Sound Test Saturday: A Funky Premiere of Green Symphonies!

Hello, readers! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week through April’s first seven days. If not, then hopefully this is the sort of that is sure to boost your spirits! Ladies and gentlehogs, you are now reading the premiere article of an all new weekly column: Sound Test Saturday! Just like Mash-Up Mondays feature music mash-ups between Sonic and any other party, Sound Test Saturdays will highlight music – original compositions, covers, or remixes – made by the Sonic community. That’s right! Sound Test Saturdays will concentrate on music created by you!

So, what better way to start things off than to feature one of each from the get-go?

Let’s kick things off with Badnik Factory Zone, composed by TheSymphonicGames!

Check out Badnik Factory Zone Act 2, a groovy drum cover of HydroCity Zone Act 2, and a wonderful reinterpretation of Frog Forest after the jump!

Now, it’s especially rare to find a very good original song that would seem fitting for a given Zone, but TheSymphonicGames’ music here does an excellent job: both tunes not only work well and sound great for just about any industrial/Eggman-centric stage, they live up to the standards of the majority of Sonic music by being extremely catchy and fun to listen to! I wouldn’t mind downloading these and playing them over the likes of Final Egg or Metallic Madness!

Next up, the drums!

If there’s one thing I absolutely love about Funkflash’s drumming here, it’s the simple fact that he’s having a whole lot of fun tearing up the already funky HydroCity with even more funkiness. It’s nigh impossible not to enjoy this cover without being affected by Norman’s contagious feels, or his intense drumming! It’s guaranteed that his playing will turn any frown upside down, or raise that smirk one already has a little higher!

What’s that? Is that a smile on your face I see?

Told ya so!

And finally, what better way to wind down from such intense songs than succumbing to the soothing sounds of the Frog Forest?

Freen in Green… Is there anything this group isn’t capable of? I’m sure the name sounds familiar to some of you, whether it is through the Bentley Jones So Much More video contest back in 2010 (video does not work anymore, sadly), or much recently with their contributions to The Sonic Stadium Music Album. “The Serene Beauty”, their response to Sonic Heroes’ Frog Forest, is a perfect piece to chill to. It is calm, ambient, welcoming, and so relaxing! I would honestly catch a few z’s with this being the chosen background music, taking a short nap without a care in the world!

And that’s this week’s round-up for Sound Test Saturday! Do these guys a favour and check out more of their material: you will not regret it! Tune in next week for another round of community music!

A quick heads-up: once SEGASonic: Radio returns, Sound Test Saturday will be primarily hosted there. Don’t fret: previews to the complete article will continue to be posted on TSS!

Oddly enough, when I hinted as to the incoming new column on the SSMB and told the forumers to guess, many have said “ponies” for some strange reason. I wonder why that is…

Found an interesting tune you’d like to share? Want to submit something of your own and get it featured? Send it over to

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  1. Well, this is an AMAZING improvement over your last article! Great job, even though I already have seen most of these.

  2. Loved them, The first tracks made me think that Badnik Factory Zone belongs in Sonic CD with the jazzy beat and verity that game has.
    The drum addition to the original Hydrocity Zone Act 2 was amazing and I’m glad that the song’s original essence was strengthened.
    Frog forest is one of my favourite tracks to listen to when trying to relax or just doing some work and this remix is great but a little too quiet during some key parts of the track, if it had a little more power to it it could become great without compromising it’s nature.

  3. That first video just didn’t do it for me.

    The second video was a lot better, especially being an original. Still can’t hear it as a zone tho, not for Sonic. Needs something. But I guess it could work. I’ve heard better and worse in actual Sonic games and they’ve pulled off a lot.

    That drummer is crazy tho. He needs to find ppl to play theo ther part and perform the song as a whole. That was real nice.

    The Frog Forest remastering sounded pretty nice. Like Frog Forest Next Gen or something. haha

  4. Thanks VizardJeffhog for taking the time and effort to compile a range of recommended Sonic remixes created by the Sonic fan community. It puts a smile to my face knowing that creative efforts such as the ones you’ve presented on this week’s article has not gone to waste. = )

    Man I’m going to listen to Badnik Factory again… Again and again! So funky.

    And the drummer was ace. Love the enthusiasm and energy put into that performance!

    1. No problem, Dark! >D It was my pleasure! On that note, don’t think I’m not keeping track of your audial activities, Mister Twenty Hundred Miles an Hour!

  5. Ha ha thanks dude!

    Oh god no… It seems that I totally bombed the chorus bit… LMAO XD

    But yeah I didn’t realise you were the person predominately responsible for direction/organisation of the TSSMA2011! Wow, praise to you and the folks who put it all together man, I’m lovin’ that kind of initiative and end product – it’s a labour of love. = )
    Anyways I’m ever looking forward to TSSMA2012 – no rush, please take your time to craft yet another masterpiece of an album! *thumbs up*

    1. I still enjoyed listening to the whole thing. XD Lyrics were tight, vocals were great, Speedio and yourself had some fun, and there’s quite a few ____ Zone w/lyrics videos out there… XD

      And thanks a bunch! 😀 Don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of sweet time for the next album, though we’re gonna begin development REAL soon! >D

  6. Great stuff, love being able to hear stuff like this. Thanks for helping bring it all to our attention. Looking forward to more next time!

  7. the best thing freen in green has ever done is post this reply to a coment i posted on one of his videos
    “Thank you! You’re awesome!”

  8. I highly support this, supporting original musical compositions inspired by Sonic is brilliant. I write music mostly inspired by Zelda music, I just wish did this.

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