Sum-Up… Tuesday?: “We We We So Excited” Edition

Yeah, I totally forgot about Sum-Up Sunday this week, and judging by the title I don’t even know what day it is today (although if you’re in the UK, it makes perfect sense)! But that won’t stop us from rounding up last week’s news, just a little later than normal.

Sonic Generations

Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games didn’t see much news… apart from a new trailer showing footage of some of the new events.

The Other Stuff

Finally, some kid called Svend put his green echidna sprite on a webpage for the first time eleven years ago. To celebrate, he decided to talk about what happened this year, instead! Silly boi.

So that’s it for what happened last week. Let us know what you thought of the week’s news, and the Sum-Up will be back this Sunday. Promise…

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  1. Why do your headlines regularly have snippets of D12 lyrics from like 10 years ago?

    …I can dig it.

    1. They might do, but probably not in such an abrupt way as “Sonic Generations 2”. They might do a “continuation”, as they did with the adventure series > heroes. Or they might use elements from the game for later games…

      Or they might decide to do something completely different, but still AWESOME.

    2. I don’t think there will be a Generations 2, but the hype and positive reception behind the game can only get people interested in Sonic again, so this will hopefully boost the ‘hog’s profile.

      1. Actually…its been said that they WONT be doing another Generations game because it was a anniversary exclusive….reading the description of Sonic Dimensions…sonic might go back to being mediocre (casual gamer style)

  2. U no the shadow boss battle…. SEGA should make sonic adventure 3 and have shadow able to boost like he does in sonic generations!!!! that would be cool and have super shadow or make a Sonic 2006 2 but have it Sonic 2012 and have sonics gameplay like it is,Shadows like sonics but harder and silvers like star wars the force unleashed sort of or have a game when sonic and amy have 2 kids named Sonic Jr. and rossy that would be AWSOME!!!!!!!!!

  3. AWESOME 😀 Loving these some ups great to catch up

    I CAN’T WAIT FOR FRIDAY the best DAY EVER Perfect day to release Generations!

    2 More days >_>

  4. Hey I’ve gotta question has anyone ordered their Generations Collector’s Edition via base and if so have they shipped your’s yet? As it’s now Thursday and mine’s still pending… I hope it arrives on time :s (p.s how reliable are

  5. Mine’s still not dispatched from Amazon. Knew I should have left it on Super Saver Delivery. Not gonna change it now though just in case I lose my allocation or some crap!

    1. Mine’s not been dispatched either, on the order status thing it says its in the middle of dispatch and was estimated to have left yesterday. I contacted Amazon about it but they don’t know why there’s been a problem here and I’m waiting to hear back to see if I’ll actually get it this side of the weekend. Is there anyone else with this problem at all?

  6. On a side note hopefully with generations Time travelling escapades, we can have a bit of a Hedgehog Universe Reboot, with Egg-man’s return to the Robotnik name, maybe a Sonic Model halfway between Modern and Classic Sonic, the Return of some Classic zone areas near Station Square ya know a fusion of the two universes and actual badniks again instead of Egg Pawns and freakin special zones lol

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