SEGA Confirms Second Sonic Generations Demo For October 18th

UPDATE: It appears SEGA made a mistake with the earlier date for Xbox Live and EU PSN users. In an update at the SEGA blog and the SEGA Twitter feed, community manager Clumsyorchid says the demo will release tomorrow, not Wednesday.

Original article:
Following SEGA France’s announcement, SEGA Europe and SEGA of America have re-affirmed a second demo for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sonic Generations. The demo will consist of both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic’s Green Hill Zone acts and will be available to download October 19th via PlayStation Store in Europe and Xbox Live Marketplace in Europe and the US. SEGA of America has revealed via the SEGA Blog that US PS3 fans will get the demo October 25th. The publisher has also re-affirmed a late November release for the Nintendo 3DS version and the retail version of the PC version.

Check out the press release below.


LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (October 17, 2011) – SEGA® Europe Ltd. & SEGA® America, Inc., today confirmed that a second demo is being released prior to the launch of the highly anticipated Sonic Generations™ game for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system.

The first demo, released on June 23rd 2011 – the anniversary of Sonic’s 20th year – allowed fans to play as Classic Sonic only. Now the second demo means fans can finally play as Modern Sonic – as well as Classic Sonic again – in the stunning environments of the iconic Green Hill level from Sonic Generations™. Demo #2 for the game will be available via XBLA and PSN on 19th October for Europe.

Gamers will be able to get their hands on the full game on the 4th November when Sonic Generations™ finally hits stores for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system and PC digital download. Sonic Generations™ PC boxed product and the Nintendo 3DS™ system will be released later in November 2011.

Source: SEGA Press

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  1. Well that’s okay. It’s less spoileriffic.

    And gives everyone a second chance at Classic Green Hill in case they missed the June 23 demo! 😀

      1. Do you have an Xbox 360? If so, you can just go to, download the demo from there, and burn the Content folder on your blank CD/DVD so you could put it in a 360. it really works, and you don’t need to hack it. Just make sure you go to Game Library->All Games.

          1. Aye, it does. I tried it out yesterday, and it worked perfectly. Don’t forget to set the clock at around June 23rd. You must be disconnected from XBL, of course. 😛

  2. Meh. Ill download it for Modern Green Hill but it better not have another stupid time limit.

    1. Even if you can only play it for 20 days… the game will already be released by the time it ends! But that won’t happen because this is less a sneak peek and more a way of letting people who aren’t sure if they want it to try it. And that can apply to people at launch or a year from then.

    2. Well if it does have a 20 day time limit… it’ll expire just after Generations comes out…

      So if it takes 20 days to beat the GHZ you’ll be able to have lots of fun with the full game.

  3. More practice for the the Ring Man and Beating Green HIll act 1 in under a minute achievables!

  4. Thank god, I was starting to worry I would get the 3DS version later than expected. I’m personally getting both, I’m looking forward to the console version more, however I like some of the levels in the 3DS version more than the Xbox one. However both will be amazing games. Sonic fans asked for a good sonic game, there going to get an amazing one

  5. THANK GOD! I did not want rooftop run to be spoiled.. It’s just 2 weeks away. Green hill is just dandy 🙂

  6. I think this close to the release, I’d rather wait for the full game. Don’t want the excitement of playing it for the first time (bar the short June demo) diminished!

    1. You are still gonna download it 😉 Let’s not lie to ourselves
      With me, the sad thing is I do not have xbox live Gold so i cannot try it out but i can wait 2 extra weeks.. I’m just gonna watch a lot of this demos footage on youtube.

      1. Dude, you can download all that stuff without Gold. I downloaded DLC and a game just this past Saturday and I haven’t had Gold in over a year. As a matter of fact, I downloaded the original demo without Gold.

        1. You need Gold on the first week of a demo’s release, that’s what I’ve heard when hearing about the 1st demo.

  7. I was really hoping for City Escape. I really wanted a full version of Modern’s song. But, I’m find with this. 😀

        1. For a week, yes. I believe most, if not all, demos are exclusive for at least a week to Gold Members.

  8. hmmm well this is….kinda pointless i mean yeh it gives chance to play the game but its only one mounth away i dont know if should download this or not : /

      1. People who don’t have gold membership who just want the demo will have to pay for gold to get the demo, therefore basically paying just to get the demo.

        1. Or you could just temporarily make a new account and try out the 30 day free trial of Gold.

          Or, like last time, just wait a week and then get it on Silver.

          1. thats why i dont get the xbox360 you pay for meaningless things! i rather have awii than that shit!

          2. haloteen – Psn however, sucks. LIVE is a fast service. Sure its ridiculous to pay, but hey, nothings free. If you can’t pay, then that’s your problem bro. Psn is like wifi xD

    1. …unbeknowst to sporeboy100. Americans can just make a EU account and download it anyway.
      Beknowst to the rest of the world, sporeboy100 is retarded.

  9. This is so f-ing unfair NA 360 owners get the game tomorrow and us NA PS3 owners have to wait until the 25th?

    They’re not gonna get awaaayyy with this, ALL systems full POWER!

    1. I am from Europe so I get it on this Wednesday for PSN. Too bad for USA Sonic fans with PS3 though 🙁

      1. Anyone with a US PS3 can just create a euro psn account and download the demo, problem solved. -_-

  10. Excellent, only two days ! 😀

    I played the first demo everyday until it got taken away. I know I will be getting this demo for a fact. I can’t wait any longer for this game. I want it NOW! Atleast with the demo it will keep me entertained for the next 2 weeks until I get the game.

    Is it just me or is this month dragging?! 🙁

    1. I agree the days are somehow going slow now but that hasn’t stop this month from being great so far 🙂 Celebrations will start in a few weeks near the end of the month 😀

      1. I certainly will be celebraiting come the 4th (maybe even the 3rd) of November when I get Sonic Generations through my letter box. 😀

          1. I just read that the demo is actually due to come out on the 18th. I’m actually going to go and just xbox live arcade in 15 minutes since it will be midnight then. I doubt it will be up then, but there is no harm in checking 😛

          1. Same with Xbox Live Arcade. Aww well, looks like am going to have to go through a shift of work tomorrow before getting a chance to play the demo 🙁

  11. im kinda tired of seeing green hill they should have given us chemical plant or somthing but at least iv got xbl gold

    1. For a demo? I think it’d be better to do Green Hill as it IS the first level. Wouldn’t wanna get tired of the other stages. And if you’re tired of Green Hill, stop looking at videos and screenshots of stuff you’ve already seen.

      Demo is just to demonstrate the game. Thus, Green Hill is perfect as it’s pretty much the practice stage of the game. Get the feel of the gameplay itself, will ya.

  12. Green Hill huh? Thats fine with me. I mean less Spoilers=Better first experience. And game is relased in 2 weeks anyway.

  13. North American users are confirmed to get the PlayStation Network Version on the 25th, but is it confirmed we get the 2nd demo on XBLA the same day as Europe?

    1. Yep. It’s common knowledge that items get released worldwide on the same day on Xbox Live 🙂 But if you want official confirmation all the same, the SEGA Blog says NA gets it the same day.

  14. Awesome this will be good for people who have XBLA and PSN will keep them busy for another few weeks 🙂

    I don’t have XBLA or PSN but meh It’s not far till November now October is great so far but it seems to be going a bit slow now D: still that won’t stop me from playing past Sonic games and finish them just in time for November 😀 Celebrations will happen at the end of October…

    1. I thought you said you’ve got an Xbox 360? Don’t you have a Silver membership? If it turns out to be Gold exclusive for the first week, then you’ll still be able to download it next week.

      1. Yup I do have an Xbox 360 but I don’t have XBLA I’m planning to soon though 🙂 I apologise I didn’t make that clear before.

  15. you know it would be an cool idea if you guys post somthing on november 3 where we can tell how we started with sonic and what you like dont like and what you hope

  16. good thing i have xbox 360 and ps3, so watever comes first ill be able to play the day the demo comes out

  17. I’m trying to make a UK account for this, and I even made a new email account to make it, but it won’t accept any email I give it…

  18. There should be a rule for when this comes out no footage other then green hill or City escape and no cutscenes for 1 week like hell if im spoiling it like i did colors and unleashed by watching the story before i got the game whatever to me i say cause i get it the first day it comes out but lets not spoiler it for others who dont get it in the first few weeks

  19. ok so the physical version is coming to the US? or is this what europe said. but then again…London & SAN FRAN

  20. Cool! we will have classic and modern sonic to play in a demo! i hope its not time or due date though!

  21. …The one game system I bought has to be the one that gets the demo latest out of the rest. xD

    I might just have to what HeatPhoenix said and make a EU PSN account if the anxiety gets the better of me, lol

      1. I have question. I already made a EU account a while ago to get the classic demo and the 20th themes but for some reason it’s not loading now. When I try to open it goes black and the clock on the top right corner just keeps spinning. I made another account but it remains the same. Is it because the store is updating?

  22. This is off-toppic, but I really would like to know how old Aaron Webber from SEGA is. Does any one of you guys know?

  23. Oct 19th huh? It sounds like we’ll get this ‘possibly’ the 20th cause of the time difference here in Australia

  24. Dr. Robotnik – Buy and play Sonic 4 on the day Sonic Generations comes out, just to show SEGA that WE MEAN BUSINESS!! Mwa ha ha ha!!

    Sonic – FU@K YO COUCH N!@@A!!

    Dr. Robotnik – *PUNCH* I AM a motherf@$er!!

  25. man, I hope I don’t need gold membership to download this, and if I do I’ll be playing it a week before I get it, ehh whatever I’m guaranteed to get this game and preorder dlc, no I’m not bragging, ok maybe I am sorry 🙁

  26. So has anyone confirmed whether or not you need a Gold membership on Xbox to get the new demo? The last one did for a week, but so far SEGA hasn’t said that we need Gold to download it. That doesn’t mean we don’t, they just haven’t mentioned it, so maybe it won’t be necessary.

      1. Make a new Live account, get the one month trial, download the demo, anyone on your Xbox can now play the demo.

    1. Yea, microsoft makes sure silver members get everything later or not at all. There’s no reason to buy an xbox if ur not gonna have a gold membership

  27. earlier I remember someone on here saying that the chaos boss battle had 2 parts for some reason. I never read that spoiler a long time ago with all the stages and stuff, so does anyone care to elaborate on what that’s about?

  28. I’ve got a Late Start for school tomorrow. 😀 If I can wake up early, I can play the demo. When does the Marketplace update for the US?

  29. ARGHHH im i the only that stayed up all night just to get the release because right its gonna take another hour before psn store updates

  30. Still have the original demo on my 360.. doesn’t do anything, but it’s neat to have.
    Wonder if this demo will over write it or unlock it?

    1. i still have the original demo and its still playable, only because i have not signed into xbox live since i got it.

      1. i also still have my demo. if it doesn’t overwrite it you can make an easy comparison on what was fixed and what wasn’t.

    2. You can still play the Xbox 360 version of the original demo. Disconnect/switch off your internet connection to your console, turn the console’s clock back to when the demo was available, turn your console on and sign-in and you’ll now be able to play the demo. The demo thinks your offline sign-in is an online one for some reason.

    1. Yeah i’m still looking for it, i’ll keep checking my 360 and this site for updates in the comments, write back if you find anything. 🙂

  31. It’s 1615 hrs over here in Western Australia and I’m still WAAAAAAAATINNNN’!! (taps right foot impatiently)

  32. I’m in Australia, I called up Xbox Live support and they’ve advised it comes out Wednesday 19th 12am in the US and then they said that means for Australia it comes out 12am on the 20th….

  33. Its currently 1205 hours over here and no sign of Sonic Generations Demo on the Xbox360 here in the UK.

      1. If you haven’t noticed, Sega pushed the release of the demo to today, or haven’t you checked the update.

    1. I’m telling you, your wasting your time right now. The demo should come up in just about 5-6 more hours at least.

  34. I guess there are masses of 360s on waiting for this thing.

    You know what they say, THE MORE THE MERRIER!

  35. Guys, if were you, I’d just stop. Turn off your consoles, because you guys are wasting your lives, waiting for nothing. Just go get ready for school, and the demo will definetely be there by then. Its painful to wait another 6-7 hours to get out of school, but I’m just telling you guys no, to stop wasting your time. I’m in California, and its 6:39am from where I’m at….just wait till its noon or something. If its already noon for you guys, and the demo hasn’t come out yet, then look at my time, and wait more.

    1. Honestly, if you’re suffering a day of school waiting on a video game, and not just a video game but it’s DEMO, that’s just sad and you need serious help.

      Yeah I come here every now and then to see updates in my spare time cuz I’m bored. But seriously. After waiting for months, a few hours isn’t going to kill me. And school would probably have helped it go by faster to me anyways. I mean what are you gonna do? Play the demo for hours on end all day and all week or something?

      That sounds awfully boring. Seriously guys. GET HELP. >.>

    2. I am not waiting for this demo with console turned on and checking PSN every 5 seconds! I am currently doing my homework (Wikipedia really helps with definitions 😛 ).

      1. Ikr? 😛 I didn’t mean like every 5 sec(I know, that was just exaggeration) but just check back in a few more hours 😉

  36. I’m only waiting because, with in 4 hours, I will no longer have access to my 360 for at least a year. 🙁

      1. Gotta live with my uncle, I’ve been booted from my current home because I missed one $30 gas payment.
        He’s like… omish.
        He has one TV, from the 1900’s LOL and no idea what the “internet” is.

        yay me!


        1. Er…Amish. The word is Amish.

          Wait how can he be Amish if he has a TV? I don’t care if it’s an early, early model. That doesn’t change the fact that the Amish don’t use technology.

  37. ricardo does have a point i mean whats the use in waiting im waitng for the demo too but we get the game in two weeks we have waited months and yet these hours are the hardest for yuo go read a book or somthing

    1. Exactly. Right now I’m at school. I just got to wait 6 hours before I can play it, but I’m in no rush. To you guys, go play a fun game or like damnhedge said, read a good book! 😛

  38. I’m trying to download it to my console from ma laptop.(at school)…where is this thing…its the 18th…

  39. Play Arkham City and study.. That’s what I’m doing. It’s mildly addressing my urge for the demo.

  40. Xbox Live customer support doesn’t have this dated for he 18th. It’s dated for the 19th D:

  41. 12 us central time is different from every other time there is…just because its 3 where u live, doesnt mean its that time everywhere else. take that extra second to realize that. and do something productive while you wait

  42. its 10 here in the US (central time) i have to work at 11 but it better be up by when i get off at 3!

  43. Omg epikk!! I’ll get codmw3 and generators both lok neat awesme and a demo incloding generations main seling puint! Modern sonic epikk finally awesom!

      1. yeah looks like i wont have chance to play it untill christmas since i don’t even have an xbox :/:/(doublepokerface.jpng)

  44. its now 16:49 here in the UK maybe we should just accept that the demo is not coming today even tho sega said so it will come tomoz now but i mean im all fora demo today

    1. who knows…
      Maybe they want to release in local european time,if it doesn’t happen today,we still have tomorrow.

  45. if you think about it,the first Demo was basically 1/3 of the whole game content,i mean…664 MEGA BYTES?REALLY?
    it HAD to be something else there,as our friend JackTheInfinite raped the shit outta that demo.
    So I think the only big change it’s gonna be the updated versions,new level layout,improved physics and etc.
    If this Demo don’t impress at all…well…then this game is gonna be a fail 🙁

    1. seriously?
      thank god this sort of thing don’t happen a lot in my country,or else we would be dead by now

      1. It wasn’t a very big one, just woke up to everything shaking on my shelf which scared the crap out of me because it a pretty rare thing in Australia. Can’t wait for that demo!

  46. thats what they said the 18th the only new demos i see is dance central 2 and need for speed the run but no sonic i think the demo is coming out tomoz now

  47. also im having problams trying to accese sonic generations forum i think there having some maintenance done cos i could accese it this morning

  48. Don’t frustrate yourself, guys. Go and do something else. Come back in a couple of hours. If it’s up, play it. If it’s not, go and do something else until it goes up tomorrow. I promise time will pass much quicker that way 😛

    1. Lol everyone is so excited for the demo! Just imagine what it will be like on the day before the game comes out.

  49. shadzter i think the demo is not coming to psn you said in between 4BST and 6BST well its almost 6 so …i think we get it tommorow

        1. I don’t know what time the demo was scheduled to release. 4pm-6pm BST is usually the time the EU PS Store updates, but that’s for Wednesday’s usual big Store update. SEGA didn’t and hasn’t given a time for when the demo releases.

          1. if i was you id make a post here saying everybody with an EU psn acount plus twitter acount should ask SEGA on twitter why the demo hasent come yet and when it will come that way THEY HAVE to awnser

  50. Last time I checked, PSN and Xbox LIVE hadn’t updated anything at all. They’re probably just running late.

  51. hey for anyone who knows IF sony updates the store do they post it on there blog ? (im really hyping for this demo and just need ot know if they updated or not )

  52. well its a little after 1pm here and i checked nothing yet on XBL. checking back around 1:30pm.

    1. SEGA updated their blog and Twitter last night to say it’s coming to Xbox Live (which updates worldwide at the same time) and EU PSN today.

    1. SEGA updated their blog and Twitter last night to say it’s coming to Xbox Live (which updates worldwide at the same time) and EU PSN today.

  53. Guys, it’s after 6pm here in Scotland, it will not be here today, it seems they made a mistake about making a mistake.

    1. so that the fourm doesn’t get flooded by alot of “what time are you releasing the demo?”

    2. I am sure that it is Goverment Mind Controlling programme!!!! They don’t want us to play this demo and they shut down all SEGA Websites. I am sure they blocked PSN and XBL too so they can’t upload the second demo!!!

  54. after 1:30pm still nothing checking back @ 2pm. after that off to work and check in around midnight (which in turn makes it Wensday)

  55. Well some Gran Turismo 5 DLC has come to PSN not too long ago, yet where is our demo? :\

    Disappointed Sony… Disappointed

  56. Guys. Chill out. Expect the demo on the 19th as it originally was said, you are all wasting your time.

    1. thats a typo its scheduled for today the 18th, but at this rate some of us (like myself) will have to get it on the 19th cause some of us are off to work.

  57. Right, this is what I think happened. One of the Sega staff members who help run the twitter account (yes I’m aware it’s run by several people) accidently made a typo in a reply, saying the demo would be out on the 18th. One of the writers for the Sega blog saw this and thought that the date had been pushed forward a day, changing the blog post to the 18th. Then the news sites picked up on this change and now we’re in this little mess.

    Pretty sure this is just a big misunderstanding from a little typo. Best just to wait until tomorrow folks. Besides, I’m 99.9% sure PSN only updates on Wednesday’s for Europe.

    1. It’s no use. We all know. Also, this news post was updated with that information way before you posted that.

  58. HEY GUYS could it be the demo will come at another time like US central or GMT or whateva BTW this is a crazy idea if you have a EU ps3 acount an twitter lets all ask SEGA when the demo will come that way they will ahve to awnser

  59. You Europeans deserve getting the demo sooner. But have fun waiting until the 4th for the real thing. The first of November will be a sweet, sweet victory.

      1. Still pissed at SEGA for releasing the Special Edition of the Dreamcast Collection in Australia only, and this Collector’s Edition of Generations in PAL regions only.

  60. Dammit, SEGA. It’s nearly 3 PM here and the 360 demo still isn’t out. HURRY UP. YOU HAVE NINE HOURS TO NOT BE LIARS

  61. wait…so the demo isn’t coming out on the US psn? that doesn’t make any sense espcially since the US psn updates on tuesdays and the europe psn updates on wednesdays……what the hell? =/

  62. You gotta go to it through the S section on all games, that’s how i found it ;P
    Just checked my PS3 it’s not there though >.> only xbox

  63. This is stupid. You have to have a Gold Membership to get the demo. I thought silver members could download demos!?

  64. It’s up in Europe. Downloading it now. Couldn’t find on the Xbox website but you can download it from your Xbox.

  65. I think it’s the E3 demo. The file size is pretty much the same from the last demo. >.<

  66. I’m currently downloading it. 😀
    So… While we are on the subject, I wonder, will we get the E3 build or the Gamescom build? I dunno.

  67. Dick Move Sega Dick Move! (Only For Gold membership) Not Silver? Racists! Us Silvers Gotta Have Some Stuff Too! :'(

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