Watch Dreadknux Unbox The Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition

Want to see what the amazing Sonic Generations Collector’s Edition contains? Well, let us give you a little tour! TSS’ very own Dreadknux was invited to SEGA’s offices to film an unboxing video. He clearly loved the package, and for those of you in the US this might be the closest you can get to one so be sure to give it a good watch.

Source: SEGA Blog

Thanks to SSMB member VizardJeffhog for the heads up!

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      1. Ditto and I’m WAY down here in Miami, Fl. $189 oh so VERY well spent. Anyone know how long it’ll take to ship from Australia?

        1. $189? I got mine for $129 from I ordered one of each system, and both says they have shipped… When does Amazon take my money? I’m kind of worried that something might not go through and I won’t get my Collector’s Editions…. But, if I do, it’ll be November 23rd! Glad I bought the game with gamestop credit already….

  1. I find unboxing videos are kind of like spoilers (and also not nearly as exciting as you doing it yourself), so I won’t watch this.

    My copy just got dispatched from Amazon. Despite fears and tantrums on the forums, Amazon have sent it in time for day of release… funny, that.

    1. I spoke to them about this, they said all order should be showing as dispatched by later this evening, and if not to contact them to check, re-assured me that my order was allocated though, and considering I ordered it on the 31st when they listed a few more bits of stock, I was pretty relieved!!

      1. I’m glad to hear that. I put my order down back mid September and it’s still showing “dispatching”. Apparently not getting it until 7th-9th though =/

          1. I take a little comfort in the fact that I’m not the only one who’s getting this problem with amazon!

          2. The email I just got from Amazon after giving them another call:

            “Hello James,

            I’ve checked your order # 026-4726123-******** and we’re still waiting for the following item(s) to be delivered to us by our supplier .

            We still expect to deliver your order by the date listed in Your Account: Nov 4.

            Once your order is sent you’ll receive an e-mail confirming the date, contents and method of delivery.

            If you don’t get your e-mail confirmation by Nov 5 please let us know by replying to this e-mail and we’ll investigate.”

            Doesn’t really help if it doesn’t arrive on time!

          3. Considering a lot of people on the forums, including myself have had their copies shipped out, “we’re still waiting for the following item(s) to be delivered to us by our supplier .” is a load of bullshit.

            I wouldn’t worry too much just yet, i’ve had things update with tracking information in the early hours of the morning.

          4. Mine just updated to “dec 16th”. is out of copies, and they’re not certain whether they’ll get more…. Sons of bitches overextending themselves….

    1. In what way, exactly, does he sound like Wheatley? Wheatley is voiced by Stephen Merchant, who comes from the west of Britain around the Bristol area and has an accent that is mainly associated with farmers, while Svend has more of an Essex-London (East Anglia) tone about him – apart from the vague connection that it Britishness, they sound virtually nothing alike.

      As a base for comparison, it would be like an Englishman saying that a Texan farmer and a New York cab driver sound the same. Sorry for ranting, but it really gets my goat that people are just too damned ignorant to research accents properly – or even LISTEN to them properly enough to see that they aren’t as simple as merely the country that the speaker is from.

  2. I’m so gutted that I’m not getting the collectors edition, I wanted it so badly but amazon sold out to soon <:(
    At least I'm getting the game anyway… *sniff*
    I'll wait till ebay sells it cheaper T^T

  3. still waiting for amazon to dispatch mine.emailed them today because they were meant to dispatch it today.all i got back was that it should arrive between the 6th and 9th nov as planned.

  4. Not sure why I allowed myself to watch this, now I’m even more jealous. Oh well, on behalf of all of us in the US, enjoy 🙂

  5. I was going to say “Lucky” then I remembered that it was Dreadknux.

    Lucky :U

    I enjoy unboxing videos, thanks Dreadknux.

  6. hey guys ! just one more nite and we’ll touch the heaven lol
    it may looks stupid, but i noticed one thing, Generations’ price will be nearly 50€ ( in france lol ) i don’t know exactly what’s the price in UK & US, but PS360 games are usually at 70€, so i was asking myself if there will be DLC or not
    does somebody know something about tit

  7. Thanks for sharing this unboxing video. Nice to see how much care and detail went into it.
    Although its a bummer that the US won’t receive the CE. Its still an awesome game on its own.

  8. I’ve received my Sonic Generations today one day before the release date. It’s a shame I cancelled my Xbox 360 Collector’s Edition pre-order. Oh well, I made one lucky person happy by them getting their own Collector’s Edition. 😀

  9. I’m getting the Collector’s Edition tomorrow little did I know that Shopto delievered it earlier today while I was away D: so it’s being redelievered but this is when things get worse they could deliever it anytime tomorrow ANY time and I’m away for the first few hours I pray that I get back quickly before they get there first… :/

  10. Whatever happened to that site? I’ve been watching their Sonic Generations Collectors Edition page like a hawk and they never opened up preorders… Did they sell out while I was sleeping?

    1. It’s been like that since I first noticed them listing it over a month ago. I can only assume that they must have been taking pre-orders before I noticed they were listing it and sold out pretty quick. If you’re still after the Collector’s Edition, Amazon Germany (they ship worldwide) and Grainger Games still have PS3 copies left.

  11. Mine still stated £85.52 as opposed to the £75.?? that was posted :/ So, I guess the 75 was for PS3 not Xb0x? or did I get jipped?

  12. It’s not fair… I wanted to unbox this first… me!

    Oh well at least mine is on it’s way now HOORAY!

  13. my xbox copy got reduced to £75.maybe you should contact whoever you bought it from. also how long does it take to process a dispatch amazon.take your time why don’t you.

      1. Yes, you need special codes. you unlock all these epic statues of sonic, allies, rivals, enemies, and gimicks! Just search “Sonic Generations Trophy Room Codes” and you will eventually fin a site that has them.

        1. Interestingly, SEGA have gone very hush-hush about these codes. They deleted the topic on their forums with their codes. I wonder if they planned to give out the codes online over the next year or so, which is a pretty cool idea. Which of course falls flat on its face when you consider the codes can be easily extracted by “hackers” – should have hashed them or something. I’m going to play by their rules, though. I won’t put in any codes before it’s revealed how it’s going to work. It’ll give me an excuse to go back to the game.

        2. Oh wow! I completed every missions with an S rank and collected all of the Red Special Rings and musical notes, but I had no idea that this existed! Thanks!

  14. I know this is off topic but

    Who can get onto their online steam account? I can on the desktop one but the online one is being stupid even when i put in the corect things.

    Oh and i pre loaded an pre ordered sonic generations

  15. I am waiting for ma copy of this and i hope i get it tomorrow, I haven’t been sure when it will come thanx to the site were i per-order it. I have already paid for it so i hope i get it:/

    1. There’s 12000? Where did you hear that, I’ve been wondering how many there were? Btw, is the statue numbered as well? I’m still waiting for mine (Supposed to be in the 17th) so I have no clue about anything lol.

  16. The site were i per-other my copy do sent seems like they now when it will be released. It say release on November 2011 but not more:( I so want my copy >_<

  17. You lucky son of a gun! Oh, if only SEGA would have been cool to release the Collector’s Edition in the U.S. Oh, if only I found some way to get this… Oh, wait… I Did! XD

    Thanks for the import websites. I finally have myself a Sonic Collector’s Edition! I got the game already and beat it, but still. 😀

    Now, if only I could get plane tickets for the next Summer of Sonic… or if they could… I don’t know… have a Sonic convention in New York?

    Just a thought… 😀

  18. “Hello,

    We regret to inform you that the following items have been delayed as we are still awaiting stock from our suppliers :

    “Sonic Generations – Collector’s Edition (Xbox 360)”
    Estimated arrival date: December 16 2011

    One of Amazon’s aims is to provide a convenient and efficient service; in this case, we have fallen short. Please accept our sincere apologies.”


    1. Yepp, that happened to me too (-_-). I cancelled my order and got it at the German amazon. I won’t be getting it this week but at least it’s better to get it a week late as opposed to 5.. I at least have uncharted 3 to keep me busy for an other week, not to mention a lot of games that I haven’t finished yet =). still a bummer though =/

        1. So did I. I pre-ordered and cancelled this thing about like 8 times from 4 different stores just to find the sweetest deal and get it on time, but no.. ironic isn’t it.. (Sonic: Strange isn’t it xD)

      1. Me too…. Well…. It says december 15th… but still…. I’m afraid I might not even get it. That they’ll cancel it on me D:

  19. I’ve got ‘Sonic Generations’ Collectors Edition and ‘Uncharted 3’ Explorer’s Edition from my local ‘Game’ store last night and a subway sandwich too. The front of the Sonic box looked like the album cover of 80’s icon Dayrl Hall and John Oats. Looked at the doco while eating my Subway, downloaded ‘Casino Night’ DLC then played THE game…oh soo gooood, waaaay past cool. And I was paranoid not to touch the ‘gold ring’ cause it might disappear like in the game.

  20. I had mine preordered since they announced it in Australia through gametraders but when I went to pick it up, they told me that their supplier denied them copies and had Palmed the limited ed. “3D cover one” off instead!!

  21. First I was elated to learn about the set.
    Later, I was enfuriated that it was EU and AUS exclusive
    Next, I grieved at the very idea of having to import
    Then, despite my financials, I just ordered the damn thing
    Now, (or rather yesterday I should say) JB HiFi confirmed my order shipped and
    Soon, I’ll be making shelf space for my own collector’s edition: Region exclusivity be DAMNED!

    Quite a treat to see, especially the scale of it all. Great googamooga is that box BIG!

  22. Okey, so I haven’t received my copy of the CE yet, and I resorted to contacting amazon in regards to this issue. It seems there has been a delay, and that I will receive the game on the 16th of november. Furthermore, the replier went out of his or her way(perhaps it’s just standard procedure; who knows?) to inform me, that if I’m not satisfied with this scenario, I’m more than welcome to cancel my order. Did they overextend themselves, and sell more copies than they actually had? I certainly hope not…

  23. got mine last night too, had to go to the post office depot to pick it up! i was dancing around like a kid on too much sherbert (i’m 25) when i got in and took out the box! then the mrs said it was meant to be an xmas pressie and i shouldn’t open it, finally convinced her she can get me batman for xmas instead! xD

    i spent very careful minutes opening and examining the contents of the box, it was a good half hour until i got to the game! ring number was 9850/12000, weren’t too impressed with the material of the statue though. potential spoiler: no sonic 1 or 2 music on the disc, most disappointed!

    kudos to grainger games for dispatching this a day early! 😀

    ps can you set the difficulty mode? i was too eager to get going on the game to look, and i got S rank on all acts i played of the first 3 levels, a couple of them potentially undeserved i reckon!

    didn’t want to ruin the game by blazing most of it in one go, so i’ve left the next lot of levels til tonight! WOOOOOOO!

  24. This literally makes me cry. I can’t believe they’re completely sold out everywhere. I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life. ;~;
    Please SEGA, make it more widely available here. Only a handful of websites sell it. Not counting eBay where it’s being sold for way over the RRP…

    Guess I’m gonna have to settle for the standard edition today, and wait for it to come back in stock on 360 somewhere… Hopefully I’ll be able to find one for Christmas…

  25. MY COLLECTORS EDITION IS ON MY WAY TO ME NOW :D!! Currently loaded in a van in Maidstone which was at 8, so should be here soon I hope :D!! So exciteddd

  26. My copy is already dispatched!!!! I ordered standart edition due lack of money but I DON’T CARE I just want to play this freaking game! Bad thing is that next week I have school and I was sick so it looks like I will be forced to do all my backlog and clear old Exams with SG on my desk looking at me and saying “PLAY ME”. Yep this will be hard time….

  27. Damn you…..

    I just received an email elaborating that: “I’m really very sorry to hear that the we were unable to accommodate the delivery of this item “Sonic Generations – Collector’s Edition (PS3)” at the moment.

    We have many customer ordering for this item, and it has proven to be a very popular item, and due to an increasing demand, the first batch of the stock has already been exhausted. As you might be knowing all the orders at are fulfilled as quickly as possible on a first-come, first-served basis.

    We can certainly understand that this was not what you expected when you placed your order and this was in no way intentional. In addition to our large selection, one of the benefits we’d like to offer our customers is convenience, and I realise that we have not met that standard in this case.

    Please be advised that I have contacted our buying team with regard to this delay and they are currently looking into it. Once we receive any update on the order status you will be notified immediately.

    Rest assured, we are trying hard to gather the inventory of this item for you. We rely on the suppliers for up-to-date information regarding the availability of this item and unfortunately, that’s all we have to go by.”

    I’m hoping to God, that this game reaches my address at some point… I can’t believe they would sell copies, they didn’t actually have. It’s beyond me… So dissapointed in them… And aside from this, it sounds like they’re encouraging me to cancel my order, as if they’re certain they can’t get a hold of more copies…

    1. Yeah, I know right! Felt the same way. My tip to you is to cancel your order there and buy at I will get mine next Friday. Directly when I got my mail I cancelled and ordered there instead. 🙂 seems to have a lot left for PS3 at least. Tough it seems they only have 3 360 copies left, so if you are buying that version you might want to hold on to your order at

  28. I took photos of it and uploaded them to facebook when I took mine home the other day. Doing the exactly same thing, step by step. haha. Some people were pretty jelly =D

  29. My collector’s edition is on it’s way. Well sort of.It arrived at the yodel service in my town at 5 this morning.And now it’s being rerouted to another courier, even though their service centre is in the trading estate opposite me.Furthermore I don’t even know who their using as couriers now or where it’s being sent.:(

  30. I still can’t stress it enough how disappointed i am that it never came to U.S. really pissed actually.

  31. I didn’t get the German version, because if you notice the text when you zoom in on the picture of Sonic Generation Collector’s edition you can see it’s in German. Same goes for the French amazon, the text is in French.

    Also, I think still has some collector’s editions left:

    I’m in the U.S. so I don’t know when this will get to me (it already says shipped); I’m so hoping in the next couple weeks ;__;

  32. well at least the uk gets this and not america. it’s about time sega treats the uk sonic fans right 😀
    don’t forget your ring so u won’t die XD

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