Archie Sonic/Megaman Panel Live Blog

Archie Sonic/Megaman Panel Live Blog

Hey guys! I’m in the (sizable) line for the Sonic/Megaman panel! I’ll be here to stream you all the latest, and if we’re lucky, including some very crappy pictures. Jason is on camera duty, so you can expect media later today. Panel starts in 20 minutes!



It’s starting!

Backstory for the Sonic/Megaman crossover: ten years ago, Spaz said all he wanted to do was a Sonic and Megaman crossover. Capcom and SEGA came to Archie about the crossover. Kaminski told Ian Flynn, Flynn had ten issued outlined in 15 minutes.

Coming Spring/Summer 2013, starting in Megaman 24! 12 issues long.

Wily/Eggman bromance confirmed! “Got this little blue guy who’s really bothering me!”

“Let me tell you about blue guys!”

Kaminski wants to see them on a two person bicycle.

Showing the cover to issue 46, Chaotix issue. You guys have seen this. The Chaotix story we have been waiting for.

Sonic Super Special magazine a priority for Archie. Issue 4 will have an interview with Sonic artist Stephen Butler.

Sonic Poster Spectacular will be on sale in November.

Showing a variant cover for 240

Showing cover 241, has new details. Will be a major issue, lots of things culminating here.

Megaman comic book app now downloadable!

They are seeing a huge uptick in digital sales for the Sonic comics.

Sonic Encyclopedia: Bivalve on the cover.

Bivalve all over the Archie office, a big picture of Dave Manak’s Bivalve over Dubs’s desk.

Not much new info yet.

Spaz is insane. Best of Sonic cover is not CGI. Spaz rendered every single stitch on Sonic’s gloves.

T-Pup vs. Silver Sonic coming soon? I’ve no idea if they are joking.

Mike does not care for Antoine or Rotor. Paul Kaminski has an Antoine shirt.

They are talking about Megaman now. Nothing new, talking about

Megaman 17 and 18 change up Megaman’s pacing. Protoman story, wil have solo stories for Gutsman and other characters. Gutsman does some karaoke.

Showing some pencils for Megaman 16. Jason is getting pics.

Megaman comic is here to stay.


Teaser time!

The way these universes collide is “spectacular”.

We are going to see how the dynamics between the two characters mesh. Sonic quick to action, Megaman wants to think about it, do the right thing. Kind of like the Flash and Superman!

Q&A starting! We’re recording this part on video. Eggman the first to ask. He’s pretty good. XD

Story will be ongoing through Megaman, Sonic Universe, and Sonic the Hedgehog. Issues will have recaps if you only buy one series.

Will probably stop now, as we are recording this. See ya!

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  1. So, I’m assuming that means this Mega Man cross-over will run into STH #250 and Universe #50??? I know it’s a big deal, just still can’t get myself excited for it. But very excited for Chaotix Quest, and I’m DYING for the Sonic encyclopedia. Thanks for the coverage, wish I was there, but this is the closest thing to it. Really wish I could get my hands on that SU 41 variant, they’re going for like $40 on ebay 🙁

  2. Why the hell, they doesnt make just a megaman-sonic comic from 0…
    Archie “universe” smells like chantada of crap.

  3. @Th3AntiGuardian; The crossover is confirmed to run over into #250, but it’s not been said whether SU#50 will have the crossover as well.

    1. That makes sense I guess, plus I think STH 250 will come out the same month as SU 54, so maybe not SU 50…..kinda sucks. I know a lot of people are looking forward to it, I just hope this story doesn’t have a long-lasting impact on the overall Sonic universe/story, like Mega Man saving Sally or blowing up the Death Egg Mk.II, etc.
      Anyway, not trying to be a downer, the art will be amazing regardless, I have faith in Ian Flynn that he will handle this with great care, and news of a Chaotix SU arc and a Sonic and All-Star Racing Transformed story is enough to get me excited. I am a bit confused by the London 2012 Olympic game story in #242 though….the Olympics start this month and 242 doesn’t come out until November?

        1. Very good point, that makes more sense anyway for them to set it in a seperate universe from the Archie Sonic continuity. See, just from that information I’m looking forward to it a tad bit more, took away one concern I had.

          1. Actually, Kaminski specifically stated it will miss SU #50 by one issue, but will run through StH #250 and MM #25.


            On another note, I found it peculiar that the promo art doesn’t show any Archieverse Sonic characters, but it looks like Quake Woman is behind Mega Man’s legs in the same art… So why feature Archieverse MM characters but not Sonic ones?

  4. The SU variant will probably be available on their site soon, but I bought 2 just in case! .. And 4 issues of the 229 variant $$

    1. Man, I would’ve paid u $20 for a SU variant, it’s the only variant I’m missing lol. How much were they charging for them at sdcc, if u don’t mind me asking? Just curious to see what a reasonable price to pay would be to get one on ebay….
      Anyway, hoping ur right. Otherwise, maybe my local comic shop owner got his hands on some.

      1. They were $10. They’ll keep a stack to sell at the New York Comic-Con and vise versa

        1. O ok cool, then I’ll hold out until after NYCC and hopefully they’ll sell them at like they did with the 229 variant last year. Thanks for the info, u probably saved me a good bit of cash.

  5. Wily and Eggman Bromance, this is going to be GOOD. 😀

    I want to see them combine one of Wily’s final bosses with Eggman’s final Robot bosses. 😀

  6. Antoine shirt…..must have! Also not to be rude, but will we eventually see a video upload of the panel?

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