Sonic Generations Plummets in This Week’s UK Sales Chart

It seems Sonic’s 20th Anniversary game Sonic Generations just can’t compete with the many other big name titles released this month. In the top 40 All Formats chart this week, Sonic Generations plummeted from No.21 to No.37, down 16 spots from last week, while in the top 40 Individual Formats chart, the game is nowhere to be found.

In the top 40 Xbox 360 chart, Sonic Generations has dropped from 12th to 23rd, and in the top 30 PS3 chart, the game is down from 9th to 16th.

As for Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games on Wii, things looks much better. With just two days of sales behind it, Mario & Sonic’s latest mash-up entered the top 40 All Formats chart at No.20, the top 40 Individual Formats chart at No.23 and the top 40 Wii chart at No.4.

We’ll see next week if the release of the Nintendo 3DS and retail PC versions of Sonic Generations this Friday can give the game a lift in the charts.

Source: Chart Track

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    1. Nothing went wrong, well, only the fact there are bigger games coming out. :/ Busy year for gamers.

        1. “Everyone already has it” huh? Lol, where is your logic? If other games are willing to last much longer on the charts than a game that just came out, how is it that EVERYONE has it?

        2. No, not everyone.

          Don’t forget about PC retail version release this friday. That’s when I go and buy it.

    2. what went wrong? Gamers and kids today love shooters and want more realistic games, because cartoon ones are too childish according to them even though ive just seen Kids at the moment love and buy modern warfare.
      I have a older bro who refuses to play anything colourful all he plays is Shooters, he always says Mario sucks, sonic sucks etc too.

      Gaming has just changed, back in the day the mascot character was one the big hit titles . now…. its just bland, dull, repetive, realistic, end of the world setting shooters.

      1. I simply don’t undesrstand why realsitic shooters are so popular – I play games so I can escape real life & enjoy moments that can never be replicated in real life, not to re-live it! That’s probably why I enjoy most media from Japan since they aren’t infested with realistic WWII-styled games, & even if they have shooters, they are completely surreal (e.g. Sin & Punishment 2).

        There are only a few “realistic” games I admire & that’s the Metal Gear series & (possibly) Tekken, & even they’re not that realistic.

        1. I thought video games were a way to escape real life too. That’s my main beef with shooters like CoD; they’re bringing in real life into video games! >.<

  1. I’m a sonic fan, and can’t say it really deserved much, but I expected it to do better than this.

  2. it was sandwiched between call of duty, uncharted 3, assassin’s creed revelations, super mario 3d land, skyward sword, i figured this would happen. Releasing it later would’ve been smarter, or maybe a bit sooner

      1. SEGA should’ve released this game later. Probably 3-5 months later. SEGA could’ve added like 2 more levels or something, and by that time, people will still be playing MW3, people wont be playing Skyrim/Revaltions/Uncharted 3/3D Land/Skyward Sword, believe me.

        Also, I believe Sonic Generations Wii would’ve sold wayyyyyy more than the PS360 versions COMBINED. Sonic’s popularity mostly comes from Nintendo consoles. If Sonic Generations was released for Wii, with the 3ds stages, and updated colors graphics, SG Wii would’ve been a HIT! Lol i would say more, but im tired. ;P

        1. Won’t be playing Skyrim? Have you played an Elder Scrolls game?

          Sonic games do sell better on the Wii, but Generations’ total preorders broke Colors’ record. So I have my doubts about your statement having any sort of accuracy behind it.

          1. Well, here’s to put this in perspective…
            Mario and Sonic 2012, Wii version ONLY, sold more this week than BOTH versions of Generations combined.
            That’s troubling, considering that M&S isn’t even a “proper” Sonic game, and it’s exclusive to the Wii (3DS version coming next year).
            Another thing: the Wii is a good console to do reboots of franchises. Examples: New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land. And in my opinion, the Wii remote fits like a glove into what Sonic Generations wants in terms of control. (sideways: classic Sonic, upright: modern Sonic)

          2. @A

            ” New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land.”

            None of those are reboots… Nor is Generations for that matter. If anything they’re all celebratory sequels. Two of them even have “Return” in the title which suggests that there is history there. That said, it’s less that they are reboots and more that they are Nintendo characters, who have a much larger and far more loyal fanbase along with more appeal to kids.

            Generations is a rather niche title appealing more to prior fans of the series whose numbers have been dwindling lately with a slight pick-up thanks to Colors and the DS games being mostly good. It’s not even going to come close to the numbers of a Kids Sports Game on the Wii with Mario AND Sonic in it which is more a problem with the Wii’s main user-base than anything else. ( I say Problem meaning it affects games sales in an odd way, not that kids shouldn’t play games or that the games aren’t any good.)

            The reasons Sega had behind Generations being an HD title for the PS3 and 360 were sound as there are more core gamers on those consoles and they were their target audience for this game. It also allowed them to make a very pretty game rather than struggling to make a pretty game with the Wii’s old technology. Releasing it on the Wii would have undermined the game’s focus. The history of Sonic for the fans, especially the fans they’ve lost over the last few games.

            While the large Wii install base may have helped shift a few more units, it would most likely have made the entirety of the project a tad worse. Besides, they’re going to make money selling Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games on the Wii, I get the idea that Generations was more of a labor of love to rekindle the Sonic flame under the fans hearts.

            And GOD no. The Wii Remote does NOT fit Sonic games. I believe that has been demonstrated already. I played Colors with a Classic Pro and had a much better time with it. If DLC shows up for Generations, (not including Casino Night) I would quite like to see a WiiU Gold Edition of some sort however. I’m very interested to see what could be done with that WiiU Controller. (Providing it doesn’t take you away from the action on the main screen, it could be good)

  3. Christmas, nuff said ‘We witnessed hell….. when you were gone…….. This evil rises….. Sonic must come back…… he will, ………. he will.


  4. It was unwise to release the game at the time that it was…
    Perhaps holiday hype is what this game needs to sell!
    Some DLC couldn’t hurt, either. (Seriously, I got the platinum trophy within a week of the game’s release, I can’t help but feel that it needs something more.)
    Wait, the statue room…
    Jet, Big, and Omega. The game might as well be getting a whole new era’s worth of content. Now what could these hero and dark chao possibly mean…

    1. I am not a hater because they didnt do a Wii port. I have the 360 version, and i am getting the 3ds version tommorow. I am just stating my opinion. Besides, Sonic has never really been popular on Ps3/360. Those systems are for the hardcore gamers, and Sonic just doesnt seem to fit in that much. I still hope SG sells well, otherwise SEGA just lost a shit load of money on all the time they put into this game.

      1. I wasn’t critizing you, I was talking about how Iizuka said that there won’t be a Wii version because they wanted to reimagine the stages in HD graphics, but he missed his chance for sales for doing that :B

          1. Oh, no, I knew you weren’t criticizing me, I was just saying I wasn’t a hater 😛 I see what you mean now, and I agree with you.

      2. To Ricardo

        ,,Hardcore gamers”? I am 14 and I’m NOT hardcore gamer. I play hardly no shooter, all my games on PS3 are platformers. But I’m proably an exepction. I wish gamers didn’t call platformers as a ,,Sh**y” games :/

        1. The times have changed…
          And Ricardo, I see your points, but it still would have benefitted SEGA to release a Wii version, even if it was a watered down version like Unwiished. I’ve seen many people who have Sonic games for Wii, but not for 360/PS3, though they also have those systems. In fact, the ONLY things I’ve ever seen on those consoles is either Call of Duty or Halo. (Quite limited, I know).
          Finally, I wouldn’t have really had a problem with them not releasing the game on the Wii, but they PROMISED us last year that it would be on that platform. I had high hopes… that were destroyed.

  5. Problem is too many people like shit games like skyrim and cod and mw3 all shit crappy bullshit games

    1. I can accept Uncharted 3 being crap.

      But for the love of Mobius don’t you DARE call Skyrim crap D:

    2. I agree, COD and MW3 are both extremely overrated. Not sure about Skyrim, though, I don’t know much about it.

    3. STOP HATING!!! For love of god everyone is allowed to have it’s own opinion!! Really! Think about it why in the world there are different generes of the games? Because there will be some people that like platformers and other people will like shooters. World would be boring if everyone was the same.

  6. GAME have been pissing me off lately, as all they can think about is MW3, BF3 and Skyrim! WHERE IS SONIC GENERATIONS TO THEM!!!!! DX

  7. Mario and Sonic only sold more because its a casual title and has Mario in it lol. Sonic Generations hit #10 in its first two days and on its first whole week was #21, and that was during the biggest week of gaming retail in the UK ever. You need to all stop looking at negatives. If this game was released on Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii, it would have been more successful. But I’m a core gamer, I love Skyrim, and have played Sonic with my sister since I was born in 1991.

    If Sonic Generations wasn’t on Xbox 360/PS3, I wouldn’t have bought it. The Wii is just a waste to me. It isn’t to my cup of tea. I’ve played many consoles since the Mega Drive and the Wii detracts from my experience with its “innovation”.

    Long story short, there’s a bigger market for a sports mini-game collection featuring Nintendo’s mascot than there is for a platformer featuring 20 years old gameplay that a lot of kids don’t understand.

    My gf’s 10 year old sister was put off by the simpsons sponsorship. I asked why and she responded that she didn’t understand there being two Sonic’s. I simplified an explanation of the time hole and Time Eater, and got a response of “Oh, that’s confusing”. Kids can’t wrap their minds around Sonic Generations, and core gamers don’t have enough money for every game they want.

    Hence, Sonic Generations not doing overly well commercially.

  8. Simple reasons why:

    Released alongside Super Mario 3D Land, Skyward Sword, Uncharted 3, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, and MW3. Sonic after all the bad rep over the years just can’t compete anymore. Even though it was the most “pre-ordered SONIC game in history” that really doesn’t say much considering SEGA failed to release numbers. For all we know 50,000 could have been the “most pre-order number”.

    Kids today only care about shooters. I’m a fan of COD and Sonic (*gasp* you can be both?). I play MW3 on the Wii and when I run into little kids on there I always ask them “what kind of games do you like/want?” Everytime I ask it’s always a shooter or sports game. With a rare exception it will sometimes be a Mario or Zelda game. Heck even my older 26yo brother refuses to play Mario or Sonic because they’re too “kiddy” even though he use to be a big Mario/Sonic fan when he was a kid back in the “Nintendon’t” era.

    Word of mouth probably also changed a few minds. In this economy we live in, we can’t expect people to pay $50 for a 4 hour game. I sorta regret paying $40 for my copy because knowing Sonic games it will be $20 new at Gamestop and every other retailer within a month. The game just lacks content (gameplay wise).

    It may pick up steam around x-mas but it will probably get the price-drop I was mentioning above.

    1. “I play MW3 on the Wii”
      Friend code?

      On-Topic: I sorta agree with you, the game was lacking for the price, it felt too short. Hell even Colours lasted longer for me.

  9. 2012 Olympics is probably so high up because it not also is for Sonic fans but Mario fans. Two fanbases are buying the game so not just the Sonic fans are buying it. Generations came out durring a busy month in videogames. Just look at all the big games out this month.

  10. Shame, it’s a real shame… The world of gaming has changed. Sonic needs to do something QUICKLY! Don’t die like Crash Bandicoot did!

    I’m 19 years old and I strongly prefer colourful platforming games to shooters like MW3 because to me I want to play a game that is fun, challenging and unrealistic. I won’t bash all the COD, fifa and uncharted fans because that’s what gaming is nowadays..
    The only ‘realistic’ games I like are Tekken and Grand Theft Auto. The rest of my games are platformers such as Sonic.

    1. >realistic game

      I don’t think you can steal a tank, or take down an UFO with a RPG.

      Or find Leatherface in the middle of a camp.

      1. You are an idiot. Didn’t you notice I used ‘ ‘ around the word realistic. Read before you try to correct someone.

  11. I’ve seen alot of bad things going on for this game. I don’t understand it really. Sure there’s lots of new good games coming out but It’s just weird. Alot of people on this site as well don’t like this game because of one problem. It seems like the sonic cycle again

  12. Gameinformer gave Sonic Generations gave this game a 6.75 for ridiculous shit. It pisses me off. Just because it’s not a nintendo game or first person shooter or skyrim, people hate it just because it’s sonic. Face it, sonic’s not gonna make it

  13. GOOD! first of all, skyrim is a fucking awesome game. and also my first elder scrolls game 🙂
    SECOND! I’m not going to enjoy sonic games decline in sales…BUT i am going to enjoy knowing why they are going down in sales.

    Face it, dropping to spot 32 and again not even in the top 40? There are only around 10 great games being released in this ‘busy’ month. So thats not an excuse! The excuse, SONIC TEAM ARE FUCKING DUMB!

    HOLLOW STORYLINES, HOLLOW UNLEASHED GAMEPLAY, NO INNOVATION AT ALL! In fact its so fucking bland, that i actually feel like im playing the QTE aracde game in Shenmue.

    SONIC TEAM NEED TO GO BACK TO WHERE ADVENTURE 2 LEFT OFF AND GET UP TO SCRATCH WITH TODAYS INNOVATION. We need drama, in game cutscenes and credits, suprises and twists in storyline-as part of the level. Thunderstorms and rain in level! Fucking floods in level! Hurricanes and fucking music changes througout. A game that opens up as sonic being in a handicapped situation and the player controlling him as the credits roll, during a thunderstorm, while knuckles is getting robotised!


    Or you know, just keep doing what your doing cause apparently to the majority of people on here…its a good formular and they’re ‘finally’ on a roll…

    What a joke

  14. Sonic adventure 1 was extremely innovative for its time. And the speed and running formula was peftect and natural. Sonic adventure 2 wasnt as innovative but it continued on the same path.

    Then we had sonic hereos and they really just took the ‘bland’ wagaon from then onwards.
    I think with SOnic 06, they had the right idea for what sonic should be but killed it with the love of a human character and shotty level design and controlls. Plus sonic was fucking slow as shit and looked like donkey.

    Then unleasehed came along which was cool for a once off. I hate 2 sections with a passion. COmpletelys ruins the emotional and atmosphere of the level and straight away makes it all ‘technical’

    Thats all. Let the blind people start to bash me. I will accept all of your hatred towards me and my posts because people like you are the ones that really just dont know what makes a game good in 2011

  15. What went wrong? Call of Duty, Skyward Sword, and Skyrim all say “hi”.

    Although to be blunt, I am disappointed with Generations. Great game, don’t get me wrong, but not worth the $56 I payed for it due to the painfully short story which lacks some humor that Unleashed and Colors (especially Colors!) brought in.

  16. Skyrim, skyward sword, COD 3, Battlefield 3, assasins creed, arkham city, Uncharted and super mario 3d land does not justify a bloody drop to 32 (and not even in the top 40 on the other one). You guys need to look at whats really happening. No one cares anymore.

    If you grew up with the classic games, you’d get this. Sega and sonic were the innovators of side scrolling platforming. They were ahead of their time with graphics, pyshics and when S3 & K came along, story line. the recent sonic games have been bland, storyless kiddy dog shit with forgettable gameplay and simplicity…

  17. Well considering Skyrim, Revelations, MW3, Battlefield 3 are out at around this time I’m not surprised Generations is falling behind. While I think its short, I still enjoyed it immensely but I say its probably not the best time to release Generations at the moment.

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