S&ASR Transformed 3DS & PS Vita Delayed to December?


It looks like there is a reason why we’ve not seen the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita versions of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed – they’re behind schedule. Gaming Age has just been sent a slightly different version of the game’s most recent trailer that lists the handheld versions at the end with a US release date of December 12th 2012. The website says this trailer is part of SEGA’s New York Comic-Con press releases, so we may see this date and maybe more information announced about the handheld releases soon, but the trailer suggests we won’t be seeing footage of them.

Source: Gaming Age

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  1. I suspect this will be like Sonic Generations where the game was released on a different day from the console counterpart. Makes sense 😛

    I really wanted to test out the 3ds version but now i gotta wait 1 more month!

  3. So what is with the trailer saying that the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions come out on the 18th in the US instead of the 20th?

  4. Well I live in Australia and the EB Games Australisa site say that the PSVita version arrives on the 15th of November, with no word on the 3DS version (though if I went into stores and asked then they’d give me the same date) I guess they do take a little while to change the release dates on their site, but the dates in this trailer were for the US

  5. somehow, every time the 3ds shares the same games as other consoles, it’s always delayed, it’s like somethings wrong with the making or how we’re told it’s going to be released, then figure out, it’s not coming till latee or never

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