Sound Test Saturday: Tales of a Hedgehog

Now let’s be honest for a second: there aren’t enough remixes of songs from the Storybook series, so far comprised of Sonic and the Secret Rings and Sonic and the Black Knight. Say what you will of the games themselves, but you can’t deny that they have their golden moments, their soundtracks being no exception. That’s why I’m a little stumped as to find only a handful of Storybook mixes out there! Disappoint, Sonic community!

For that reason, this week’s Sound Test Saturday will pay tribute to the spin-off (or is it canon now?) entries and the music that accompanied them!

Let’s start things off with DjReds‘ take on “The Palace That Was Found” from SatSR‘s own Evil Foundry!


Dive into the “Dragon’s Lair” and finish with the “Unawakening Float” after the jump!

Now the instrumentation in DjReds’ arrangement is certainly interesting, coming off with a bit more of an electronic edge. That alone makes his cover nearly fitting for a Generations Classic-style Evil Foundry! All it needs are the lyrics played in the same fashion as City Escape as well as a bit more polish, and it could definitely feel like a Generations piece!

Of course, even with the absent lyrics, some might still find themselves mouthing, singing, or imagining the repetitive “WHO’S GONNA ROCK THE PLACE?” because… well, it’s Evil-freaking-Foundry!

I also wonder what the song would sound like if we turned back the clock a bit more…

In any case, DjReds, if you’re reading this, you’ve done a good job here. Keep it up!

Next up on the playlist is a cover to “Dragon’s Lair” by another pair of artists!


xTrickyWolfy and FireGXLOL collaborated on this mix of the Dragon’s Lair theme from Black Knight. I’ve always enjoyed this piece, and the level it originates from.

The Storybook titles are amongst my favourite games due to the settings they are based upon, and because of the unique levels (and music!) that wouldn’t have existed otherwise. Dragon’s Lair is such a level, and rightfully deserves a fitting track that truly replicates its atmosphere of danger and of hardship. Not only did the original song accomplish this, but the collaboration as well; Tricky and Fire’s interpretation of the “Dragon’s Lair” does indeed bring justice to the one of the game’s penultimate stages!

And now that that’s been said and done, it’s time to feature a returning favourite!


We welcome Freen in Green back on Sound Test Saturday with their Modern remix of Night Palace’s “Unawakening Float”, again from Secret Rings!

A remastered version of what they submitted for The Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011, the band has not only done a faithful recreation of the tune, but also made it feel like their own piece. It’s another one of those no-comment tunes, and again from the same people, because I doubt that my words will be capable of explaining this masterpiece to a suitable degree.

Stay tuned for a special feature on Freen in Green as well as an interview with these guys within the coming weeks!

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  1. The storybook series were fantastic, game-wise and story-wise. They took us to widely different places but gave us the same blue hedgehog. I loved them.

  2. Really enjoyed these, both story book games have great soundtracks, so it’s nice to see that people have a go at remixing those rather than the more popular songs of the series. I hope more people try to do Generations style mixes of what could have been.

  3. Meh, I never really liked the heavy-metal-plus-violins style of music that Black Knight had. Secret Rings’ was decent, though.

  4. There is a way better remix of ‘The palace that was found’ called 41 thieves remix. Best Sonic song ev-arrr!!

  5. I’m actually really looking forward to the next story book series… whatever it is, I just want to know what their gonna do next with the new found game style and new writers and stuff.
    I still think they should take Sonic to Wonderland. If they do I would end up in hospital from geeking out too hard 🙂

  6. I thought the one made from Freen in Green was the best out of the other two…

    the first one… hmmm the song was my favorite but not this midi remix… sorry x.x
    The second one had potential.

  7. Listen… how am I supposed to know who’s going to rock the place without the lyrics? And don’t get me started on my feelings of ambiguity towards one’s ability to touch this.

    It is good to see these games get some love. Sonic and the Secret Rings in particular had great art design, and some top notch music.

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