Sonic Generations Statue Room Codes

A few weeks ago we posted about the secret Statue Room that is accessable in Sonic Generations by holding down select while in the Collection Room. The UK Sonic Generations site hints at codes being available from Marks & Spencer, but as of this point there has been no indication to how these are obtained.

According to Hogfather on the SSMB, the codes are printed on particular merchandise tags e.g. on T-Shirts and pants tags.

If you haven’t already scoured the internet to get the hacked codes (because that’s cheating, isn’t it?), then don’t worry, because the Japanese Generations site has begun to give out some of these codes!

The site allows access to codes for classic and modern Sonic and Tails, as well as Modern Eggman, while giving links to other codes or directions to items that need to be purchased to gather the other codes such as games magazines.

As many have already guessed, it does look like you will have to buy items in order to procure some of these codes . Maybe looking on the internet might be cheaper on your wallet…

Anyway, for those who don’t fancy clicking all the links, here are some of the codes that have been found so far:

Classic Sonic: 171 045

Classic Tails: 359 236
Modern Eggman: 613 282
Modern Sonic: 204 390
Modern Tails: 632 951
Sonic’s Friend’s: 249 651

283 015


Have you found any pass codes out in the wild? Let us know in the comments! (Please do not link to passcode sites…we are quite capable of googling this if we wanted to!)

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  1. Yeah tbh guys you’re better off looking on the internet, the whole set of codes was up just after launch…

      1. I wish I could put bets on what the first comments were going to be. I don’t think the article was even read in this case!

        1. Haha, we’ll have to make a thread for it eventually. You could lose the bet but even gain rep~

          1. @Hogfather No…It was directed at T-Bird, a thread for guessing whether or not the first commenter has read the post.

  2. I don’t have access to MARKS & SPENCERS or whatever so I got them from the internet but I unlock them gradually. For example I get to enter Classic Sonic code when I clear all acts with Classic Sonic, etc…


  3. I appreciate the effort SEGA went through, ARG’s like this can be fun. Hopefully they might do a less hackable one in the future because, when done properly, it does give a satisfaction of community effort/spirit/team-work.

    Still haven’t got round to it yet, but unless like 3 years pass without them all being found, I’ll only be using the codes that have been officially found.

  4. the full code for sonic generation use this link: (this also apply for Playstation 3)

    Shadzter edit: Link removed. Read the article.

      1. I do, of course. Words are in there because they’re meant to be read. That’s the point for an article to exist, to have useful info in it.

  5. That’s pretty cool. XP I wonder how long it’ll be until all the codes are out (officially of course). =O

  6. Really split down the middle on this one. I like to buy Sonic related goodies and if there are codes for in game stuff included it’s a bonus, but on the other hand you could always input them all now.
    Personally, I have been to the in game room but haven’t done anything with it

  7. So, yeah, um, Sonic 4 Episode 2…

    Kidding. The order of the statues is weird. You’ll know what I mean when you have them all.

  8. That’s great, people really need to learn to say legit and way patiently for the codes.

    Who am I kidding.

    Thanks anyway T-Bird!

  9. Unfortunatly I knew about the location of this room before this announcement however I too refused code entry till the officiall announcements here or elsewhere. I had many ideas go through my head about what downloadable content could be created for Generations as I absolutly loved this game. and idea was that youd download mini games much like how the casino night pinball is a minigame, but thesemini games would be similar to minigames from say Shuffle or secret rings Multiplayer and the stages the different minigames are set in are based on sonic levels from the past 20 years and most likely ones not seen yet within Generations. and as an added bonus for the download it would also input some more added statues for the statue room and the codes are gained from say getting a certain scoreon each of the minigames.

  10. Jazwares are making a commemorative Sonic Statue and on the box it says “Exclusive game codes inside!”. I’d put a link but you said not to.

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