Reveals New S&ASR Transformed Details

UK online retailer Zavvi is listing Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed available for pre-order, and accompanying the listings is a very long and detailed product description containing new information about the game.

Here’s a brief list of the new details:
* Tracks feature multiple routes, including shortcuts.
* 27 characters, not including the 3 guest characters.
* As well as ordinary power-ups, racers can find ‘Super power-ups’ hidden in the tracks.
* Story mode features 16 tracks, where you unlock other characters.
* Racing earns points for your chosen racer’s rank through a five rank leveling system.
* As you rank up, you unlock achievements, perk style vehicle modifications and more.
* Online multiplayer supports eight players. Grand Prix and battle modes are now playable online.

You can also read the full product description after the jump:

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is the brilliant racing video game developed by Sumo Digital, and is now brought to you on the Wii U, Nintendo’s innovative gaming platform. This game is the eagerly anticipated sequel to Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, which was released in 2010. Ideal for retro SEGA enthusiasts or fun with family and friends, this graphically overhauled game offers exhilarating co-operative and competitive racing gameplay that can appeal to all ages.

Racing Transformed has, literally, transformed the way Sonic and the Sega All-Stars characters race, as now their karts transform into boats and planes when the terrain gives way to water or air. The tracks themselves are based upon retro Sega games, and they also change; the Panzer Dragoon inspired track Dragon Canyon has a dragon that roams the map and destroys a bridge early on in the race. This therefore forces the players to continue racing around the track either via their planes or boats, and means that every track has endless possibilities and versatility when it comes to gameplay. Each track also has many possible routes to take, including a number of shortcuts to be found throughout, offering a great deal of replayability for each course.

Alongside Sonic, a great deal of new and familiar characters emerge to join in this kart racing frenzy, adding up to 27 characters in total. These range from and include older fan favourites such as Gillius from Golden Axe, Joe Musashi from Shinobi, Vyse from Skies of Arcadia, along with the likes of Tails, Knuckles, and more. Each character’s vehicle handles differently, meaning that who you play best as is entirely up to your own personal playing style. You can perform tricks in every vehicle, which means that the All-Star meter, will fill up the more stylishly and daringly you drive; this leads to gaining experience points, and also your character’s All-Star Move should you fill up the bar, which can also be filled by collecting stars that are littered around the track.

Each course you race through has power-ups that can be found throughout, which can be used to throw off your opponents. These range from snowballs, bees, and also offers a defensive power-up, the baseball mitt, which acts as a shield and absorbs the power-up attacks your opponents throw at you and allows you to use them yourself instead. Super power-ups can be found in various hidden and hard to reach areas within the track, definitely giving you the advantage over the rest of the competition, and meaning that each race can be unique no matter how many times you play.

There is an extensive story mode that features sixteen brand spanking new Sega game-inspired tracks, which allows you to unlock characters as you progress throughout. You also earn points for your chosen character for completing races, which add up into a five rank levelling system, unlocking achievements, perk style vehicle modifications, and more, the more races you complete. These modifications can be equipped to alter the handling characteristics of your favourite character’s vehicle, amongst other things. Racing Transformed also offers overhauled multiplayer modes; whilst there is still the incredibly fun split-screen multiplayer, now there is an enhanced online multiplayer mode. Whilst playing and competing online, online races can support up to eight characters at once per race, ranging from the Grand Prix mode and the competitive Battle Arenas, and allows for new track records to be set.

The wide range of gameplay available within this game means that there is something for every Sega and racing game fan out there to enjoy. Whether playing solo, online, co-operatively or competitively, get stuck in and enjoy drifting round every corner, soaring through Sega’s signature blue skies, or speeding through the waves in a wide range of tracks that offer almost endless replayability.

Source: (via SEGA Bits)

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  1. 3 guest characters? Am I missing something here, or is there one that hasn’t been announced? Perhaps this means there are console exclusives!

      1. That’s my point. If only Ralph and Danica were announced, there must be one left. The Wii and 360 versions of the first game had exclusive characters, I’d only assume they’d include one this time around. Hopefully there’ll be one for the PlayStation versions.

    1. What I’m wondering is where it says “27 characters, not including the 3 guest characters.” The text itself says “…adding up to 27 characters in total”, confirming what we knew (or thought) before.

      1. I’m pretty sure Steve Lycett aka S0l has always said that the guest characters aren’t included in the game’s overall total.

  2. AWESOME! 😀 And it seems there is a guest that hasn’t been announced I believe… console exclusives? I’m gonna try to get the Wii U version so, maybe they’ll just put the Miis in again.

    1. Then again, Mario has some similar kart transformations in MK7, that’d make a neat crossover.

      1. I would have thought of that too, but apparently SEGA tried to get Mario into the first game due to his karts… but they both agreed Mario and Sonic should only appear together in their own crossovers and Smash Bros.

        1. I know that. But that’s no reason to rule it out this time. The MK7 transformations make it a perfect fit here.

  3. I’d really hope Mario will be in this,I mean Come 4 crossover games together.He needs to be in this.

  4. There was word of the developers trying to get Kirby in it, but I think the notion was turned down. They can really keep us in the dark when they want to.

  5. this is a cool game but they need to step it up a notch , they need like 10 player in track instead of 8. ( still buying the game though) The only thing they improved is the cars looks , im hoping different allstars moves and the speed has increased and faster than the old game. This game looks fun , i hope it have dlc.

  6. which means can unlock new sonic characters,Until my research will complete in the next 4 months,
    I’ll keep in touch on that.

    1. Exactly what I was thinking. Sega and Capcom had to give Archie the “ok” for the comic crossover so who knows…

    1. The Wii U port remains TBA. Don’t get your hopes up about it. I have found the launch lineup and discovered, its NOT a launch title.

      All the other versions will ship the same day.

  7. Could be Segata Sanshiro (wasn’t there a brief mentioning of him @ Boom?)
    I hope it’s Mario, but SEGA just put the Nintendo cast in the recent Olympics cross over… if anything, Nintendo owes Sonic and co an appearance (Next Smash Bros?)

    The game sounds fun thou! The demo was enjoyable 🙂

  8. The third and final special guest character for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed should be classic Sonic from the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive era.

  9. Mario, Mega Man, Segata Sanshiro, Yuji Naka, these would all be great choices for that one slot!
    Do we know if Ristar will be in it?

  10. Considering that Segata Sanshiro and Yuji Naka are “Sega characters”, I don’t think they are considered guest characters if they really do make it.

  11. To all those who want Segata Sanshiro, I urge you to listen to reason.

    Do you REEEAALLY want him in the game? I mean, let’s look at the facts:
    1) Everyone will instantly use him online as he will be top in the leaderboards every 5 seconds, leading to races made up of 16 Segata Sanshiros.

    2) Ironically, while Sonic is in the car, HE will be the only racer who is actually running….in EVERY TERRAIN.

    3) Once his All Star meter has been filled, you instantly win the race…no questions asked.

    4) Once you unlock him, you break the game and depending on your system you will a) Red Ring, b) Yellow Light or c) Realize you just wasted a boatload of money on a glorified touch pad 🙁

    Trust me, there are some things man was not meant to tamper with…one of them is Segeta Sanshiro!! The world is not ready to wield his awesomeness!!!

  12. Please not Banjo and Kazooie. How about Mario for the Nintendo systems, Sackboy for Sony systems, and for Microsoft systems Conker or Splosion Man!

    1. This game is not a Nintendo or Sony endorsed title.

      SEGA will promote the 360 version heavily over the other versions.

  13. “…every track has endless possibilities…”
    Well, that’s a very limited soundtrack, eh?

  14. 3DS version Pit in an exo tank with the power of flight
    WII U version mario or diddy kong
    X360 version probebly a rare character or avatars
    PS3 how bouts crash bandicoot

  15. Hope the Bonanza Bros are still in. Didn’t like their game but they were my best racer online.

  16. It’s not like we’ll see Asha from Monster World IV, and she’ll be riding her Giant Blue Pepelogoo.

  17. I want Mario, Rouge, Classic Sonic and………. ESPIO!!!!!
    As for All Star Moves, Danica could put people in a trance with her hotness:) and Ralph could say, “I’m gonna wreck it!” and smash down on the track with that wrecking ball.
    Do those an I will be One happy camper. 😀

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