3 is ridiculous its display resolution is only 540p

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