Archie Brings Sonic and Megaman Together in 2013

I hope everyone excuses the somewhat presumptive headline for this news post, but I’m not sure what else it could be. The above image was sent in to USA Today by Archie Comics. It looks Archie has a Sonic and Megaman crossover in the works!

Not much else to say, but with San Diego Comic Con just around the corner and a Sonic and Megaman panel planned for next Sunday, we’ll no doubt be hearing more about it soon. Jason and I will be on hand to report all the latest as it happens at SDCC!

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  1. Woah! Sonic took his shoes off!
    You know, if Megaman’s helmet had spike-holes, it would fit Sonic well, judging by the eye slots.

    1. Remember Sonic’s shoes were seen in DKC in Cranky’s Video Game Heroes near a garbage can?

      1. It was DKC2, it was made by Nintendo, Nintendo and Sega were rivals at the time, and Nintendo did it 100% without their consent.

  2. Really?! I’m not a huge fan of Mega Man, but I have faith in Ian Flynn, he’ll find some way to make it work. I’m not overly excited for it, but I’m definitely curious and going to buy the issues of Mega Man that include Sonic. At least it’s better than the last cross-over they did with Sonic; mixing Sabrina the Teenage Witch with him was just…….no.

  3. This is not the reaction I was expecting. This is incredible news! What the hell is wrong with you people?

      1. Agreed. I hate Megaman (except the original 2 games), and the Archie Sonic Universe (well, I don’t HATE it, more like… don’t care much for it), and even I’m excited for this! Don’t know why…. I guess I just love crossovers πŸ˜›

        1. Umm… am I the only one who doesn’t know much about Archie comics…

          I would be excited if I knew what they were…

    1. Just wait a few hours. Soon this comment section should be flooded with happiness! Here I’ll start…

    2. It is great news. I’m not a fan of Mega Man, but I don’t hate it or anything. The problem I’m having is the fact that the whole story line for both Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Universe will be put on hold for this. They did that with Sonic: Genesis, but at least there was still the Universe series moving forward with its respective story (in this case, the Scourge: Lockdown arc). Stopping the story from progressing any further for 4-12 issues doesn’t sound too appealing to someone who isn’t a huge Mega Man fan. I would have much rather them make a mini-series or a series of graphic novels, instead of taking up both STH and SU for such a long period of time. Like I said though, I’ll still read it, and even buy the issues of MM that include Sonic, but I’m not particularly looking forward to it. I understand it’s a huge deal to comic and video game fans alike, I’m just probably one of the few on here that read and really like the Sonic comics (sometimes more than the video games), and this will take away from both Sonic comics for at least 4 months (if it’s a 12-part story, I’m assuming there will be 4 issues of STH, 4 of SU and 4 of MM that will include the cross-over).

  4. Cool..the only bad thing is the fact…That the entire Sonic’s archie universe sucks..This would be epicness if this gonna be a game.

    1. lol never use your opinion and say it as a fact, it makes you look kind of mean.
      anyway I can’t see SEGA and Capcom doing “epicness” in a crossover game either with Megaman becoming another one of Sonic’s shitty friends gameplay or vice versa (unless made a fighting game, but that’s what Smash Bros is for) …a comic book crossover may not be anything new but at least it’s probably the most tolerable type of crossover sans a TV or movie special(but then we’d be arguing over the voices of the characters). So i must say I’m eager to see this come about.

      1. But Archie Sonic comics sucks,,that is a fact..ask anyone who is a real sonic fan..

        1. Lol! Really?! That is what you back your statement behind? There is no such thing as a “real” or “true” fan. You either like something or you don’t, which is all interpretation and opinion, not fact. Alot of gamers think all Sonic games suck too, so that makes them “true” gamers, huh?

    2. Well, sonic exist first on videogames, so that is the original storyline…all the other things are fillers, no more.

  5. @ craposaurus
    I’d assume it sucks too if I didn’t know how to read.

    But luckily I have read through the entire series multiple times, and the Archie comics are great. The story lines are way way better than the game stories and a thousand times better than Sonic X.

    However, the comic cross-overs have been my least favorites. The Image comics cross-over with Sonic really was nothing to write home about and the Sabrina the Teenage Witch cross-over with Sonic was almost un-readable. But the Archie and Friends Halloween special comic with Sonic and Knuckles in it is pretty good. However, none of those old cross-overs were written by Ian Flynn. Ian Flynn is amazing and I have full confidence that this cross-over will be one that no fan of either series will want to miss.

    1. I dont giva a fok, archie comic sucks..just look all that stupid characters..

      1. so a large cast makes it suck? It’s not a game, you don’t have to play as them. Whats so bad about it?

  6. The only reason to go to Comic-Con on Sunday πŸ˜› Apart from the Cleveland show panel..
    I’ll race you guys to a report post!

  7. And so, Eggman finally gets to meet his idol face-to-face!
    A double-helping of mad-genius incompetancy is to follow… and I couldn’t be happier to hear it! :DDD

  8. Even though I’m not a fan of MM, this is exhilarating news! I hope to see a lot coverage of this soon from Comic-con! πŸ˜›

  9. CAPCOM giving some real love to megaman and not making him either bait for a rehash or mega obese?! WITCHCRAFT!

    guessing the guys are still peed off at CAPCOM for :troll: ing 2 megaman games

    1. Go die in a fucking fire already,

      It’s been one whole fucking year and you still crying over the fact that these two games are dead, Capcom canceled those two games for a REASON
      If you want to cry about it why won’t you leave this site and join the other brigade of Bitch-fit faggots who wanted a sequel to a game that will never come.

      Fucking Mega Man fans.

      1. Except that Capcom doesnt have a reason for cancelling those 2 games.

        Of course the Sonic fandom would tell Megaman fans to shut up, after all you got 3 like…what? 3 Sonic games in the last past year?

        1. Now I’m a sonic fan through and through, but I want a new megaman game. Legends 3 could’ve been good (never played megaman legends or it’s sequel before). I would’ve loved fusion, cause well I loved X8, in fact that is my favorite megaman game (I just wish I could’ve still had it, so I can finally beat the true final boss (hint: it’s not Sigma).

        2. i may have my fair share of respect for sonic games, but i also look at the classy classics, ones before we had online multiplayer, when CoD was not around, when DooM was seen as the ultimate game… back when CAPCOM HAD balls, no rehashes of Milked Fighter that forces you to repay for DLC you already legally own, you either play to unlock or the unlock is not in the game at all, Resident Evil never existed, there were tones of series being lobbed by CAPCOM, almost all of which are nearly non-existent to their money’s eyes

      2. hey, im not crying over the games were canned/troll bait and switched for Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, im going on about the fact that they have been giving him nearly no love in the last few years, and no his appearance in street fighter X tekken does NOT count as he is mega obese and that he is used as on-disk DLC to force the fans to pay extra (thats why i pirate CAPCOM games now)

  10. I know this is kinda a stupid comment but I hope this is just going to be a spin off. I would still like to see it though

  11. Oh, fuck. I hate Mega Man; it’s one of the most uninspired, overrated and milked video game franchises EVER. The only reason why people like the series is good is nostalgia, as evidenced by the fact that Mega Man games don’t sell well these days. If they were that good, they would be able to attract younger gamers, too.

    1. Megaman games are challenging.I played Megaman Zero and died 19 times per level (the last one took me 38 lives). Thats why people still buy Megaman games.

    2. “Oh, fuck, I hate Sonic; its one of the most ninspired, overrated and milked video game franchises EVER. The only reason why people like the series is good is nostalgia, as evidenced by the fact that Sonic games only live up to go on par with Mario games and its the reason why Sega is currently having economical issues these days. If they were that good, they would be able to have a decent fandom too.”

  12. Capcom is at it again~

    as long as Sally or any other “Satam” Characters doesn’t get involved in this then I’m all in.

    1. I second this quote, and if possible a variant featuring the original 8-bit/16-bit looks of both Mega Man and Sonic from the video games.

      Seriously, I’m soaked for this event, as it could have potential of being a good idea for both video game companies and Archie comics. πŸ˜€

      1. You guys obviously don’t keep up with the comics. Sally is currently an evil robot. Antoine is in a coma, Bunnie ran away and Snively is imprisoned in an Egg-Capsule. The only SatAM character who is still around is Rotor and he’s pretty cool because he formed a new team with Big, Cream, Heavy and Bomb. So if they all make it into the cross-over, he’ll probably come with them.

  13. to those of you being downers…LIGHTEN UP. seriously two popular video game franchises are coming together for the first time, this will be really cool in my opinion.

  14. Could this mean Sonic will be in Project X Zone or even Capcom do a Sega Vs Capcom…

  15. ^ I find Mega Man and Sonic to be the best VG Game Characters. EVER. I don’t even know if I could like either of them any more than I already do. So this… IS Awesome!!!!!! It’s a DREAM. COME. TRUE. I can hardly believe some of them downer people, however… EH BUT SCREW THAT THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  16. I am optimstic for this.

    Lighten up.
    Mega man finally gets a cross over with another Blue hero who’s on a quest to defeat an evil scientist.
    How is this not cross over worthy?

  17. i wonder if they are gonna be enemies, or if they are gonna band together and totally take down Dr Wily together or something

  18. I really love this idea of a crossover, two blue heroes with kickass music fight evil scientists! πŸ˜€ I love it…. but why did it have to be comics…? Why not a game? (Besides obvious reasons, like licensing and both SEGA and Capcom being on board, of course.)

  19. What I learned about people here today-
    Hate ArchieSonic with no reason why
    Hate Megaman with no reason why
    Hate crossovers with no reason why

    Everyone makes fun of Sonic fans because they are never happy.

    1. So true… I mean, WOW! I have been surfing these comments for a while and MAN! Why does everybody here hate Mega Man? And for that matter, why do they hate the idea of a crossover? Just look at all the similarities between the two! And… I might not be the biggest fan of Archie, but at least they have a reason to cross them over, they’ve made comics for both Sonic and Mega Man, so it naturally makes sense! But man, seriously, guys… just… lighten up! I mean, not even Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games has made you guys act up like this.

    2. This gets to show that no matter what Sega/Capcom does, their fans are Unpleaseable.

    3. Well, after all this is the Sonic fandom we’re talking about, not for nothing they got the reputation of “the most unpleasable fandom ever”.

      1. This is what vexes me the most is that, well call me old, but I remember a time when this was one of the most anticipated crossovers for both fandoms…and the one that compliments each other more than say “AN EPIC SIDE-SCROLLING CROSSOVER WITH HIS CONSOLE RIVAL WITH AN EPIC STORYLINE OF EPICNESS….Just like Dragonball Z!! EPIIIICC!!”.

        Two cerulean hued heroes who come from a surrealist looking future/planet/dimension that has to contend with eccentric doctors and killer robots with the help of a huge cast of colorful characters, some of them even playable. The difference is one is slow as shit but can copy powers while the other is fast as hell and can spin but can’t do much else. There’s also that little “the purpose of technology” thing that drives both series: MM tries to show how technology can be a boon to the world, while Sonic is anti-tech and fights to preserve nature.

        It practically writes itself. But luckily, Ian Flynn is doing the writing and it’ll make it better. He saved the Sonic comic from relative obscurity and actually writes a MegaMan worth a two damns. Regardless of the media presented from this, at least there is one truth in this: Sonic is not racing Rock on a 100 mtr track in London πŸ˜›

        P.S. LOL @ people getting mad because this is cash grab. No, doy! WELCOME TO THE COMIC BOOK INDUSTRY!! NOTHING IS TRUE, EVERY THING IS FOR THE MONEY!!
        By the way, is anyone going to see The Dark Knight Rises? While you’re waiting, why not see The Avengers for the 12th time? >:D It’s certainly a much beneficial investment than a Sonic/MegaMan crossover.

    1. On a side note I’ve loved and played the megaman games long before I even knew about sonic, back then (around 2001-2003 (sonic heroes was my first sonic game)) I was obssessed with the blue bomber and the italian plumber.

  20. If they use that “archie universe” for Sonic, we are screwed.
    This comics must be for new readers, i dont wanna see rotor, sally, and all that stuff.

    1. but I like Rotor, he’s the only character i liked from that show/comic.

      1. You want Antoine to die? Too late, already happened.

        Well, he’s in a coma at the moment but that’s close enough.

  21. I’m not that bothered about comics and all, especially as I’m not a fan of Mega Man to begin with but I guess people are more excited as its a crossover of two their favourite franchises and I respect that.

    One thing though, why is there hate of the idea as some people stated the comments in the beginning? Just curious

  22. absolutely love this idea

    Megaman and Sonic are my 2 best favorite franchises ever

    also love reading both the archie series

  23. I never got the chance to read any of the Sonic/Megaman Archie comics (Im still traumatized with the NigHTS adaptation but I can see this happening thou, kinda wonder how are they gonna make it work. It could be either the greatest thing ever or an utter disaster.

  24. Babies gonna baby. It’s not like this crossover is gonna break down your door, charge into your room and slap your face with all its pages.
    Like Ricardo said, it’s a comic book. Calm down children.

  25. Why is mostly everyone Disappointed to me it sounds like a Interesting topic Along with the *Weird Hello kitty stuff 0.0* But Sonic with Mega man has never happened and yes I guess maybe only Archie could try this let’s see how it goes

  26. Two evil twisted scientests team up. Two popular franchises with amazing music, colourful crazy worlds & timeless gameplays collides. The Blue Blur meets The Blue Bomber. This is clearly cross-over material.

  27. How interesting! I know very little about Megaman – enough to get by – and have never played it, but I find it sad the series is currently dying. Perhaps this will inspire Capcom to continue making more for the fans who so desperately want it. And furthermore, Sonic and Megaman…Blue Blur and Blue Bomber. Both of which face evil villains who dabble in machines.

    …Honestly, how does that NOT work together? A good crossover can be written with anything if you really try. Loathe I am to admit it, I’ve cross-overed Sonic and, hell, even Pokemon, and made it work well (pffft, screw Pikachu. I’m more of an Aggron person). You just have to take the time to do your research, figure out what is cliche and cut it, and come up with a wonderful plot and developed characters. With a creative mind, it truly isn’t that difficult.

    Good luck to Archie! I don’t read your comics, but I know of you and I think you’ll do well ^^

    P.S. Sonic, keeps those spikes of yours AWAY from Megaman. Seriously. He’s deathly allergic…Why, he EXPLODES from merely tapping one! *Shot*

  28. Whoa whoa whoa… you know I read the Megaman Network comments, and people there seem more excited then people here. Damn. The Sonic fan base really does suck. I’ve been a Sonic fan since I was small (born the year before the first game was released XD) and even -I- shy away from other Sonic fans, because they’re just…terrible. I agree they’re never happy except for very few. I for one am VERY VERY VERY excited! Megaman X was the first Megaman I’ve ever gotten into when I was small, LOVED it ever since. My two very favorite franchises together?! YES YES YES! I hope they make a Sonic and Megaman X cross over after words, and I would LOVE to see the SatAM characters involved in this cross over as a whole, I’m a big fan of Bunnie and Sally.

    Jokes on you haters, this cross over of Megaman and Sonic does in fact work, I’ve seen it first hand. Not to mention Grassy is right, look at Kingdom Hearts. Good luck Archie! I’ll snatching up the issues as they come!

  29. Even though not many people seem to enjoy this, I’m spazzing out over the good news. πŸ˜€

  30. Someone must of seen Screwattack’s Death Battle with Eggman and Wily.

    That alone would be neat, Eggman and Wily arguing over who’s the better scientist… XD

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