Live in Europe? Own ASRT Wii-U? Patch Away.

If you live in the US right now and own a Wii-U copy of ASRT, it’s not been the smoothest of experiences.

However for people living in the EU, it seems that we may never experience the same problems that US owners are currently facing. The update currently available for EU owners of ASRT doesn’t cause the problems that US owners are currently facing.

Executive producer Steve Lycett posted on our forums to assure EU users that

EU update is fine and is the same as the one that should hit the US anytime now.
Worth getting as it does make some improvements and tweaks the difficulty in places!


So there you have it, if you live in the EU and got a Wii-U today, patch away. As for you guys living in the US, the patch to fix the issues is currently in the hands of Nintendo awaiting release.

Stay tuned to TSS for more updates and our Wii-U review which will be up in the near future.

Source: Sonic Stadium Message Board.

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      1. Wii U, I believe, is a different build from the 360/PS3. Similar, but different as it has to incorporate the remote which will invariably affect the gameplay and thus, the game itself.

        It’s likely the 360/Ps3 will be patched as well, but unknown if for the same reasons. Every system gets patched, but with builds that are different (although considerably more similar than say, the 3DS version) sometimes what is wrong with one is perfectly fine with another.

        …At least, this is me speaking from a scientific, non-professional standpoint and from what I’ve witnessed. Don’t take it to be 100% fact.

        1. PS3 had update 1.01 about a week and a few days ago. Don’t think anything new.

          2.0 may have DLC characters? I payed for Metal Sonic, so hopefully I don’t have to do the same, just update.

          Hey guys! Anyone tell me if you have 232 stars in World Tour, because I got it about 2 days ago.

          Also, I’m trying to beat staff ghost data

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  1. Ok last thing, isn’t the Wii U like, out today or something? It’s December 1st here today

    Ps: Pinch and a punch for the first of the month 🙂

  2. @Hawksey: These results mostly correspond with my prediction from the get-go with one minor alternation. Ryu soared in the rankings over the last week, leaving Vectorman and Ristar in the dust as they continue to hover around 1,000 votes each. What I believe will happen in the final days of these petitions is that, although we may seem some shifting among these top three players from heroic efforts in each camp of fans, this will be a clear win for each of them no matter their final top three spot. For that reason among many others, I did not think it was worth the time or effort to post the results of the others, but feel free to take a peak for yourselves on the actual petition pages if you are so interested.

    Current top three spot results for the ASRT Petitions as of November 30, 2012 at 20:23 EST:

    1. Ryu Hazuki – 3,270
    2. Miku Hatsune – 3,153
    3. Segata Sanshiro – 2,599

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  4. Guys, anyone here think Sumo Digital left out Alex Kidd, then decided to make a special with him because they were like…
    “Oh no! Of all the people we forget, we forgot to put Alex Kidd in!”

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