Sonic Generations to Get Physical PC Release in Europe

Earlier today we reported the official confirmation that Sonic Generations will be released via digital download services on PC. Well, SEGA has since posted an entry on their blog which reveals that Europe will also see a physical boxed release for the PC version later in November after its digital release on the 4th of that month.

Sonic Generations will be available via PC digital download as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 on November 1st in North America and November 4th in Europe. There will also be a boxed version of the PC version available only in Europe later in November.

We’ll let you know when a release date is revealed for the physical PC version and the still dateless Nintendo 3DS version.

Source: SEGA Blog

Thanks to SimplePlan2K8 at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Not sure if this has been said yet, but the IGN preview is finally up!
    And cool about the retail PC version. I always liked getting games in boxes more than downloading them.

    1. Yeah, we’ve got a few news tips about the IGN preview. There’s no new information in it that wasn’t already revealed by last week’s previews from other websites, so it’s not worth posting it up on the site. Thanks anyway, though 🙂

        1. The embargo has lifted and even tough they kept us waiting for that piece of crap,IGN unprofessionals as ever -_-

    2. me too, without instaling disc, i have a felling that i’m a pirate! thxn to SEGA, that they has listened me and will be boxed version 😀

    1. Because down there in Europe Sonic has a more loving and larger fan-base than america, which have fan bases of FPS and MMO and ppl wont stop crying over who’s a noob and think who has the better skill in CoD, Halo, and Wow series and also where essentially we(not everyone) prefer Mario over sonic.
      does that answer your question, I kid not look this shit up.

      1. Being European I just want to say that there a just as many crappy yearly release (CoD, Fifa etc etc) players here as in America. Maybe more.

        I also do not know of any other Sonic fan face to face in my enviroment.

        1. Exactly the same as me! I don’t know anyone else who likes Sonic games and most people here do tend to laugh at the idea. I think Europe as a whole though tend to have more fans of Sonic though

    2. *additional note*
      And since the fan-base in Europe is so loyal to Sonic, Sega has the need to pay more attention to the Euro’s than american because(yes, all that is stated above).
      But to be honest, This is how I see it im glad sonic has a place to settle because he’s been kicked to the creve so many time by america gamers calling it stupid and non-enjoyable.

      1. In that case, why isn’t this happening in Japan? I think you need to redo some research. lol =p

      2. And don’t forget the preview round up last week was all positive and the only one to through insults throughout the somehow-still-positive preview was European. (I think. o0)

        Not saying that has anything to do with being European, just that you said “the fan-base in Europe is so loyal to Sonic” and “america gamers calling it stupid and non-enjoyable” which was ironic. lol

      1. Why not, I feel SO jipped for everyone paying 35 dollars more for the same thing except on a different console!

  2. Seriously, I want to get up and move to Europe.

    Jordonguy247 up in the comments is so right about why Sonic doesn’t get the love he deserves in America…*sigh*

    1. So you’re gonna move somewhere else because a fictional character is better there….wonder whats going on in your head when instead you can at least put effort and try to get people to like Sonic more and trust me, this is coming from a guy whos cousins and brother are COD diehard fans =- =

    2. Its so true its scary, I really hate that the fact that most(not all but most) US gamers are a bunch narcissistic CoD loving kids who things everthing is lame when something is made from another country and has the need to look down on other fan-bases and being trolls. I for one hate FPS fan-bases and I love me some nintendo, some ps3, some xbox, and Good ol Sega and etc.

      1. Still, even though there is more love for sonic in Europe, classic sonic is in this, which is what Retro trolls in America have been whining about for years, this may just be something new to whine about. (Years later) “I still want physical PC in America SEGA! And give it a chao garden while you’re at it!” You get the picture.

  3. I read the title really fast and thought it said “Sonic Generations to get Physical” and I immediately though of some creepy and demented Sonic fanfic I read the other day coming to life in this game…but nope, totally opposite from that 😛
    At least its gonna be easier to pirate, or at least find a pirated version on teh interwebz XD

  4. Man, Europe is getting the Sonic treatment, huh? Gosh darn it Sega of America, where’s our love!?

    1. Retailer listings do not equal official confirmation. Besides, GAME removed the listing a while back, which could have meant they made a mistake. Also, the press release issued earlier by SEGA didn’t mention the physical version.

  5. Probably the wrong place to post this, but since it’s the newest post and all. Now i love Sonic, everyone that knows me knows i love Sonic, but this user submission on Newgrounds… even tho it pokes fun of Generations and the franchise as a whole, it is FUNNY lol

    Enjoy 🙂

  6. AAGH, I leave Europe in a few days :'( Oh well, Im still getting digital version unless there’s a physical in Australia! 🙂 I still LOOOVE SEGA for PC confirmation!!!!! 😀

  7. YES europa is getting some god damn love now just some action figs and pulshies and il be happy for the rest of this year and the 1q and 2q of 2012

  8. DAMN IT SEGA! I have already preordered all 3 versions and one of those is the CE, I have brought ALL of the 20th Anniversary Figures, Preordered 1 each of the F4F Knuckles statues and locked away a 2100 Microsoft Points card for when Sonic CD comes out!


  9. I wanna physical copy in New Zealand!! I hope ‘Europe’ means they’re bringing it here too. Europe seems to include New Zealand when it comes to gaming, even though that makes no sense at all.

  10. UK gets all the cool boxed PC stuff in the way of Sonic games, it seems. I had to import SMC+ for PC! But I’ll be excited for the digital PC release of Generations all of the same!

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