Sonic Generations: Modern Rooftop Run and Hub Videos


As we reported October 19th, SEGA France and Sonic team head Takashi Iizuka held their Sonic Generations presentation at the Paris Games Week yesterday morning, and thanks to attendee funkyjeremi83 we have video footage of it. The “new” stage shown was Rooftop Run, which had previously only been shown in screenshot form.

As you can see in the video, Rooftop Run has changed greatly compared to its Sonic Unleashed counterpart. The stage has been given a big facelift in presentation and because it’s one of the last stages in Sonic Generations, the difficulty has been increased.


The full 9 stage hub world was also shown at the presentation, and again thanks to funkyjeremi83, you can see footage of that, too.

Thanks to Guito, dbgtsonicx and SSMB member Ryan91 for the heads up!

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  1. I’m not gonna watch it as I’ve said many times I don’t want to spoil for myself but gaaah it’s so tempting I’m trying hard not to click on the videos

        1. I think it’s okay to watch a video of stage gameplay if you already know what stage it is as long as you only watch it once instead of watching it over and over til you have it memorized.

          1. I know right! I don’t want to see any vids of modern & classic over & over again! I just got the demo & I’m getting back into the classic again! 😀

  2. I love the hub so if classic and modern tails is at green hill There better be classic and modern knuckles and Amy i love the old 90’s design of classic Amy

    1. I agree, I know Classic Knuckles and Classic Amy are in Generations in some way like in a cutscene or artwork, I hope in the hub world too, for now the press preview game has the moderns only. Besides the signposts we yet to see a 3D render of Classic Eggman yet. So they might be saving the rest of the classics for a surprise in the final game. One more week.

        1. Sega would be crazy not to include the rest of the classic cast because Generations is a game for the fans of both Modern and Classic Generations. The spotlight might be on both versions of Sonic and Tails, but they would make a slight cameo appearance somehow. Jazwares even made toys of Classic Knuckles and Amy so there is hope.

  3. I’m gonna say,the overall in game is perfect,but theres something bothering me yet ._.
    The red rings are way too easy to get,and find.C’mon SEGA they were supposed to be challenge!

    1. Yea i remember in colours where you had to do that puzzle in the water level i called it the puzzle of death as it’s so hard i always failed but got there in the i was so lucky

        1. there are six bosses all together. divided by rival bosses and Era Bosses

          Classic era:
          rival: Metal Sonic
          Era Boss: Death Egg Robot

          Dreamcast Era:
          rival: Shadow
          Era Boss: Perfect Chaos

          Modern Era:
          rival: Silver
          Era Boss: Egg Dragoon

  4. I skipped through the first one like 30 apart a piece, just wanted to see what it looked like. Not watching the second.
    Have to control myself.

  5. You save Tails at Green Hill, Amy at Chemical Plant, Knuckles at Sky Sanctuary, Cream at Speed Highway, Rouge at City Escape, Espio at Seaside Hill, Blaze at Crisis City, Vector at Rooftop Run, and Charmy at Planet Wisp.
    So yeah i’d say all the placements are right except for Vector, Amy, Cream, and Charmy but since they have no other places to put them I guess so..

    1. Well when think about it (opinion based):
      Tails – Green Hill Zone – Kinda serves as the first meeting of bros
      Amy – Chemical Plant – Kinda like Stardust Speedway, its where Sonic first saved her
      Knuckles – Sky Sanctuary – After seeing Eggmans true intentions, the friendly rivalry between the two began
      Cream – Speed Highway – Remember in Sonic Adventure DX you would sometimes see a certain rabbit flying 😛
      Rouge – City Escape – :U Well the game speaks for itself, pretty much her debut
      Espio – Seaside Hill – Kinda like the redebut of the Chaotix, he was placed there because the other chaotix had their own purpose >> As explained below
      Blaze – Crisis City – Since Silver is a boss, it would only make sense to have her at the hub xP
      Vector – Rooftop Run – Well spadink….I actually don’t know why he’s there
      Charmy – Planet Wisp – A luscious green planet full of flowers and grassy scenery, of course a bee would be perfect

      1. With Knuckles, you mean the dispute ended. I don’t recall their being much of a rivalry starting.

        Sonic Adventure DX came out after Sonic Heroes. That’s why Cream’s cameo isn’t in the original.

        To be quite honest, I think it’s just based on how SEGA’s listed the characters lately since I’ve seen this order used in Sonic X and other games as well. It’s about how close they are to Sonic and/or how involved they are. Lately Amy’s been coming before Knuckles.

        Otherwise with your way of thinking, you could say Vector would come first in GHZ cuz of his concept, Tails would come in Chemical Plant, Knuckles in Sky Sanctuary, Amy in Sonic Adventure (cuz of her revision in that game), Rouge in City Escape, Cream in Seaside Hill, Blaze in Crisis City, Espio in Rooftop Run and Charmy in Planet Wisp just cuz they have nowhere else to go and graphically fit the levels better.

        But that doesn’t make sense either. So who cares? lol

      2. Exactly, i agreed on all of them 🙂 except the only reason i can think for vector being at rooftop run is because he’s a detective and either theres lots of research places or has an office there. haha 😀

    2. Oh, I thought Charmy’s worked really well. He’s a bee in a flowery, lush landscape, how could he not bee there? (Ha ha.) Also, other than Tails (or maybe Knuckles/Rouge), he’s the only person who could keep up with Sonic’s Rocket and Spikes Wisp powers. Plus he’s kind of the size of a Wisp. I think it fits.

      And with Vector, I thought about it for a while – he doesn’t really fit except for the fact that his body type does sort of remind me of the Werehog! And he fits better than Espio, anyway…

      I’ve always thought Amy in Chemical Plant worked, since it bears a resemblance to Stardust Speedway, and you fight Metal Sonic there.

      With Cream, you got me, though that tidbit someone above wrote about her making a Cameo in Speed Highway DX is as good a reason as any! Although I think a little shifting could have worked. Put Vector in Seaside Hill, Espio in Speed Highway, and Cream in Spagonia. Then at least their colors pallet’s would match a little more.

  6. One more important thing is that in the video IIzuka says that the Sonic Team will makes another games with the classic sonic

        1. Don’t worry lol Iizuka & the french translator in the first video a 3.10 ” nous allons continuer à vous proproser des gameplay en 2D à l’ancienne, mais aussi 3D donc il y en aura pour tous les goûts ”
          => we’ll keep on making classic gameplay on 2d, but others still in 3D so we hope that everybody will be satisfied

          1. I just translated it through google translator so we can finish this conversations it is true here i wht it said “We will continue to bring you proproser of 2D gameplay with old, but also 3D so there will be something for everyone”

          2. Thanks for the translation 🙂 It sounds like Iizuka could just be referring to the Sonic 4 saga’s classic gameplay. I hope we do see more of Classic Sonic, though.

        1. Maybe you’re right too lamor but in my opinion i think that as he game will be a huge commercial success, they’ll maybe re-use classic sonic for sonic 4-2, as sega says that episode 1 was erkkk, and that they will start from over for the episode 2

    1. Is that so? That’s pretty cool! I suppose they’re gonna have to pull a Zelda timeline from here on, then.

  7. Yay rooftop run my fave unleashed stage 🙂 but no offence to the person but he/she isnt very good at that level :/

      1. From what I could tell, all the preview versions we’ve been seeing in these videos give automatic S ranks. It should be harder in the final game.

    1. I didn’t think that was a bad run at all. Something I’ve noticed is that when developers are showcasing the games, if they miss the chance to use the ‘higher’ route’s, they just roll with it and keep going down the one they’re on, which allows them to show the level faster. I don’t remember him getting hit, either – he just kept rolling with it. I think he’s really experienced at the level.

  8. Man rooftop run is f’d up, and by f’d up i mean confusing. it’s going to be confusing for me haha. I still think i’m going to have tons of fun with it. I hope the SG soundtrack comes with the hub string music, it’s so beautiful =’).

  9. I’m the only one to notice the laser diamonds in Rooftop Run? The ones from Sonic Colours?

  10. anyone notice he’s got all 7 chaos emeralds in hub world? they must be doing emerald minigames again

      1. someone hacked the xbox demo #2 and it said you get 6 emeralds from the first 6 bosses and the 7th from planet wisp somehow

        1. A chaos emerald by defeating a boss?
          WTF SEGA? do you really expect us to beat the game in half hour?

          1. I know right. If they’re gonna do that they mine aswell at last mention the emeralds as part of the story.

          2. well at least thats better than the Heroes Special Stage on 3DS, but for a special stage I would have settled for the following:

            Half Pipe (Sonic 2/3D Blast Saturn)
            Blue Shpere (Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
            Tube Panic ((Knuckles’) Chaotix)

            Any of those 3 would be fine for me.

          3. @ will
            uh lets see oh yes you have to chase after the chaos emerald. its kinda easy for the first two emeralds, but when you get to the third…forget it cause there is no way in hell will you be able to get caught up with it. that was the only thing i hated about heroes other than that heroes was a good game.

  11. love how they remix the songs for the hub worlds, it reminds me of sonic and the black night when they had a violin version of IT DOESENT MATTER wich is pretty c00l. Didnt watch the modern spagonia because i dont want to spoil the level have already spoiled GHZ AND CITY ESCAPE. XD

    1. Or possibly number of red rings? Are there five red rings per stage (90), or per act or mission (540)?

      1. Number of Missions completed. Nine stages, 5 mission each. Not sure if this is spoilers or not, I’m just answering the question.

        1. Looks like there’ll be 90 total then since there’s 5 challenge acts for both Classic and Modern or sumtin like dat. (Unless there’s 3 for one and 2 for the other.)

          All I know is we originally that there’d only be 3 extra acts total. lol

  12. Does it bother anyone else that there may not be a true final level? Kind of like how with Unleashed they announced every level but then Eggmanland was the final level. I think it will really bother me if Plaanet Wisp is the the final level lol.

    1. Same here…Planet Wisp, to me, was the final level for Sonic Colors and it worked perfectly, but here, it seems slightly unfair that the Sonic Color’s stage gets to represent the last stage…=/

        1. It can be. The last 3 planets were unlocked equally with the cutscenes merely being revolved around a neutral-progressive boss so you could play it in any order. Planet Wisp was capable of being your final stage.

          Unless you count Terminal Velocity. lol

          Tho Planet Wisp almost feels like a first stage, so that’s weird. lol I could picture Aquarium Park as a final stage for some reason. Dunno why.

          1. Yeah, that’s true. Though the DS version, it unlocked itself, then after you beat it, Aquarium Park and Astroid Coaster unlocked. Not sure why they mixed it up, but okay.

      1. It was the last mainstream console sonic title before generations so why can’t it be the last level. ( Yeah I don’t care that Generations was in production way before colors, but still colors came out first so it has the right to be the final stage)

    2. it would be fun if we got a post-apocalyptic greenhill right? since the final boss is in green hill zone but it could also be somthing like in colors where you have to run from somthing big

      1. Or maybe all the stages, with a bunch of nods to those who didn’t make the cut, colliding into each other. It’d sure be interesting to break through debris from Sky Sancuary and suddenly be careening down onto Speed Highway.

      2. No. Not post-apocalyptic. That’d be overkill. Maybe since all the stages come from one of the mainstream Sonic titles, and Generations comes after Colors, they can make the final stage from Generations. XD A Generations exclusive stage or original stage for Generations. =P

        1. That what time eater is there for. The new exclusive boss stage for this game. So that in the next 20th anniversary we can have time eater take the place of one of the world’s bosses.

      3. Ala, End Of The World from Sonic 06? If they did it like that, but with all the levels in Generations in ONE level (not multiple) it would be epic. That would be a perfect final level, after you get all the Chaos Emeralds anyway…

        I hope if you beat the game without the Chaos Emeralds, Classic Eggman will have his laugh and say, “Try Again” after the credits.

    1. Umm NO! the Babylon Rogues are from a different part of the Sonic Series. Generations is about the Main part of the Sonic Series. So there is no place for them in here.

      1. There is always a place for Sonics friends :U They can serve as a valid cameo when looking back on his life. Just because it isn’t apart of the main plot doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

  13. Remember how Solaris Phase One, Dark Gaia vs Gaia Colossus and Nega Wisp Phase One all had morbid-like music, then on the second phase it’d cut into an epic orchestrated remix of the main theme?

    Phase one of Time Eater will be Doomsday Zone theme, if it isn’t then you all know to point and laugh at me later on, but I’m betting that Doomsday Zone will appear in this game in some form.

    1. Don’t forget Perfect Chaos phase 2, Metal Madness and I guess technically Biolizard when fought with Shadow. lol

      Oh wait, you were talking about the ones with orchestral remixes of the main theme. Mah bad. lol

      Um, if they’re remixes of the main theme then should Time Eater’s music be an orchestral version of the main theme (if there even is one) or at least the title theme (which is a remix of the theme for Sonic 1 and 2)?

  14. Hm, to me it sounds like Speed Highway’s hub theme is just the original Dreamcast song. Maybe they didn’t put in a violin theme yet? It’s quiet though, I could be wrong.

    1. someone on sonic retro that went to the event said that it was the final build so if its not there now its never gonna be in there

  15. I love Rooftop Run and All but i wish they Chose SkyScraperScamper or DragonRun Lol.
    And ill Spoil myself for the Xbox360 Versions and Ps3 versions cuz my Xbox360 decided to act balsy yesterday D:
    But again the Xbox360 and Ps3 versions are so Mind Blowing it Just Makes you feel like you can jump off building or something 😀

  16. You know I really hoped that they had brought back the Super Emeralds for this game. I mean, think about it. Time? 7 Emeralds in one era and another 7 in the past? that’s be cool. But I don’t lose any sleep over it. But seeing this, and the new boss, and all of the gameplay, has me more hyped up than ever. I’ve never felt this excited for a new Sonic game in years. Can’t wait for November!

    1. I think that the super emeralds were an excuse to be able to bridge both Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles together sense each version had their own chaos emeralds. So it would kind of be pointless to have them back again

  17. Didn´t know that Spagonia had a Computer Room =3
    (Co-Op Mission with Vector would be the most epic thing of the decade xP)

  18. why does sonic stop in the middle of nowhere.
    Looks like they know how to blend unleashed’s boost parts, adventures’ 3D and colors 2D platforming.

  19. Ooh sort of like…Super Smash Bros. Brawl right? Like in the last level, where you had to rescue all the characters and go through different levels? That would actually be pretty cool!

  20. Hey the SSBM has a new japanese magazine showing a cutscene, Emerald Coast, Silver and a possible Sonic Drift 2 unlockable for the 3DS version

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