Sound Test Saturday Archives: Summer of Sound 2012

Sound Test Saturday Archives: Summer of Sound 2012

Kick up your feet, pour out a glass of your finest wine (or grape juice), light up the fireplace, and put on your finest bathrobe and fez! It’s time to revisit your favourite tunes of the past summer as we tune in to the Archives!

Today, we look back onto previous artists and remixes featured over the previous season! Fall is upon us now, but let us bid our final farewell to the toasty weather and sunny skies of the summer.

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The Sound Check w/Freen in Green: The first of Sound Test Saturdays on SEGASonic: Radio, this occasion was celebrated with the introduction of The Sound Check, a subfeature of STS which highlights remixers rather than remixes! Who better to have on Round 1 than a group with an impressive playlist on both the Sonic and original side? From the Great White North, the crazy band known as Freen in Green!

Sonic World Runner: A set of five original tracks, and damn fine ones too! Put together for an up and coming fan game in the making, we look into some of the music Sonic World Runner will have to offer! Names such as Plumegeist, Freen in Green, TheSymphonicGames, and DJ MAX-E have contributed some fantastic sounds! Get a sneak peek at the music of the Cascade Grove, Floral Springs, Transit Metropolis, Bumper Boulevard, and Alpine Eruption Zones!

The Sound Check w/xTrickyWolfy: Trekking on to Round 2, I’m joined by the lovely lady Shelbi for the Sound Check! A recurring remixer on the front page, and for good reason! You never know what kind of track she’ll pull out of her metaphorical hat next! On the side, TrickyWolfy is also the one behind rather… interesting… tributes to Sonic Heroes

The X Makes it Sound Cool: There are two things Sonic fans can associate to the letter “X”: the Sonic X anime and the could’ve-been Sonic X-treme. A trio of exceptional tunes have been chosen for your excellent-taste-in-music tastebuds! First up was a collab between Shelbi and sonicsneakers/Jesse, remaking a recurring theme in Sonic X called Sonic’s Fight; DJ Andy G pays tribute to the infamous Space Queens track synonymous to the cancelled Saturn title; Edobean sings the Shining Road ending from Sonic X with such beautiful vocals!


The Sound Check w/Ring Energy: As unexpected and crazy like a kick in the nuts, I’m joined by the superpsycho and musicman Psyguy, the surprising and sweet singer SerenaMidori, and the snap, crikey, Aussie lyricist CrikeyDave in this wacky edition of the Sound Check! Logic? We don’t have any! Maturity? You won’t find it here! It’s Ring Energy!

The Sound Check w/Falk: Coinciding with the happening that is SAGE’12, one of the musicians behind Sonic Before the Sequel’12 takes centre stage! With the kind of music he makes, why doesn’t this guy work for SEGA already!? All eyes and ears on the one and only Falkness monster, Falk!

Audial Assault Zone: Original Sonic-inspired tunes! Introducing letterONE’s FAST BLUE HEDGEHOG, followed by double trouble from Slide20xl with Depth City and Amazing Highway, this Sound Test doesn’t know when to quit! And then it pulls an Aerial Ambush Act 1 for an upcoming Sonic OVA fan game, all by LtheHedgehog? Slow down there!

Sonic Paradox Remix Shorts: A different kind of Shorts Volume from the Sonic Paradox community, and the first of many to come! Led by Jesse Proper, this album is packed with glorious music from some of the best artists the Paradox has to offer! Race to Win by Jesse and Mardic? Chocolate Chipped Cream Sundae Supreme by Rexy? Bang it Out by EAR? Tonite at Club Labyrinth by Recorderdude? Download this 24 track odyssey of sound you won’t hear anywhere else! If you haven’t already, you should feel ashamed! Redeem yourself by downloading the album now!


Chills, Spills, and Thrills: Exposure to this Sound Test may lead to exactly as it says on the tin! Funkflash, last seen on Sound Test Saturday’s premiere, contributes some of the finest percussion to Planet Wisp; Joshua Taipale and General Offensive! showcases the fruit of their teamwork for a beautiful remix to Lost Labyrinth Act 3. If these haven’t gotten your mouths watering, then may I direct you to HeroBoy1092′s Modern Hydrocity worthy of Generations? How about some Golden Rings on the side by Shadowlink4321, with a music video by Tigura21 to accompany it?

The Sound Check w/Dr. Mack Foxx: If you’ve heard a piano/MIDI cover of a Sonic tune somewhere on the web, chances are high that it has Mack and EspioKaos’ names on it. One of the Sonic Paradox community, I chat with one who has been working with Kaos for years: the wise Doctor of the electronic ebony and ivory himself, Dr. Mack Foxx!

Heroic Hedgehogs: Oh man! These tunes are so smooth I can’t take it! MisterMacanulty wows with a medley of the four Sonic Heroes team themes with Heroic Hedgehogs! Next up, Dill Tasker gives Sky Fortress Act 2 a D&B makeover! And if those two aren’t enough, 331Erock comes forward with a way past cool metal tribute to his childhood through Sonic Meets Metal! Do these tracks get you sliding out of your chair?

Aching to travel back further through time? Then here are the Archives for Spring 2012!

See you all next week, everyone! Stay tuned for the upcoming interview with Hideki Naganuma, as well as the next Sound Check with Rocket Ship Resort! Keep sending in any and all music you find or made for future Sound Tests at!

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