S&ASRT: New Trailer, Box Art and Release Date



A new trailer for Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed has surfaced during Comic-Con and, while it doesn’t provide any new details on tracks or characters, it gives us a date as to when we can get our hands on the game! Set your calendars for 16th November 2012 if you’re in Europe or 20th November if you’re in North America and get ready to race!

The box art for the game has also been unveiled! Take a look right after the jump.


You can find the box art for all the other systems over on SEGA’s blog.

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  1. Europe – November 16th
    North America – November 20th

    So much HYPE for this game! :V

  2. I think the real revelation here is that the boxart seems to be showcasing a stage like Green Hill Zone, Emerald Coast, Splash Hill, Emerald Hill, or Seaside Hill.

  3. They nailed the cover. I was expecting an average box, but this one really is gonna stand out on retail shelves this fall.

  4. This…looks surprisingly awesome. To be honest, I’ve never actually had any interest in the Sonic and Sega All-Stars series, but this, I can’t believe I’m saying this, looks like it could be better than Mario Kart. πŸ˜€

    Also, is it really sad that I noticed that some of Sonic’s voice clips came from Generations? XD

    1. Nope! They reused 06 clips in the first game…I would say thats sadder than Generations voice clips

      1. Overall reusing voice clips is somewhat of a downer ;c But hey, it doesn’t affect the gaming experience since its a racing game.

          1. I agree, Beau.

            When we saw some game play for ASRT on PlayStation Blog, (or it might have been an interview w/Steve Lycett) when the game play music boosted up, I heard an UNFAMILIAR voice clip that I have never heard before. ALSO, when Steve Lycett was answering fan questions on SSMB, one fan asked about if ASRT will have new voice clips. Steve answered, saying that fans have asked for new voice clips since AST, and that SUMO has carefully listened to their feedback.

            The reason we hear old voice clips is because the CGI trailer was probably being made very, very early in development of ASRT, and SUMO had not yet recorded new clips, so they had and now have to settle with the old voice clips, but for the CGI opening only.

            I sound accurate, right?

  5. Hmmmmm… I dunno guys, I think this box art looks pretty bland. I mean, you only have Sonic, Eggman, and AiAi, and then there’s Seaside Hill… again… EXCITEMENT! XD But either way, I’m glad we got an official release date and a new trailer, that’s all swell.

      1. Oh, okay, well that’s good. πŸ™‚ But even still, the box art looks really dull… not to nitpick much… but yeah, it’s never the box art that matters. XD I mean, just look at Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii, and Mario Kart 7.

  6. The boxart looks SO empty with just 3 characters… Also the trailer was awesome. This or Forza Horizon… This or Forza Horizon… HMMM I THINK BOTH HERP DE DERP

    1. SEGA Employee 1: Uh, uhhhh! What do we do?! The cover will be completely ruined if we only have Sonic and Dr. Eggman on there!
      SEGA Employee 2: Uhhh, why don’t we just slap AiAi on there…?
      SEGA Employee 1: Great idea, Clive! Say, you’re a real expert on this box art stuff, what do you think we should make the background look like?
      SEGA Employee 2: *stares at Mario Kart 7 box art* I’ve got it, Bob!

  7. Hideous box art. Not that I’d expect anything less from the company that made the box art for Shadow the Hedgehog, Iron Man 2, Golden Axe: Beast Rider and Binary Domain.

  8. *whipes drool* So, does anyone know if this will be cross-play compatible with the PS3 & Vita. Not that it really matters, tho, I’d still get BOTH, but it’d be nice to be able to utilize that feature like the way MVC3:Ultimate does where you can play against someone online either via PS3 or PSVita, at the very least.

  9. Hey, hey, guys… if this comes out on the 20th/16th of November…. does that mean the Wii U will also come before then? πŸ˜€ Because, well, I’m looking forward to getting this on the Wii U.

  10. So is there any word on a new core Sonic game.I know there was talks of a new modern Sonic,basically Sega’s plans to reboot Sonic.Is this still going on or what ,I know it’s off topic but hey I gotta know !

  11. Anyone notice that this version doesn’t have the PS VITA logo at the end? All the versions I’ve seen elsewhere have the VITA logo included.

  12. I can’t wait for this! Haha I had a feeling this would be released in November πŸ˜€ Think I’ll now start playing the first game again while we wait :)….just less than 5 months to go! The box art looks quite cool but I think I slightly prefer the box art from the first game but this is still good! πŸ™‚ Hopefully Seaside Hill won’t be a returning track and I don’t want to see Green Hill Zone either.

  13. I gotta love how Sega is always desperately clingibg on Sonic to make sure they’re going to make profit from this game. Dont you just feel like the boxart just screams “HEY KIDS, THIS GAME HAS SONIC!!!1!1!….and Aiai…and other buncha people you probably dont care about since we’re actually terrible on handling other franchises that are not Sonic *shrug*”

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