History of Sonic to be Published in North America

Merch Kitty wondered, why was there no cat translation?

Udon Entertainment yesterday announced a deal with French publisher Pix’n Love to bring their book The History of Sonic the Hedgehog to North America.

The book released in France in late April, and Pix’n Love have reportedly been working on an English release since then. The “UDON Edition” of the 300-page hardback will retail in September at a $49.99 list price.

Preorders are now available at Amazon US and Amazon CA for around $32 (CA$34).

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  1. Is it just me, or are the translated preview pages kind of…awkwardly-worded?

    1. In one, if not all of the preview pages said: THIS PAGE IS NOT FINAL.

      Something like that.

    1. US books are pretty easy to get ahold of in the UK. I wouldn’t worry about getting a copy even if a UK publisher isn’t announced.

  2. I need to pre-order this! I wonder why Amazon’s price is cheaper though?

    They’re probably going to end up changing the price soon.

    1. Retailers are usually free to set their prices however they like regardless of list price. Amazon – like many – has a policy that if the price goes down before you’re charged, you pay the lower price, but if it goes up you only pay the price quoted when you made the purchase.

        1. Also, this might be a silly question, but Amazon CA stands for Amazon California, right?

          I just want to make sure.

          1. Canada >_> Cali’s covered by Amazon US… or at least I think they are, I think they sorted out that tax dispute they were having with the government there…

  3. So…Is UDON doing the distributing, or do we have to suffer with Pix’N Love? I haven’t forgotten that review…

  4. Pre-ordered!!! Am living in the UK, but even with shipping it comes to £25, which is what the RRP for the would be anyway (aparently! this was mentioned on here a few weeks ago at that price yes?!). If it does become available on amazon.co. uk at a cheaper price, then I’ll cancel and order amazon.com and order with them instead – oh! the joy of them NOT taking money until the item is dispatched!!

    Cheers Sonic Stadium!!!

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