Crush 40 Currently Working on New Songs

Last year saw Crush 40 release a one-off single Song of Hope dedicated to the Japanese Tsunami disaster victims, which was the first new non-Sonic themed track since those that featured onΒ  Super Sonic Songs back in 2009. Many fans have been keen to see Jun Senoue and Johnny Gioeli team up once more in order to produce a full-blown Crush 40 album, the likes of which have not been seen since their self-titled album back in 2003 (which was a re-working of their album Thrill of the Feel from way back in 2000 when they went by the name ‘Sons of Angels’).

However, it looks increasingly like a new Crush 40 album may be in the works, with Senoue posting a teasing image on facebook and twitter with the statement:

“Just want to let you know the name of the songs we are currently working on. Yes, new Crush 40 songs! “

The new tracks look set to be titled Rise Again, One of Those Days, and Sonic Youth – the latter appears to give a nod to the Sonic Adventure title tracks, with the opening verses of “I’ve opened my heart, I’ve lived and learned”.

Hopefully we will have more information on any potential future releases very soon!

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  1. I mentioned this on FB, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the third line is “I’ve shown you what I’m made of.”

  2. What kind of gives me a hint and something to ponder…the lyrics to Sonic Youth have… “I’ve opened my heart, I’ve lived and learned….” Open Your Heart (Sonic Adventure main theme) and Live and Learn (Sonic Adventure 2 main theme). Anyone with me on that it might be a hint? Lol Sonic Adventure 3 maybe?

        1. first they make mention of a new direction a new “adventure” now this. i actually thought if they were gonna make sa3 theyd do it after generations. and its gotta be for a sonic game with those lyrics(if notsega would sue…jk) so yeah…SONIC ADVENTURE 3!!!!!!

          1. You also forget that Iizuka in one of 2010 interviews when asked about SA3 said “We dont have any plans for now” and in April 2011 in one of Generations interviews when asked the same question he answered “I cant comment on this for now”.

            So yeah something can be happening. But as much as I would love for SA3 to come out I doubt it will happen. I am just tired after 10 years of waiting for true Sonic Adventure 3 so I wont get my hopes up.

          2. I would have thought they’d make SA3 INSTEAD OF Generations. If they were gonna do it, the 20th anniversary of Sonic, and 10 years since SA2, would have been the perfect time, you’d have thought.

          3. If they ever make a Sonic Adventure 3 they better make all character playable such as they were on SA1! Just think about it *—*

  3. wow they copied my post from that comments section with that sonic contest where we had to say what sonic meant to us and my post was a runner-up!


  4. Someone’s already made a Sonic Adventure 3 comment on the lyrics of Sonic Youth…

    *le sigh*

  5. At first I though that Sonic Youth could be a rejected theme for Sonic Generations… It kinda fits…

  6. I’ve opened my heart, lived and learned, and shown you what I’m made of. In my world, there’s endless possibilities because I reach for the stars.β™ͺ ← Sonic should of had a main theme for Generations, and that should have been in it XD

      1. Thanks πŸ˜€ I just speak with my heart, and live life by consuming cookies people give me via the internet XD

          1. I find it amusing that I was eating a cookie and it left crumbs all over my laptop and I wiped them off right before reading your reply XD

  7. “I’ve opened my heart! I’ve lived and i’ve learned! And i’ve shown the world just what i’m made of!”

  8. Hmm.
    β€œI’ve opened my heart, I’ve lived and learned”…

    Does anyone else think that Sonic will end up nearly dying in the next game?

    1. It’s not like it’d be the worst that happened to him; remember Sonic 06? (and I meant in the story, not the overall quality of lack thereof of the game itself)

      1. It was way too cheap and dramatic.

        I want Sonic to die a very painful death. It would satisfy me |D *Contrary to what you might think, I love Sonic very much. Shadow is my favorite, but Sonic is a close second. I show love by way of torture*

        1. Well if you think about it, painful is usually slow, meaning resistance, and Sonic is a fighter. It would only make sense his death would be a slow painful one…Dear God that’s horrible actually, Sonic shouldn’t be dying in games, period. D:

          1. Meh, Chaos Emeralds will bring people back to life. Please no kissing this time (unless it’s Amy, which I could let pass). Cheap magical Mcguffins do EVERYTHING!

            …But you’re right, he fights so he would go slowly >:3

  9. I hope Sonic Youth means that they are reflecting on their Sonic themesongs as something they did in the past and that they are putting it behind them to move on.

    Which means that they can keep doing what they have been doing, which is staying away from making the themesongs to Sonic games :D. Now if only they could get rid of all the other vocal tracks too.

    1. I for one, hope that they come back to making more songs for the franchise. And why would they get rid of the other tracks? They worked hard on them.

      1. No I mean from here on out I hope that there are no more vocal tracks. I realize there are a lot of people who love the tracks, but it does dampen my enjoyability of the game. There simply isn’t a ‘no vocal tracks’ option in any of the games. I’d really appreciate it if that was the case but there isn’t. Since Crush 40 tends to make songs for compilations of the songs from the franchise, as well as seemingly are making their own album, I’d much rather SEGA keep the current trend of making a wider variety of catchier and IMO more creative music than the stale buttrock of yesteryear. I could do without vocal tracks from any band or singer though, its not just a case of Crush 40 being the exception here. I just don’t like vocal themesongs in Sonic games is what it boils down to.

        1. Well, the past few games, like o6, Unleashed, and Colors, kinda give that trade-off of an instrumental final boss theme, with the lyrical version saved for the end credits. I don’t mind that too much, but one does have to admit that Crush 40’s songs get you pumped up for those final bosses in the Adventure series.

          To be honest, Generations’ ending theme was forgettable (though the quality in general dropped after you beat Perfect Chaos); just a medley that we’ve pretty much heard before. I’d at least want something original to listen to while kicking back after beating the game.

          1. “but one does have to admit that Crush 40β€²s songs get you pumped up for those final bosses in the Adventure series.”

            Not to me they don’t, I don’t like any of their stuff.

            And yeah, having things left for the end credits instead I can tolerate I guess because I tend to just skip through those anyway unless there is a cutscene at the end. It’s still annoying to listen to but I can deal. I just don’t like hearing any of it in the games levels or boss fights. The last thing I want to hear as Knuckles, for example, is some dude rapping about Rouge. Or as Sonic I don’t want to hear about how I have to escape from a city with all the cheesiest lyrics imaginable. I’d much rather just focus on the game and listen to a solid game tune than a song that would much rather be on its own album outside of the game.

        2. ….you can mute it and play whatever music you want you know…..theyre not gonna change something just cause you dont like it…..

          1. And they don’t need to just add it because you like it. If you wanna hear Crush 40 in a Sonic game you can get their new album and play whatever songs off it you want you know :).

  10. New Crush 40 album would kick ass!

    And if one of song for this album is for next Sonic game then it will kick ass even more! I want more Crush 40 in my Sonic games

  11. Ooh, this is really exciting. I can’t wait!
    And, I’m wondering if Sonic Youth will be some sort of song dedicated to the history of the Sonic games…

  12. “I’ve opened my heart
    I’ve Lived and Learned.”

    Me: O.O… >>>:D
    Crush 40’s songs are my guilty pleasure…

    1. lyrics dude. not song title. could be anything. I have my doubts it’s anything realted to Sonic let alone SEGA. because they’ve done songs o their own.

  13. Sorry, Crush 40, Sonic Generations is already out. Lol πŸ˜€
    This makes me wonder what Sega has planed for the next few years…

  14. If anyone cares, you can see some of the lyrics to Rise Again and One of Those Days through the paper. Cranked up the contrast in photshop, here’s what they say: (Parts written as ******* were illegible)



    When you’re giving it your all but your thrown
    Remember this you are not alone
    When you bit off more than you can chew
    And ** the end of your rope *********



    I’m in a state of confusion **************
    I’m spinning round and ***********
    I tripped and fell in the **********

    ** like I’ve *******

  15. I have my doubts these are for SEGA.

    One of those days sounds like the “one of these days” by foo fighters even though it’s different…hmmmmmmm

  16. I was hoping that they did some kind of song in Generations where the lyrics referenced the names of the songs they made in the past. Something like,
    “When I ‘opened my heart’, I could then ‘live and learn’,
    to show ‘what I’m made of’; to be the ‘Heroes’ you deserve.
    I’ll ‘fight like a knigh’t to ‘Live Life’ as is.
    I’ll “never turn back” cuz I flow with the ‘wind’.”

  17. Sonic Youth= new sonic game?
    Sonic uses age defying lotion on his face to become CLASSIC SONIC

  18. I don’t think it’s something related to Sega. As someone said here, I think it’s just they thinking about what Sonic represented for them in their old days… their “Sonic Youth”.

    That or they could be working on a new Sonic game! IDK… lol.
    I mean, Colors had that high speed kinda punk rock theme.

    I just hope they come up with good storytelling embedded in the awesome gameplay they have been delivering. That’s what most of the fans miss from the Adventure series but are unable to pinpoint.

  19. Speaking of Jun Senoue and Crush 40, i got my signed soundtrack today πŸ˜€

    Check out what i got him to sign on mine :

    And here’s a pic with the guitar pick thingee and stickers for those that may want to see :

    The pick is the black thing resting on the case in the upper left.

    I just love the message with the signature, i think it was a brilliant idea personally, if not a bit cheesy *grins*

    I love these guys so much!! If it’s a new album, I’m ordering STRAIGHT-AWAY!!

  21. Bahaha, one comment about Adventure 3 and the troopers fall in to attack. You guys seriously need to learn some tolerance.

    Anyway I personally want some more Crush 40 love songs… I used to hate love songs because of the lack of a girlfriend but now I can express my feelings about her through my #1 favorite band of all who are linked to my childhood hero.

    There is no greater pleasure XD

  22. EEP! This is epic news πŸ˜€ I am even more proud than ever to be a Crush 40 fan with this amazing news πŸ˜€

  23. Exciting news! (Of course I am biased). Obviously I would love them to continue doing music for Sonic games, but I am much more excited to hear more original songs; “Is It You” is one of their best songs IMO. It’s a great year to be a Johnny Gioeli fan that’s for sure – new Crush 40 and new albums with Axel Rudi Pell (March 2012) and Hardline (Summer 2012).

  24. I just hope the final boss theme is better than Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors.

    Now the DS version of the music during the final fight where you use all the color aliens at once was a great song, and should have been the console version too during the pinch.

    The Unleashed music during the final boss was horribly orchestrated…

    So here is hoping the music for the final boss is as great as the ones used for Chaos and Biolizard.’

  25. How interesting! I’d love to get an album by them. It’s so interesting <3

    The last song is probably a homage, nothing more. Don't get too excited guys. I remain pessimistic to a point – if the game exceeds my expectations, that's great. If it doesn't, well, no disappointment. The same goes for songs and what they could possibly mean ^^

  26. Let us all hope that this is indeed a hint at Sonic Adventure 3!

    A full Crush 40 soundtrack like SA2’s would be unbelievable. *fingers crossed*

  27. Well, if I remember correctly, Sonic’s almost death, the most painful and realistic, besides 06, was Black Knight, when he was punished by The Dark Queen. I thought for a second he wasn’t gonna make it.. oh who am I kidding, we both knew how this would end! …

  28. Does this pic remind anyone else of the one poster from Tangled where they are peeking through the bushes?

  29. Well Guy’s, the problem with the whole “SA3” thing, is that the Adventure Saga ended. Shadow the Hedgehog may not have been SA3, but that is where the plot came to a closing. What I would want to see, is a whole new series of Sonic Adventure games. Maybe one could have “Sonic Youth” as the main theme.

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