Summer of Sonic Featured on TitansCreed’s Community Spotlight

TitansCreed’s latest Community Spotlight focuses on Saturday’s convention in the south of England, Summer of Sonic.


In a special three-parter over the next few days, Pete talks to SoS staff Dreadknux, Roareye, T-Bird, vger, SonicYoda, TallGuy91 and Hogfather about the con’s beginnings, what’s in store for this year’s event, and the direction SoS might be going in the future.

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Ian, aka "bmn", is the guy that keeps TSS up and running. If something goes wrong, you know who to blame call.


  1. I like how Sonic Boom’s logo now helped remake the Summer of Sonic logo. Either that or it coincidentally always looked that way and Sonic Boom possibly took from it. I honestly don’t remember. But still…. nice logo. LOL

    1. SoS’ logos have been like this: 08 was designed by a member of the community, then 09 and 10 had the same Sega UK-designed logo, and 11 was a remake of the 09/10 logo, also by Sega UK. I think.

      This year there’s been a move to have SoS and SB be kind of two halves of a single project when it comes to promoting them. That’s why we’ve been mentioning SB in SoS articles occasionally, and why the Sega Blog mentions SoS in SB articles and vice versa. The very similar logos this year are part of that approach.

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