Sonic Adventure 2 To Contain ‘Bonus Developer Interviews’

What you see above is a newly released trailer for the Sega Heritage collection and with it comes some new information which some of you might find interesting. That being, each game comes with some ‘bonus developer interviews.’

At 0:40 the trailer cuts to Mr Iizuka along with the tag line ‘bonus developer interviews.’ along with what appears to be concept artwork for Jet Set Radio. No specifics have been made yet as to how long each interview will be or if there are any other surprises to be found in the re-release of SA 2.

A release date of October 2012 was also included, but no specific date provided.

Source: (Via Jango On the SSMB)

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  1. Coolio. I hope those bonus interviews will be meaningful, and not: “We decided to make it HD because….1080p because…..Widescreen cuz……”

    I want to hear stuff like: “We re-released this game because……we changed this and that…etc.”

  2. *see’s steam logo at end of trailer* possibility for pc version of these 3 games including sa2, or they are going to

    1. Dude, when was the last time you played them again? And i don’t mean again, but again? For the first time? Again?

  3. I love developer interviews just another reason to get these games but i don’t see why they don’t put nights and the sonic adventure games on vita i mean if they can do it for jet set radio then surely they can do it for the other two

  4. I love the little article Scarred Sun wrote about this on Retro. Makes me laugh when I see the “1951” now… :/

  5. I known it’s been said a million times but I really miss the Dreamcast era of Sonic.The charm and appeal of the franchise was just different.

  6. I feel humbled to see these extras being added to the remastered versions of these titles. Kinda makes me want to replay them again, even though on their original console. I like the fact we will get to play them in HD (it took so many years) to get this altogether. Its a project in the making for so long, at least its being made and many can enjoy it in a whole new way.

  7. I am SOOO getting SA2 for PC, even though I already play SA2B on my Wii 😛 I hope the Bonus Developer Interviews include the sound department like Jun Senoue and Crush 40 🙂 I wonder if I can somehow import my SA2B Chao to PC?

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