F4F: Modern Sonic Pre-Orders Go Live May 15th!

Earlier this year, First4Figures teased a new Modern Sonic statue, today F4F have announced that pre-orders for this statue will go live on May 15th 2012… LIKE OMG THAT’S NEXT TUESDAY! Ahem…

However, when the statues will be ready for release is anyone’s guess at this stage since F4F still have to ship out both Tails and Knuckles as well as replacements for damaged/broken Metal Sonic statues which some people are still waiting on. So there’s going to be quite a wait before Modern Sonic eventually turns up at your doorstep.

Price has yet to be announced, but again if the Tails and Knuckles statues are anything to go by, expect price tags to be around the $150-$180 mark. No word yet on an ‘exclusive version’ but you can bet come next Tuesday there will be a bit of stampede as merch hunters rush for their wallets.

In the image released by F4F, we find this line quite interesting “kicking off an all new range of modern Sonic the Hedgehog” Hmmm a range you say? So we can expect more?

There you have it merch hunters… you have until Tuesday to convince your parents that your home needs this statue, and it does!

Source: First4Figures.com

Thanks to Barry for the heads up.

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  1. Ohh I’m ready for this, are YOU guys ready for this?~

    They’ve already hinted about a statue of Shadow, Silver, or Rouge months ago, so no doubt there’ll be more…

  2. It looks… big. I don’t know if I’ll get this, there are tonnes coming out this year.

  3. Already got the Classic Sonic statue, Exclusive Super Sonic and Exclusive Metal Sonic. Got Exclusive Knuckles and Exclusive Tails on pre-order. Definatly getting this one! Only statues that wouldn’t be worth the money are Shadow and Silver and Rouge etc.

    They won’t be doing an Eggman statue, as they already explained a to scale one based on the current figures sizes would be far too expensive to produce and to try and sell. So don’t expect a modern Eggman either. Same goes for Amy Rose, they skipped Classic Amy because they didn’t see demand for the female characters and didn’t think they would sell. Makes me wonder if the same goes for Rouge and Cream etc.

  4. I am SO GOING to get this! I attempted to tell my mum about MS, Knux and Tails but theyre soooo expensive. If it is quite cheap I will definitely be getting it (as much as Classic Sonic was) Apparently my friend will be getting Super Sonic somewhere so I should get this!

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