Sonic Boom ’12 Tickets On Sale Today

Tickets for the live US Sonic event Sonic Boom 2012 went on sale today via the venue’s ticketer Ticketmaster.

This year’s event, being held at the House of Blues in San Diego on July 13, has already confirmed the presence of rockers Crush 40 and Jean Paul/Alex Makhlouf from Cash Cash. As is Sega’s way, more guest and event announcements will be coming through a sieve in the coming months.

Though Sega have yet to announce today’s opening, they did announce the date and time last week. Tickets this year are priced at a total of $20 per head, which includes food and a drink during the evening.

The switch to paid ticketing came about due to Sega of America’s experience with the inaugral Sonic Boom in 2011, where there was a great deal of confusion over how many ticketholders and non-ticketholders would actually arrive at the Los Angeles venue. It remains to be seen whether the UK’s Summer of Sonic convention – where similar confusion over numbers came to a head last year – will go the same route.

Thanks to Sonic Wrecks for the heads up via Twitter.

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  1. Hope those of you in the U.S. have a great time. I’m just really eager for some summer of sonic news.

  2. Got my ticks!

    …That’s what the young-uns’ are saying nowadays right? Anyway, I’ll be there. You’ve been warned.

  3. I got my tickets right when they went on sale! I cannot wait for this! I was there last time, too.

    1. I am staying at the Holiday Inn San Diego North Miramar. It is 14 miles north of House of Blues, and last heir should be rooms still avilible.

      1. Typo.. “Last time I checked their should be rooms avilible.”. Anyway check it out, their prices are great compared to others in San Diego, I am looking in transportation from there

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