Sonic Generations PC Box Art Revealed, Not a Games For Windows Title

UPDATE: Our commenters have informed us that SEGA’s non-Games For Windows retail PC games usually support Steam, so this one likely will too. We’ll let you know when we get confirmation.

Original article:
UK retailers Amazon and Zavvi have revealed the box artwork for the Europe exclusive retail PC version of Sonic Generations, which, as you can see, is the same as the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. The box art confirms that the retail version will not be a Games For Windows title, meaning players won’t be able to unlock achievements through Windows Live and likely won’t be able to obtain any possible DLC. Achievements have already been confirmed for the Steam download version.

On the plus side, has the retail PC version priced at just £14.85 at the time of this article’s publication. Bargain!

Sources: Amazon UK and

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  1. Can’t expect too much they are basically the same game.
    But i sorta wished they made something special in the pc ver though 😛

    1. I know that, but this news is about the retail disc version. As SamJM has said in a below comment, it could turn out that the retail version will require use of Steam, but it also might not use Steam at all. We’ll just have to wait and find out. It’ll be cool if it does use Steam, though.

      1. Seeing how DD sites that are not Steam say Steam is required and SEGA explicity said the game uses Steamworks in the press release, I highly doubt that the boxed version won’t require Steam.

        1. Those other sites say Steam is required too? The retail version very likely will then, yeah. Sorry, I didn’t know retail PC games could support Steam. I’ve updated the article now.

          1. They do 🙂 Portal is one example, it’s been released throught steam and as a physical port, which was not windows retail ^^Half-life 2 is included in the list.

            I believe Sonic Generations PC port is going to support steam, no matter if it’s bought physically or from steam 🙂

    1. PC games cost less because they don’t need to pay any licensing fees to Microsoft, Nintendo, or Sony.
      On the other hand, Console games cost more mainly because of what I said previously: licensing fees. It makes the publishers and developers sell it at a slightly higher price to ensure no substantial monetary loss happened from the licensing fees.

  2. Well that answer the question of the casino night pinball dlc for pc. Oh well this and the 3ds version are enough of a fix on sonic history for me. Plus I doubt that new levels are going to be dlcs anyways cuz if they are done theres gonna be alot of demand for other zones and we would have another generations in our hands.

    1. I’ve deleted the chain of replies to this comment, as they were very off-topic. If you guys want to discuss Mario games and which ones are better, please do so elsewhere.

  3. If this is anything like Total War (which is another Sega game) chances are all that’ll actually be on that disc is a Steam installer and you’ll be paying for an activation code essentially for a download on Steam, meaning chances are, those who do buy the retail version will probably still get the DLC and Steam achievements.

  4. ign says the release date for the 3ds version is 12/8/11 but gamestop says its 12/31/11 who is correct?

    1. Neither of them are correct. They’re just placeholder dates. SEGA’s not announced a clearer release date than November for the 3DS version in Europe, Australia and the US. Japan gets it December 1st with the console versions.

      1. I atleast hope its not november. Hopefully a month can be enough time to fix the 3ds up a bit more.

  5. Wait… so if it isn’t GFWL… that means my 360 controller won’t be compatible!? I hope not!

    1. NOT games for Windows Live – without doubt the best news I’ve heard in regard to this game. Not to stray off topic too far (sorry, rant ahead!), but the pains that I’ve had with GFWL on my PC (automatically converting my offline account into an online account without my consent or any way to stop it or reverse it – thereby deleting ALL saved content,including DLC for 8 GFWL games I had on that account!!) and the audacity to swap the left analog stick’s up and down directions so you have to either spend $80 on a dodgy PC 360 gamepad or fiddle with the .INI files to allow your non Windows branded gamepad to actually move your character UP when you want them to go UP is atrocious.

      Using GFWL – biggest mistake any game company can make. Especially if the game is also using Steam. To play Dirt 3 MP I have to log into Steam, start the game, log into GFWL (why?!?) and use their terrible game matching system to find people I already have on my Steam friend’s list…. Why have that extra unnecessary layer?

      Sorry, rant over.

      Yay Sonic!

      Double yay Sonic on PC – now I don’t have to buy an outdated console to enjoy 2011 gaming goodness!

    2. Don’t worry. They’ll probably use XInput for controller input just like with SaSASR which means your Xbox 360 controller will work just fine.

  6. What is better? To download games with Steam or buy the DVD in stores? I prefer downloading the game to play as soon as possible, without waiting till the end of November to buy it, but I don’t know if it’s worth waiting.

    1. It doesn’t matter whether you buy retail or from a download source; because it’s a Steamworks title it require the installation of Steam to play. Even if you had the retail copy in your hands right now, you wouldn’t be able to play the game until it’s released on Steam. So just buy the cheapest online download version you can if you want to guarantee playing it on release day (rather than waiting for the disc to arrive).

  7. No no no, just because it isnt for Games for Windows doesnt mean they won’t unlock acheivements and get DLC. This game should come pre-packaged with an installation for steam. i.e. when the game CD runs, it’ll install steam with the game. That should happen since you are able to access all of steam’s features in the PC digital download, which means that this game is exclusive to steam, otherwise you wouldnt be able to use all of steam’s features. Then via steam, players can unlock achievements and buy DLC from it’s store.

    1. A good example of this can be games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 or Black ops where it is exclusive to steam and the retail copies of it contain installation packages for steam.

    2. i dont think that is gonna work i have portal 2 and steam dosent reconize it cause i dident buy it on steam sso you can try but it aint gonna work

      1. lol i find that really hard to beleive. Portal 2 is made by Valve, who are the creators of Steam (i mean if you were Valve, why wouldn’t you give it steam exclusivity). Portal 2 uses steamworks for all it’s achievements and without steam, you wouldn’t be able to connect to PS3 users and play co-op with them. Either something is wrong with your PC or you downloaded it illegally. 😛

        Anyways enough arguing,

        SONIC ROCKS 😀

        1. Right on buddy ;D We have bought Portal 2 for PC as a physical port, and it does require steam 🙂

          I’m so excited! I wonder when the physical port will come out, I mgiht not be able to buy it through steam D:

  8. Genesis Emulator owners will annihilate the classic Sonic stages 😀

    Hacks like Hyper Sonic (White Super Sonic or Rainbow coloured Super Sonic) will definitely appear, I’ll bet someone clever will swap Modern and Classic Sonic’s abilities, giving Classic Sonic a boost and Modern Sonic a glitched Spin Dash.
    And then there’ll be the model swaps! Play as Shadow, Classic Tails, Knuckles…

    But of course, there’ll also be those dreaded fan-character models. Curse those parasites of the Sonic fanbase and their Mary-Sue recolours 😐

  9. the pc version from retail probably will support steam, i got portal 2 from retail and it somehow got on my steam account so i dont see why not

      1. So sonic adventure dx is on steam and so are the genesis titles plus sonic and sega all stars racing, look i have a steam account so i would know that generations is gonna be released on steam and retail okay.

        1. Oh yeah and why do they have adds for cod: mf3… hmm, oh yeah maybe because steam doesn’t just support valve games, i guess i rest my case.

          1. He never mentioned anything about steam and non-valve games. He just mentioned that valve made both steam and portal 2. Anyone who’s anyone knows that steam supports more then just VALVe. No way VALVe could of created every game on steam. That’s just common sense.

  10. My friend jetstreamx did tell me it was registered on steam, which is o.k. with me…assuming it doesn’t have the tendency to crash like most of the games on steam*coughnewvegascough*. If they do have DLC up, may or may not buy it. There DLC always ends up kind of expensive. More than likely the stuff they promised with pre-order will end up costing $5.00 roughly,plus tax.
    PLEASE!Show it on the list already!Or at least have some kind of demo so I know how it runs on my compy!

    1. Yes it does and it works perfectly.

      I’ve been playing the PC version today and I must say it’s great (the last Sonic game I played was Unleashed). A lot of nostalgia references are dotted here and there. Although I was no fan of the challenges beginning from SA2, I found that I kept on trying to push the challenges in SG to S rank.

      I have also encountered glitches in the game eg: 2D Sonic getting trapped into the ceiling and falling to his death outside the level (at least in Chemical Plant Zone) and 3D Sonic stuck in running pose while traversing through a series of ramps in Green Hill Zone.

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