New Sonic Avatars Added to JP Playstation Network

An entire package of Sonic the Hedgehog avatars have graced the Japanese Playstation Network server!

It is currently unknown when these avatars will hit the European and North American marketplace.

Special thanks to Woun from the Sonic Scene for the tip! Head on after the jump for additional pictures!


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    1. “Ko-ni-chi- Wa” It looks like the Katakana kanji version of “Good Afternoon”.

      Awesome Rouge Avatar, glad SEGA hasn’t forgotten about her.

      All the Sonic,Tails,Knuckles,Amy Avatars seem to be the Generations character models.

  1. My god I will buy whole set if it comes to Europe. Oh and is that Shadow render new?

    1. I don’t know, think it might’ve been used on Sonic channel… But that Rouge looks unfamilar.
      The Tails icon isn’t new, just underused. It’s from straight Sonic 4.2

    2. I have no idea, considering Fluffy likes to fold his arms and frown in almost every picture XD

    1. Because hating Sonic seems to have become fashionable ever since ’06…


  2. And yet America still hasn’t gotten the Sonic 4 avatars. I’m not holding my breath for these.

  3. I will buy all of them too if they hit EU serviced stores too! They look amazing.

    Please SEGA 🙁 PSN rarely gets this cool avatar stuff!

  4. I don’t have a Playstation, but those look great.

    Microsoft, where is a Shadow costume, eh? XD

  5. …. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! This avatar pack looks totally awesome! And they even put Chao in! T_T I love Chao! … Eh, but it’s not a huge loss, after all, I’d still take my Sackbot avatar over these any day. But I do hope it comes to America!

  6. These look great!:D Are the Shadow and Rouge renders new? I like them! The Espio and Jet renders look great too!:) If this comes to Europe then I have to get PSN ASAP!:D

    1. Not even the Sonic 4 Ep 2 avatars? Oh dear, wonder why they missed you out with that.

  7. Seems like the only PSN avatars SEGA released is Virtua Fighter and HoTD3. It’d be nice if America got these avatars….

  8. There are Sonic 4 Episode II avatars on the US PSN now, I don’t know if anyone’s heard.

  9. Yeah as NauseousPenguin said, the US PSN store has the Sonic 4 Ep 2 avatars now but only as a bundle and they’re different from the Europe one’s as they have backgrounds.

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