Sonic Generations’ Release Pushed Forward in Japan

Sonic Generations’ Release Pushed Forward in Japan

It seems SEGA, like Sonic, is getting a little impatient to get the blue hedgehog’s new title Sonic Generations into stores, as Andriasang reports that the game will now launch in Japan December 1st, instead of the previously scheduled date December 8th. Great news for our fellow fans in Japan!

Source: Andriasang

Thanks to frokenok3 at the SSMB for the heads up!

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    1. Better than no push at all, though. 🙂 It sucks that Japanese fans always have to wait so long after the rest of us for Sonic games.

          1. Its translation and localization things Ricardo.

            Oh and SEGA is relasing BF3 in JP in November. They need all force they can get. And like Fro said fanbase is pretty small there.

          2. I’m hoping the Sonic Nendoroid ended up getting bundled with JP’s Sonic Generations SO MUCH.

            That’ll justify the one month late release date fair enough.

          3. @Ricardo
            Yep. EA has deal with SEGA. Since EA doesnt have JP support SEGA will relase their games. This includes BF3

  1. I don’t live in Japan, but I’m glad they’re getting the game a bit earlier. There are some really loyal Sonic fans over there.

    1. you’d be suprised that some fanbases are not that big in Japan. I think Zelda is another fanbase that is bigger in the US than in Japan. Plus look at Sonic Adventure and Adventure 2 there are more references to the US than Japan itself.

      1. And yet, I got giant Sonic and Shadow plushies from Japan. Er, my step-dad did when he was over there. Sonic is popular in Japan, but not nearly as much as the US or UK apparently (remember, Sonic beat Mario as UK’s favorite game character in a poll a while back ;D).

  2. Only one month to go until its out, I’ve got two weeks booked off work following the release so I know what I’ll be doing the majority of it xP

  3. @BlooDood: Which is weird considering Sega Japan still have their amusement arcade open over there? Whilst everywhere else it just dies rapidly 🙁 I do miss SegaWorld London though….

    Let’s see how the 1st day/week sales go 🙂

  4. Wait, wouldn’t that push our date? Wonder why worldwide release isn’t set on the same day.
    So we all could enjoy the game @ the same time. Would make more sense.

  5. I don’t see the point really. The Japanese Sonic fanbase is extremely small.

    Think I’m lying? Watch the TGS performance and look at the crowd’s reaction.

  6. I moved to Japan two years ago from America. Sonic has very, very, VERY little following here. Sega has many arcades open around places I’ve been to in this country and while they may decorate their coin changer machines and walls with pictures of Sonic characters, the games and the crane machines have little to do with them. I have yet to see any Sonic merchandise at all besides games and playing guides. I tell people I love Sonic and they look at me like “what’s that?” I even show them my keychain, and they still have no idea.

    Oh well. I’m moving back to America soon anyway. 😀

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