Introducing Our New Writers!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying the festive weekend and getting stuffed on a number of chocolate eggs! We have a number of cool features coming up on The Sonic Stadium, as well as a bunch of awesome changes to boot. Call it Spring Cleaning, if you like. The first stage of this, is the arrival of some new writers to the TSS Writing Team.

The first two new additions you may already be familiar with. VizardJeffhog and Hogfather have already made a name for themselves on the site by helping Shadzter with Sonic News, and beefing up our regular blog sections. Even creating some exciting new ones, like yesterday’s Sound Test Saturday!

Hogfather is an old hand at TSS, being a dedicated visitor and regular tipster before joining the ranks as a writer. He was also a moderator at the SSMB Forums back in the day. VizardJeffhog turned many heads when he created and led the amazing TSS Music Album Collaboration project last year. The Music Album was released in February to huge acclaim, so it only made sense to have Viz on board.

Let me now introduce you to two brand new writers, who will be starting to make a name for themselves on the site very soon. Swiss and Doctor MK entered our call for creative, inventive writers for this website (which I advertised way back in November) and we were all simply blown away by their style of writing. You might remember Doctor MK in particular as the man behind the annual Sonic Relief charity drive. Please welcome these guys and make them feel at home.

Add to this Roareye Black‘s return to form, the merchandise and music love provided by T-Bird, the unstoppable official news coverage skills of ShadzterΒ and the constant hard work of our US correspondents nuckles87 and Jason Berry, and I think you’ll agree that The Sonic Stadium is set for some great exciting times ahead. We’re all here because we love the Sonic franchise, and want to share cool Sonic stuff with all of you – I hope you continue to enjoy our coverage!

We have more stuff to announce and add over the coming weeks – including PAX East coverage, revived information sections and tighter integration with our video output and partners on the TSS Network. Stay tuned – and Happy Easter to all!


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  1. Congrats to the new writers for attaining the position! I look very much forward to seeing what they have to offer this site, and wish them good luck!

  2. If only TSS’s writers looked like the 5 in the picture above… wait, now I’m going to get replies saying that they look exactly like the 5.

  3. Cool! I tried the writing position thingy and I’m glad to see the cast at long last! (Har, rhyming.) I hope that all the new writers do a fantastic job, and I look forward to the next news update (which I hope to be more information on Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode Metal) that they post! And if there is ever another writing position, you bet your sweet emeralds I’ll be there! πŸ˜€

        1. It happens, Jix. As sad as it may be to some, that’s how things go sometimes.

          Good luck on your endeavours, Slingerland. You’ll still pop in every once in a while to check up on us, will ya?

  4. And it’s exactly why I had The Sonic Stadium bookmarked for over 10 years…

    Looking forward to checking out fresh new content and writing styles to veteran and new members of the TSS team. *thumbs up*

  5. Welcome guys and girls and congrats on getting the honour of being writer for this awesome site! πŸ˜€

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