Jun Senoue’s Guitars at ESP

Many of you will know and recognise some of Jun Senoue‘s signature custom guitars – most notably the Sonic guitar that has visited two Summer of Sonic events (and some of you have been honoured enough to hold!). The Sonic guitar is but one of many guitars in Senoue-san’s arsenal of axes, and you can now check all of these out on ESP Guitar’s Japanese site.

The lineup includes the George Lynch custom with the Nascar-esque decals that has featured throughout the early days of Crush 40 and on many album inserts, to the 24-fret Shadow “tattoo” guitar that helped bring the heavier tones to the Shadow the Hedgehog title.

The site also includes videos taken at the Crush 40 live in Tokyo gigs.

Check out the guitars here!

Thanks to ibodd0 from JunSenoue.com for the link!


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  1. I have an ESP guitar… just not a SONIC ESP guitar…. WHY MUST THEY COST SO MUCH!! ;__; lol

  2. I LOVE that Black Knight guitar. Oh hey, Crush 40 uploaded I AM… ALL OF ME & NEVER TURN BACK from the Japan Concert.

  3. I wish I could order prints/stickers of the Black Knight patterns, would look BA on my acoustic

  4. Man.. I’m in love with those Jasperwood and Koa-Maple guitars.. the tone must be really off the wall on those…

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