Mike Pollock: “Stay Tuned For A Major Announcement”

Mike Pollock, the voice actor for Eggman, left a rather curious comment on YouTube yesterday, during a conversation with a one Roonco Prime regarding the old cast appearing at “anything Sonic related.” Mr Pollock said that he couldn’t speak for the rest of the cast, however, “You might be able to see me very soon, stay tuned for a major announcement.”

Whilst the video is over a year old, the comments were made only yesterday. Assuming this is in context with the full conversation and the video, it might suggest a possible appearance at Sega’s Sonic Boom convention or Summer of Sonic… Or maybe it means… something else entirely?

Anyone like to have a guess? Here is the conversation in full for you to have a look at.

Roonco: had to laugh at that point, genuinely, even moreso when I come back in 10 months and saw that you’d seen it as well. I remember Jason Griffith and Pete Capella at a recent (1 year ago?) convention and Mr. Griffith using one of Roger Smith’s lines and I have to ask, will the old cast ever show up at anything Sonic-related again? I assumed I’d ask you, given that you’ve worked with both casts.

Mike: It all depends on who’s doing the inviting, and who’s being invited. I’d probably show up if I was asked, but I can’t speak for my colleagues.

Roonco: Fair enough, and I’d hope to see you soon! I also have to thank you for your work for Dan Green; that showed real character on your part. Thank you also for your the information about your coach. But, be honest, you’re sick of me messaging you constantly, aren’t you? Sorry!

Mike: You might be able to see me soon. Stay tuned for a major announcement.


Well folks, the comments await you. What do you think? Appearance at Boom/SOS? Generations DLC? Appearance at Comic Con or some other event? Or… we’re going to be invaded by space demons and Mike Pollock will save us all with his best Eggman voice?

The speculation, is yours!

Very special thanks to ‘Multiman’ for the tip on this one.

Source: YouTube via ‘Multiman’

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    1. Whoa! D: You don’t think a Sonic Movie. . . in Sega’s graphics. . . . would be cool? :0

      What about that Night of the Werehog short?

      1. Night of the Werehog was freaking AMAZING!!! I would go to theaters to see a movie if it was like Night-of-the-Werehog-style feature film!!! 🙂

      2. I think they should stick to games.
        Game to Movie transitions most often than not…SUCK, same with Film to game…

        Though Shorts like Night of the Werehog are nice.

        1. Sonic’s not ready for the big screen nor is it ready for a feature film and this is coming from a massive sonic fan who’s wanted a sonic film since i was a kid.

  1. Well there is that Wreck-It Ralph movie that has Eggman in it (He was shown in an image or two)

    Maybe it’s that?

    1. I hadn’t even heard of the film until you brought it up!
      Honestly, I’m pretty hyped for the film now! It’s like Roger Rabbit with video games, the idea alone kicks so much ass!

    1. Mike Pollock doesn’t speak on behalf of SEGA of America. Plus NYAY Post is no longer under contract with ADR productions for Sonic IPs.

      It sounds like he’s teasing an event. Besides, why on earth would anyone want the 4Kids Sonic cast back?

  2. My guess is he’s on a trip to Africa to find and kill Kony. Then we will see him on the news and it will be awesome:D

    1. that’s a scam… and even the Ugandans dont like the “kony 2012” thing any way.

      their president and military are and have been doing the crimes now… you know the ones that the founder of fony 2012 said were “better equipped”. to do what? put more Ugandans in concentration camps!!! psh kony 20112 is the biggest piece of bs.

      i’m mad bc i was fooled too. >=[ i didn’t do my research.
      btw, kony has been on his death bed. he’s had no power since 2006!!!

  3. Im seriously hoping for some generations dlc. Particulary an Egg Fleet and a starlight carnival pack… Lol

  4. if it’s a major announcement it’ll probably wont be a DLC for generation, maybe with the big announcement but just the DLC, low chance, thats how i see it

  5. If it’s a main series game, Generations DLC, or a feature film (a guy can hope), I’ll be happy.

    On a less-related topic, I wonder if Sega has ever considered bringing Scratch, Grounder, and Coconuts back. They obviously have some sort of ownership over the characters, seeing how they’ve appeared in Mean Bean Machine, and they’d sure as hell be less annoying than Orbot and Cubot. They could pilot some of the boss vehicles, IDK. I mean, think about how many times one of Eggman has been defeated while piloting a large robot and not died from the crash/explosion. Just my two cents.

    1. Im still wondering if they’ll ever give Manic and Sonia another shot. They were good characters, they just debuted on a not-so-great show… Lol. If they do, they really need to think of a good story to get them out of the hole they fell in.

      1. I’ll admit, I’ve never watched Sonic Underground. But the idea Sonic actually having some sort of family in the games” cannon would be pretty cool, seeing as there’s not much backstory that involves Sonic himself.

        1. Very true. Lol
          Plus in my opinion, I’d take Aleena over Bernie any day. Chuck and jules im fine with though.

  6. 99.9% unlikely but…..What if the news was that he was stepping down as Eggman’s VA. Clement would go nuts!

  7. Last time I heard one of these “big announcement” things, Roger Craig Smith was announced as Sonic’s new VA and that was all.

    I’m not sure I buy into this stuff anymore.

  8. there’s a list of possibilities

    1) A new Sonic game (duh)
    2) Sonic playable in Project X Zone
    3) Sonic cast getting yet new VAs
    4) DLC
    5) Official announcement for Sonic & Sega All-stars Racing 2
    6) if the worse happens, Sonic 4 Episode 2 will be cancelled

    1. I don’t think 3 will happen. Not so soon, anyway. And the majority of people (including me) LIKE the new voices.

      I think the announcement will either be for Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph, a new Sonic game, appearing somewhere, or…something else entirely. O.O

    1. Boot out 4kids, let the show get as violent as it needs to be…Lol. You’ll have this old fan watching. Ha ha. …Hmm, violence and Sonic…Something seems wrong with me.

      IT’S NO USE! I can’t think of any reason why!

      …Okay I’ll stop now. *Very overtired as she is writing this*

      1. It had its share of violence.. well, in the Japanese version anyway.. I think 4kids skipped the part where Maria was gunned down :/

        1. And that’s why people started putting the Japanese version online with English subtitles lol.

  9. Maybe Sonic X will get new seasons, new Sonic game will come out, Mike Pollock will voice Eggman in Wreck It Ralph and Sonic and his friends, Mario, Pac-Man, Megaman, Crash Badicoot, and many other game characters appear in the movie, and Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing 2, and other Sonic stuff?

  10. I’m suprised nobodies suggested that it could very well be an appearance at SoS or Sonic Boom.

    1. “You might be able to see me soon. Stay tuned for a major announcement” how’s that comment got to do with a game? XD he’s saying we will be able to meet him soon at some place hence the “Major Announcement”

  11. “You might be able to see me soon. Stay tuned for a major announcement” not sure why people are saying “a sonic game’s coming” or “a sonic film’s coming” because he’s pretty much saying we will be able to see him somewhere and im guessing its Summer of sonic or the Sonic boom event or a new Sonic event we’ve not heard about.

      1. They were talking about something Sonic-related, yeah – they were talking about Sonic actor con appearances. They were mentioning Jason and Pete showing up at a convention.

        Roonco says he wants to see Mike soon after Mike says about that he’ll come to a convention if he’s asked. That’s why Mike responds with ‘you might be able to see me soon’. It’s got nothing to do with a voice role.

    1. I just spook to Mike Pollock on youtube last night. Based on the professional subtle questing I gave him and the context he used, he’s teasing the new Disney Movie “Wreck-it Ralph” where he’ll be voicing Dr. Eggman. Pollock told me NYAV Post is handling the voice work for the film. He also himself hinted to me that he would be appearing at some new upcoming Sonic events.

      1. I hope that is not true.

        Disney + Sonic the Hedgehog = That’s no good! (as Sonic would say in AoStH)

    2. Based on my youtube chat with him last night. You are unofficially correct. Pollock hinted that NYAV Post(A NYC based ADR studio that dubs for 4Kids and Media Blasters) is handling the film’s voice work.

      1. And now a lesson about taking things out of context:

        Mike just recorded a major upcoming theatrical release at NYAV Post, but it was completely not Sonic-related (more on that when it’s released), NYAV Post is not involved in “Wreck-It Ralph” (there’s a lot of that going around), and the major announcement of which I spoke is only tangentially Sonic-related.

        Sorry to interrupt the speculating. Do go on.

  12. If not Wreck-It-Ralph or a Boom 2k12 announcement, then…

    Mike Pollock is announcing his plans for Pollockland, the ultimate city, where he will rule it all!

    1. Eggman’s already confirmed for it. He’s shown up in promotional material for it. I think it’s a bit late for you to say no.

  13. Sonic and Blaze in Project X Zone? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put him in there!!!!!!!!!

  14. anyone think this has to do with sonic & sega all-stars racing or a possible sonic x season 4

  15. anyone think this has to do with sonic & sega all-stars racing 2 or a possible sonic x season 4? (forget my last comment)

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