Fleetway’s Sonic the Comic Set For Re-Release

TSSZ News have reported on the emerging of the possibility that the original Sonic stories, which first appeared in the UK based Fleetway Sonic the Comic will be re-published in the near future.

Joe Schumaker from the Sonic Zone has recently posted on the site with regards to recent communications between himself and SEGA. The Sonic Zone, which until recently hosted the comics online, have now removed all the comics from their site in order to prevent damage to any future sales.  However, many fans will be pleased with the potential prospect of seeing these classic stories, first seen way back in 1993, hitting the shelves once more.

However, no details are currently available as to when and how these comics will be published. We will, as always, keep you updated!

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  1. The return of Sonic the Dick. Personally I wouldn’t mind seeing a Sonic game starring StC Sonic because we all want that personality in one of the games. Right? Who doesn’t love Sonic being a complete dick to Tails when he states the obvious?

  2. Sweet.

    I never really cared much about StC, but they did have some pretty cool ideas. I’d love to read it, provided I have the money for it… Well, if they released it in trade format (and not be greedy and have only like, 3 issues per trade), maybe I’d be able to. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  3. @Nickyy
    Agreed. It’d be nice to be able to read through a different interpretation of Sonic besides the Archie comics. I’ve heard some people discussing them, and I’m kind of interested.

  4. One way (a Fleetway/STC app on smart phones) or another (re-releasing, maybe even in 3-5 collectors books) it’s bound to happen

  5. Hopefully this rings true as I missed a lot of the early comics and many of my comics smell like smoke because my dad was a smoker. It would be cool if they are released in a Sonic Archive format, like Archie are doing.

  6. a re-release on the uk sonic the comics? HELL YEAH! i can’t wait to read em in the future

  7. I only ever owned ONE of these back in the day, I guess now I can try and complete the set! Hey, how many are there by the way?

  8. Sega had better be wise this time and make sure that America doesn’t miss out on these comics, perhaps release them over here in graphic novel format?

  9. i’ve been crying out for this for years; sonic’s world, which featured at the start of every comic, is the best sonic story arc i’ve ever come across, Sega should have followed this storyline closely, sonic games going into dreamcast and other formats would have been 10x better because of it. i’ll be keeping a close eye on this! Richard Elson & Nigel Kitching FTW!!!

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