TSS Review: Sonic the Hedgehog Nendoroid Figure

It’s been a whirlwind ride of sorts for the Sonic Nendoroid figure here in the UK. Made by the Good Smile Company, this limited edition piece of merch was originally only going to available in Japan – but thanks to the surprise announcement that SonicMerchandise.com would be stocking it, fans on the other side of the world had the chance to their hands on it too (well, if they were quick enough to get a pre-order in before they sold out, anyway). Now, at last, the Nendoroids have arrived… but have they been worth the hype?

In short, yes. So much yes. This is up there as one of the best pieces of Sonic merchandise ever conceived, and it’s an easy recommendation for any fan of the blue blur. It’s fresh, it’s unique, and it’s got a lot of reasons for you to love it.

Dash for the Chaos Emerald!

Right from the off, it’s clear that this figure has a very distinctive style. The look of the Sonic Nendoroid can be described as being a chibi-style mixture of Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic which, when you consider that this figure was originally designed for the hedgehog’s 20th anniversary, is a rather apt design and one that is surprisingly impressive. It’s very easy on the eyes and I’m sure many wouldn’t mind having it as a permanent look for Sonic should his design ever be changed again. Heck, I bet even those who hate the green eyes will give at least some amount of approval.

Yeowch! Sonic is hit!

One thing that might put people off the Nendoroid is its price tag, however. At £32.99 plus shipping charges this little baby isn’t cheap, especially for a figure that only measures about 10cm in height. So why the big cost? Well, you’ll be pleased to hear you get plenty of Sonic goodness for your cash in the form of a number of props that come included in the box. In addition to Sonic himself you get a ring, a Chaos Emerald, an item box (which can be interchanged with 1-Up, 20 Rings, Invincibility, Speed-Up Shoes, and Shield power-ups), a checkpoint, varying facial/hand gestures, arm and leg poses… yeah, you get a lot, basically. This is far and away the most customisable Sonic figure to date, and practically any pose is possible with enough imagination and perseverance. Everything snaps together nicely and within seconds you can have your perfect Sonic scenario on display. Thanks to little stands for the ring, Emerald and figure itself, there’s a ridiculous amount of room for manoeuvre, so the only limit is your own creativity.

Hedgehog Who? TARDIS not included.

That’s not to say everything is perfect, though. If I had to nitpick, I’d say that putting pieces together can sometimes be a bit fiddly (though nothing overly arduous), and Sonic can feel a bit delicate in your hands when trying to create your perfect pose, likely due to the figure’s size. Also, some of the parts are quite small so you’ll need to be sure you don’t accidentally lose any. You’ve paid quite a lot for this grand collection of props, so you’ll want to make sure you keep them safe! Ultimately though these are, as I say, nitpicks. The Sonic Nendoroid is a fantastic item as long as you’re careful with it and treat it with the love it deserves.

Does this figure win the gold?

So, what’s the verdict? Basically, this is a figure that any Sonic fan can love. Its design will appeal to fans old and new, the sheer amount of things that come bundled with it is astounding and ensures you’re getting your money’s worth, and the quality of the Nendoroid in general is very nice indeed. If you manage to hunt down one of these beauties and are willing to shell out the asking price for it, you won’t be disappointed.

Doctor MK’s Diagnosis: Highly Recommended!

Still not convinced? Here’s a second opinion from fellow TSS staff writer Hogfather…



The Good Smile company have certainly put a smile on my face with this one. The quality of the figure is very high, far superior to anything that Jazwares have produced, and it certainly rivals First 4 Figures statues, in many ways, the droid is so much better than the F4F range. Call that controversial if you like, but for the money you pay and the quality of the figure, you do feel like you’re getting an extremely good product for and extremely good price.

Whilst the figure is at heart a display only piece, I found myself having lots of fun actually creating a scene for it. The level of articulation and accessories which come with it are more than enough to place the figure in a variety of different scenes and scenarios. There is a near childlike joy from creating a scene for your droid to stand in, I can only imagine the fun if you use items/accessories from other droids in GSC’s toy line.

It seems strange to use the word play in this context. The figure is primarily a display piece, you can’t play with it like you do ‘action figures’ or else the arms/legs will come off. But I find myself using the word ‘play,’ but I don’t mean play as in The Terminators & Transformers attack Ghostbusters HQ to defeat the Predators & Krang. The play comes from the time you spend placing your droid in a pose and then creating a scene around it. Then as you build you think ‘well what if I…’ and then a quick change of the facial expression and hand, suddenly your scene and Sonic’s body language completely changes.

Taking old Tomy badnik figures and placing them in the scene also helps enhance the figure. As does adding random toys from other series. See that Tardis by Sonic? Does it make sense? Nope… Does it look awesome? HELL YES!

I can’t sing the praises of the figure enough, everything about it, from the packaging, the presentation, the fun and the quality of the product is well worth the generous price tag. Now will someone from the GSC pitch an Eggman & Knuckles figure to Sega? I think I’d like to position my droid in a battle scene… hmmm maybe that Big Daddy would work?


If you’ve already got one, what do you think of the Sonic Nendoroid? And if you haven’t, are you planning to get one? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Because I forgot to mention this in the article…

    Did you get your paws on a Sonic droid? If so, lets try and see just how diverse this figure can be. Put your droid in a pose and take a photo of it, email the pic to hogfather@sonicstadium.org and we might have a droid showcase next week if we get enough. Lets use all those accessories which came with it to see just what we can come up with. Maybe that old toy box of yours has some old action figures you can pose with it… just who wins between a Sonic Spin attack and the crash test dummies?

    No prizes for this, purely for fun and to see how creative we can be. Now go! And save the city!

  2. Hogfather: could we also say print out a background for our custom models poses and sets when we send it to you? I figured the one thing missing from this set is cool backgrounds.

    1. Sure why not. In my video I do sorta mention how I wish I had a green background.

      But remember it is just for fun and only do it if you want to.

      1. it is fun so I’ll do it, tho another question I ask is since its not a competition could we send in like more than one entry, I have an idea to actually make it a sort of 3d-ish comic and sort of create speach bubbles for hime to say something etc

  3. I like the item box and checkpoint! Besides, they look PERFECT. lol

    So now, are we callin this guy Cladern Sonic or Mossic Sonic??? lol

  4. I think the online store I ordered from doesn’t ship til June.. oh well, they’ll be worth more then

  5. I’m jealous of you Europeans for having that awesome site. I had to get mine from Japan. =P (I actually collect Nendoroids, so I import them on a pretty regular basis.)

  6. These are great reviews guys, you’re right in saying that they’re some of the best merch.

    Although, Hogfather’s idea of Transformers and Terminators vs Predators and Krang… Add Xenomorphs and Sonic vs Mario and you’d have a blockbuster.

  7. After much deliberation I did end up buying one…so glad I did. currently got it in charging super form state….sort of haha

  8. It looks sweet! I ordered it from a Japanese store on ebay.co.uk so hopefully it’ll be here in a week or two.

  9. How much is it in US dollars? I’m thinking about asking my parents to get one for my birthday, but we’re on a really tight budget right now. :/

    1. They’re pretty much sold out now, unless you look at places like ebay or Amazon shops. Even then they are going to be extortionate I imagine…

    2. Currently, the cheapest seller of the figure on ebay – anime-export-com – is $54.80; this includes shipping. That’s the one I’m getting, and I’m pretty certain that’s the lowest it’ll go for the current retail price. On Amazon however, it’s in the 90’s so far.

    3. US$42.90 on Play-Asia.com, where I got mine. Still in stock at the time I wrote this. I haven’t looked anywhere else online for it so maybe it’s cheaper elsewhere. Look around various sites that deal in merchandise related to japanese animation, as the Nendoroid figure line is primarily anime characters – Sonic’s a bit of an oddity, only really fitting in with the Mickey and Minnie Mouse Nendos.

      1. Over 40 dollars?! Yikes…then again, my birthday’s in July, so I might get it. Along with all the trade credit we’ve got for Bookman’s, I wouldn’t mind not getting anything else. :3

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