SEGA Dates Sonic Generations’ Boxed PC Release in Europe

If you aren’t keen on digital download games, you can now mark a date on your calendars for the release of the physical boxed PC version of Sonic Generations. The retail PC version will be joining the portable Nintendo 3DS version on store shelves in Europe on November 25th, which is just 15 days away. No date has been revealed for the boxed PC version in Australia, but we’ll update when we see one.

Source: SEGA Press

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    1. I have imported many DVD-ROM based games form Amazon and had zero issues playing them on my PC expect that some older games hate Windows 7 64bit. I to don’t like things things like Stream; one of the rezones I don’t like Stream is because if I go 100% MAC or Linux Crossover Games fores me to to dump my DVD-ROM versions for the Stream versions. I have over 40 DVD-ROM games most dating back to the Windows 98 and Windows XP days. Of course Windows 7 will only rely do the XP, VISTA, & 7 games, but 95% of them work with zero issues.

  1. I couldn’t wait, I just bought the game off Steam. Sucks that I don’t get any physical evidence of my purchase though.

    1. I tried Steam but my computer could not handle the connection so the download never got finished 🙁 Hopefully the physical disk will work though 😀

    1. The console version is only better because it runs smoother than on your PC. You need a decent gaming rig to run it right. And there have been people able to play this game on the highest settings, 1080p with 60 frames per second. That’s already better than the console.You just need a better PC.

  2. Yaay 8D I wish it would come to local store’s pre-order soon, I can’t WAIT <3
    Thanks for putting this information 😀

  3. Does it work on windows 98? joking lol, im getting this for PS3 on Xmas , but its nice to see the PC version is coming.

  4. After downloading the game, I’m so happy, I’m going to buy the game twice as my way of saying thank you…darn you SEGA.

  5. Already got this via Steam and my beast computer is LOOOVING IT! I’m using a USB controller for it, it’s really awesome!!!!

  6. My laptop is also too weak for this awesome game… :’-( I’ll have to wait 8329473289723894789324723894732 years (or until the f&%#ing economic crisis of my country ends) to have a new PC or laptop…

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