Ken Balough Drops the First Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 2 Hint

Earlier today, Ken Balough of SEGA of America released the first cryptic clue to Sonic the Hedgehog 4:Episode 2. In his post on the SEGA forums, Balough wrote:

If youโ€™re an Episode II fan
I would go back to where the Sonic 4 Campaign first began
In a month filled with presents and Christmas hams
think of the day, the HMS Warrior first swam

Current theory is that this likely pertains to the date of December the 29th, the date on which a British ironclad warship under the name of HMS Warrior was launched in 1860. “Where the first Sonic 4 Campaign began” may relate to the SEGA blogs, where the first Episode 1 trailer was posted.ย  The riddle appears to yield no clue on the details of what the game may contain – we will be sure to bring you the details as soon as they come!

Have any theories of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. hmmm….Well back where it first began must mean we have to look closer at Episode I. Dec 29th might not relate to a “release” of anything, it might point to something in Ep. I. 1860 might have something to do with it too. I’m not sure, I’m just shooting at thin air

  2. The Sonic CD remake is being marketed as “How the Sonic 4 saga began”, which further hints at Metal Sonic appearing in Episode 2.
    The HMS Warrior’s first travel was on December 29, 1860.
    That must mean that there’ll be some sort of teaser on the 29th!

  3. Sonic The Hedgehog 2: Episode II’s first public demo will be released on December 29th and the playable level will be a Water level with ships and such referencing the day the HMS Warrior warship went into the ocean.

    1. Here is a check with my name and bank account number, write any number you want and i will pay it.

  4. to be honest & as much as I love riddles, I feel disappointed. I wasnt expectin anything big but I woulda liked 1 little tiny detail bout the game. either way Im still lookin forward to Ep II. I have a feelin things are gonna pick up & its gonna kickass.

  5. HMS warship… aka, a boat… a boat is used to travel the seas…
    The 29th of December… which means it’s after christmas… Sonic Rush Adventure 2: Sonic’s (After) Christmas Blast?

    Nah, I’m just guessing on a new trailer on the 29th. lulz

  6. oh joy. What a perfect FREAKIN’ Time for my MODEM WITH WIRELESS to go out. We hooked another one but it doesn’t have FREAKIN’ WIRELESS!

    considerin the warriors a boat, it’d be awesome if there were a boat level in the game thats sorta uniqueish

  8. ”Be warned Sonic! On December 29th I will be ready to unviel my latest and greatest plan!” “I have rebuilt and re-tooled Metal Sonic along with reviving my fallen Death Egg, this time you and your little two-tailed fox are MINE! BWAHAHAHAHA!”

    1. Not if I have anything to say about it! I’ve got the power of the Chaos Emeralds on my side!

  9. The only thing I make out of this is that we get a winter-level like Hill Top 1. This because of the mountains you see in level 1 of sonic 4, add a little snow and there you have it. Can’t wait to here more

  10. If youโ€™re an Episode II fan-us
    I would go back to where the Sonic 4 Campaign first began-a trailer?
    In a month filled with presents and Christmas hams-December
    think of the day, the HMS Warrior first swam-29th
    A trailer on December 29th?

    1. Sonic 4 Campaign began on Sega Blogs, calling it project needlemouse.

      Probably on december 29th we will have some information on Sega Blogs.

  11. Hmmm, intersting, I used to be able to solve riddles like all of you……but then I took an arrow to the knee.

  12. you imbisiles its ether a teaser or a demo for 360 and ps3 and im still waiting for sega to let us have a desert level like dust hill. i know what they mean by hms a final boss robotnik upgrades metal sonic with the super emeralds and becomes hyper metal sonic he goes haywire and starts to beat robotnik up and throw him down from the new death egg and super sonic or hopfully super tails go after him in the newly built death egg out in to dr eggman’s super secret underwater volocano base in space. but just like mrk 2 mecha sonic just malfunction and fall to earth were eggman/robotnik fall to angel island and agian fool knuckles and thats where ep 3 starts

  13. If youโ€™re an Episode II fan <– Don't know, no one's played it yet
    I would go back to where the Sonic 4 Campaign first began <– Ahh.. the JPop festival SEGA attended?
    In a month filled with presents and Christmas hams <– someone say ham?
    think of the day, the HMS Warrior first swam <– Unless the Warrior is Marine Raccoon's personal vessel, I can't think of that specific day..

  14. Hmmmm… interesting… well… as Metal Sonic was shown at Episode I’s end… he looked really… menacing, didn’t he? Metal will probably get a larger role this time around. I would hope there will be a trailer on the 29th…

    But wait, the Sonic 4 campaign technically started as a Project Needlemouse campaign… hmmm… interesting…

  15. …I’m in portsmouth. The HMS Warrior is like 15 minutes away…Must abandon christmas shopping and search for clues!

  16. jix said something interesting above, episode 2 fan and yet we havnt played it as its not out or done yet and yet when i read up the whole cryptic message, it says just episode 2 fan not saying sonic 4 episode 2 fan, so anything else that could be episode 2? perhaps even a film, the obvious episode 2 film could be star wars which funny enough connects star wars with the recent release of star wars old republic. but meh im wrong i think.

        1. Hmmmm… but I don’t think they’re refering to Star Wars… I think the Hyper Metal Sonic theory or Teaser Trailer on the 29th theory could be it.

  17. My theory is…that Ken Balough is a poopy pants D:<
    What kind of riddle is this! Well…yes its a riddle but no fair! It should be a better riddle. Watch it be the easiest answer ever and we all facepalm when we get the answer

  18. Splash Hill, Water, Ship, December 29th, 1860, 2 + 4 = 8 or 2 and 4 is 24th December. January 1st 2012 is 8 days away from 24th of December. 1992,11,24 or 1965,9,17….. Damn a black hole seems to have appeared… Thanks Paradox…. Oh, shame the Robotniks/Eggmans are trapped in time…. Thought I’d point that out :0

  19. I wonder if the ” go back” has something to do with time travel. It seems to be a big thing in Sonic games this year.Maybe we will see a Sonic that is between Classic and Modern? Like a Half modern Half classic Sonic to show his progression into the green eyes Sonic. I also seem to recall a while back, Ken talking about Tails and Knuckles and why they were not even in episode 1… as Doc Brown would say, ” great Scott!”.

  20. *AHEM* Didn’t Sonic 4 episode 1 have a clue countdown? Maybe we’re getting another one this time.

  21. So this latest effort so far is an announcement of an announcement of a riddle that’s probably an announcement in itself of an announcement.

    The question is, can Sega keep this combo going? I’m going to say yes.

  22. or people who STILL dont get it
    remember the trailors for sonic CD port? its tag line was “see where the sonic 4 saga began” its hinting that metal sonic will be a protagonist. HMS 29th of december a trailer and/or demo will appear.
    it wasnt that hard to figure out :L:L:L

  23. WAIT! When it says “I would go back to where the Sonic 4 Campaign first began” and the Sonic Cd trailer says see where the Sonic 4 Saga began……you would have to go back in time in Palmtree Panic and look for hints!!!

  24. Maybe it’s something sentimental to sonic, as that would be sentimental to us as, just looked it up, HMS Warrior was the largest warship in the world, at the time. (thanks hms warrior official site :D)!

  25. 29th december is my birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ it be a great present to havea sonic 4 epsode `2 but im gonna be greatful to wht i get ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. How about this for a S4 Ep2 story. An exhausted Sonic decides to rest upon his defeat of Dr Robotnik (end of S4 Ep1), unaware that Metal Sonic is closing in. Metal Sonic takes Sonic by suprise and steals the chaos emeralds. Metal Sonic then throws a dazed Sonic over a cliff. Sonic’s death is iminent……………………………………………

    Then Sonic heres a massive thud and Metal Sonic starts falling over the same cliff as well thanks to Miles ‘Tails’ prower’s intervention. Tails crashed his ‘tornado’ plane into Metal Sonc sending him over the cliff. Tails jumps out of the plane (which crashes and explodes) and uses his flying ability to save Sonic’s life.

    A badly injured Metal Sonic is saved by the protection of the chaos emeralds which merges with his robotic body. ‘Awesome Metal Sonic’ is born.

    1. …I love your idea. Though I would’ve started the story with a scene showing Tails flying his airplane, it would’ve made more sense, than having Tails pop out of nowhere with his crashed airplane. ๐Ÿ˜›

  27. I am surprised at all the “Be patience, you impatient brat” comments.

    SEGA wants people to be excited about the game
    People are being excited about the game
    Therefore, the game is so far, a success

    …lol. So to the people saying “be patient”, why don’t you just fuck off 8D

  28. Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic collects six Chaos Emeralds and defeats Doctor Robotnik.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Sonic meets Tails, collects seven Chaos Emeralds, discovers Super Sonic, defeats Silver Sonic and defeats Robotnik again, blowing up his Death Egg with it.

    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles: Sonic and Tails fly to Angel Island where Knuckles stuns Super Sonic and steals the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic and Tails regather the seven Chaos Emeralds and chase Knuckles and Robotnik all the way to the Hidden Palace where Robotnik double-crosses Knuckles and steals the Master Emerald, so Knuckles sides with Sonic and Tails, Sonic goes all the way through Death Egg Zone and stops Eggman in space as Super Sonic, brings back the Master Emerald and restores Angel Island.

    Sonic CD: Sonic has to travel back and fourth through time in order to restore the world to its former glory, meeting Amy on the way who gets kidnapped by Robotnik’s creation “Metal Sonic” that is eventually destroyed by Robotnik himself, Sonic collects the Time Stones and beats Robotnik, restoring hope to the land.

    Sonic 4 Episode 1: Robotnik is on the loose and Sonic must chase him down and defeat him again.

    Sonic 4 Episode 2: Well, let’s hope it’s got a lot more depth than the previous Episode ๐Ÿ˜

    1. Actually:

      Sonic 4 Ep 1: Sonic runs his way through reminiscent zones to catch up with Robotnik’s retooled inventions, finally chasing him down to space and confronts him in his retooled Egg Mech. He destroys the final, in construction version of the Death Egg, now called the EGG Station.

      Sonic 4 Ep. 2: Sonic (and presumably Tails) team up once more and defeat Eggman’s new version of Metal Sonic.

  29. It would be pretty awesome if it showed the transition of Metal Sonic to Neo Metal Sonic in this. Then this ending would lead to Sonic Heroes, and a Sonic Heroes 2 will be made xD

  30. I find it interesting how they released Sonic CD and kept the teaser for Tails at the end meaning he could be in episode 2!

    No I’m just overthinking, but it is possible.

  31. Lets just hope that if it is a trailer, that it wont only be like 5 seconds just showing an outline of metal sonic or something. I want to actually see something exciting for once

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