Mash-Up Monday: F**k Rooftop Run

Mashup Monday this week brings you what, from looking at Youtube, was apparently the logical conclusion with these two songs.

Warning: Swearing. Unfortunately – or fortunately, depending how you feel about it – these mashups use the uncensored version of the song. Never let it be said that we at TSS don’t care about your virgin ears!


Modern version after the jump!


P.S. I don’t really hate Rooftop Run, just those dumb chase sequences in both modern versions of the level…

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  1. This may sound extremely weird, but whenever I hear the Chemical Plant music from Generation’s Stage Gate, I start humming ‘Life During Wartime’ by Talking Heads. I smell another potential mash-up…

  2. compared to the crap on most of the radio (I listen to hip hop) this makes this song soooo much better, I mean it is a great song by itself, really no comment modern sonic version ftw, ummm yeah…o.o

  3. lol usually this never works right but for once… did LMAO. This sounds like something you might hear in South Park LMAO.

  4. Haha! Funny. The thing that I hate about Rooftop Run in Sonic Generations is the god damn cheap side-missions, most of them are just annoying to play, the only one I really like is the one where Modern Sonic is constantly boarding through the stage.

    1. What’s with people being so sensitive of profanity? It’s not like it actually matters. No seriously. Think for a moment. Does profanity in a song REALLY matter if you’re not in some religious gathering where others’ll discriminate against you because of it? LoL

      You give the words their strength my friends. There’s worse in the world I can assure you that. Lighten up, audio virgins. Good Day.

      PS: I can’t imagine what Sonic will have for his next big adventure… I’m anxiously waiting to see how SEGA pulls it off. In the meantime though, mashups like this will suffice. Haha

    2. @Lis4Real25

      It’s still good though right? who knows maybe they could make that version soon but either way they’d both sound equally awesome 🙂 for now you cans till enjoy this one very epic mash up and it works well IMO!

  5. I already thought of the next song you should put for mash up mondays, do you take suggestions?

  6. LMAO this is just Brilliant 😀 works really well LOVE IT very nice we should have more mash ups on monday 🙂

  7. I always hated Rooftop Run AND the original version of this song. But this mashup is way better-sounding and much more fun!

  8. Haha this is Fantastic I love Rooftop Run (Both the original in Unleashed and Generations) This is a great remix haha GENIUS think I might do a mash up like this with a different theme/song from a Sonic game 🙂

  9. Wow, these work crazily well. I like the Classic version mash-up better, though. The Modern version sounds too weird, it’s too slowed-down. 😛

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