Mobius’ Most Memorable Mommas

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Now, we know Sonic is not exactly you’d relate to on Mother’s Day. After all, the only official mother in the Sonic games is Cream’s mom, Vanilla. But in the land of Sonic cartoons and comics, anything goes and just about every character you can think of has a mom and dad. So, the questions remains, which Mobius mama is the top pick of all time? Read on to see who my five favorites are.

#5 Rosemary Prower

I bet most of you didn’t even know Tails had a mom and dad. Well, it took them a long time to arrive in the comics. Especially since they’d been exiled to another planet for an entire decade! Upon returning home (thanks to Tails wizard uncle Merlin…don’t ask), Rosemary and her husband Amadeus wasted no time. They didn’t like the way the current kingdom had been ruled and started a rebellion. It was quelled with the help of Sally and Nicole, but it ended up with a new council being formed. Now, the king must answer to the council before any big decisions are made. This is fortunate since King Elias was overthrown by the new king, the evil wizard Ixis Naugus but he still can’t make a huge decision without the councils vote. Sadly, this means she hasn’t had much time to be with her newly reunited son. In fact, it was Tail’s dad that helped comfort him through these darker times with Antoine at death’s door.


#4 Bernadette Hedgehog 

Besides constantly changing color from blue to purple and looking like Sonic in drag, Bernadette has suffered a fair amount in the comics while still raising her boy. Her husband Jules was the first person ever to be roboticized. Sadly, while under Robotnik’s control, Jules then threw his wife into a roboticizer and the two were robot slaves for years. After being fully freed and made flesh and blood again by the BEM aliens,  Bernadette went back to her normal way of life with their son Sonic. Sadly, due to his grave inures all Jules got was his free will, but his body will forever remain a robot. This hasn’t stopped Bernadette from loving him through these hard times. Think you hate having a husband with cold feet? Try cold EVERTYTHING! Sonic still lives with her and Jules to this day.

#3 Vanilla 

The only official mother in the Sonic games, Vanilla was only known for a long time as “Cream’s mom”. It wasn’t until Sonic X (or possibly Sonic Rush?) that she even got an official first name.  Vanilla is the one who taught her daughter her well-behaved mannerisms along with how to make a necktie accompany a dress well.  Oddly enough, she is not very protective of her daughter. Often letting her get into adventures with Amy or Blaze and in the comics, she recently let Cream join Team Freedom.  Maybe her husband left all the money in his will to her daughter.

Vanilla can be seen on Tuesdays hanging out with Crimson Viper for their weekly “video game single mother’s with neckties” club.

#2 Lupe Wolf 

While not having mothered any of the main Sonic cast, Lupe gets put near the top of this list for several reasons. She’s a heavy multitasker.  She went from leading the wolf pack to being grand chief of the entire wolf tribe. On top of that, she has four children to take care of. Two of them are adopted human girls!  One of whom, is mute (hey, that’s what rabies will do to you. I kid).  Think your mother gets on your case? Imagine one that also gives you fleas and ticks!

Kidding aside, in an older issue Lupe proved she would make any sacrifice for her children in order to keep them safe by being roboticized so they would not. She’s back to normal now, thanks to the BEM and living in an uneasy peace with the neighboring Felidae tribe. For a really fun story with Lupe and the Wolf Pack, check the “Reigning Cats and Dogs” storyline in Super Sonic Special #3 out now.

And the most memorable Mobius mama is…..

#1 Mama Robotnik 

Seriously, who didn’t see this one coming? The job of any good mother is to help their son go out into the world and succeed even if they fail time and time again. Unfortunately for Robotnik since he couldn’t get the job done, his mother would often come in with her own “tough love”. This usually meant throwing her own son out and trying to defeat Sonic herself. Some schemes included getting Robotnik to run for president, adopting Sonic as her new son and proving Sonic 4’s physics work by making walls explode just by walking into them. If you think Bernadette looks like Sonic in drag, take a look at the family resemblance Mama Robotnik has to her son. Right down to the giant mustache. No one puts more fear into Robotnik than his mama, but no one comes closer to defeating Sonic than her.

So Sonic fans, let this list remind you of all the sacrifices your mother does to help you out in your everyday life. In the wise words of Mr. T “There is no other, like mother. So treat her right!”


Gotta love the 80’s.


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  1. MAMA?! MAMA LUIGI?! AHAHAHAHA! XD … Ahem, sorry, I know that was a joke made in wrong context, but it still needed to happen.

    1. there were 3 episodes involving Momma Robotnik. IIRC Momma Robotnik’s Birthday was the first episode of her appearance.

  2. Aww, no Aleena? I consider her more to be Sonic’s mom than Bernie IMO. lol

  3. I’ve heard fan speculation that Cream’s father would probably be named Ice. Vanilla…Ice…Cream!

    1. For us in the U.S., Mother’s Day is May 13th. Very interesting tho, I had no clue Mother’s Day was even on a different day in the U.K. compared to the U.S.

  4. If you count the 25/30 yrs later arcs, you could count most every female character as a mother. Sally, Bunny, Julie-Su, Mina … Just glad Sally’s nothing mother and Knuckles’ winey mother didn’t make the list. Momma Robotnik is the best, she should be in the Archie comics (more than an off-panel cameo).

  5. The entire topic was made irrelevant as soon as Mr. T started to sing….now I can;t remember anything else… why?

  6. Wow! I’m impressed Mrs. Prower made the list. No surprise with Bernadette (yes, it does indeed look like Sonic in drag…well we can see where the predominate traits come from) Man, is Queen Aleena MIA or what!? I mean, damn Vanilla’s a bit naive at times about these adventures her kid goes on, but she sure is understanding and supportive, just as a mother should be (and I agree, she does fit the MILF status fairly well from the list…second I’d say to Rosemary…I’d count Lupe but…she’s just plain hot, motherhood be DAMNED!)

    Whoooo, Mama Robotnik scared the living crap outa me when I was kid. It had to be that ‘stache. Just…*shudder* >~<

  7. I wonder if the Freedom Fighters’ nanny, Rosie, would count as a mother since she and her late cousin Julayla took care of them back in the good old days…

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