SEGA Japan Updates Sonic Generations Website, New Screenshots

SEGA Japan has given a major update to their Sonic Generations website, and while there’s no new media for the console version outside of a single Rooftop Run screenshot, there are plenty of new screenshots for the portable Nintendo 3DS version.

PS3/Xbox 360

Nintendo 3DS

*Possible final boss spoiler below*

SSMB member Solofiveo also found a small image hidden in the website’s coding of what could be Sonic Generations’ final boss ‘Time Eater’, which SEGA has now removed. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t click the below image link.


Source: SEGA Japan’s Sonic Generations Website

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up on the website update and to Solofiveo, also at the SSMB, for finding the boss pic.

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  1. Shadzteric news as always! 😀 Thanks for the update Shad.

    !!!!!!!!!!MAYBE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!

    You know the whole Colorscontinuationdoesn’tseemthatimpossibleafterseeingtheimageofTimeEater.

        1. I don’t consider that pic a spoiler cuz it doesn’t really make itself very clear. Like where is the image there twice? What’s with the curve-cornered yellow and red outlines? What IS it anyways? I see an evil face but how do I know it’s not caused by a machine? Or a spirit? Monster? Super-powered character? It only shows a face. I can’t really picture fighting that with the image they showed. lol

          Oh well. It’s cool. ^^

  2. Lol, if that’s really the Time Eater, he looks VERY close to how I imagined him.
    He just needs a hat and trenchcoat. =P

  3. Wait that image was a leaked one and wasn’t part of the website?

    ROFL SEGA IS REALLY BAD AT THIS!!! My friends and I have joked about how the demo has so much in it and one joke was “what’s next the final boss?” well looks like it.

    SEGA Employee: What should we do sir?

  4. Well at least we can put the arguments on the other page to rest now. Time Eater is not a serpent, that face does not belong on a snake creature. They were talking about Perfect Chaos in the ESRB rating, and it is also not Mephiles.

  5. That pic is probably the more creepier things this Ive seen since Mephiles… He kinda looks like a Spider-man character imo O.o

  6. IMO, I think the time eater looks stupid and has a lazy design….I hope they improve it. cause i dont really like the wisps…and if it just turns out to be some void wisp thing…I will rage

    1. I agree. I was expecting a robot or some kind of monster that has some sort of personality. Instead we get……….a face. That’s it, really. A face. Unless it’s like some alternate form of him or something.

      1. Or, it’s just a face… and we just haven’t seen the rest of it yet.

        Though, to be honest, it doesn’t actually need a ‘rest of it’. It doesn’t need hands to pick out time-lines, or feet to get around – it doesn’t approach time, time approaches it, uncontrollably. It doesn’t even need a stomach to digest things, because time simply unravels and disintegrates in its mouth.

        So it continues to hunger. It lies in the void, devouring anything, always eating, always hungry, but never satisfied. There is no full, only empty.

        And it is not that it only has a face… it is a face. Nothing in front, nothing behind, nothing above, nothing below… Just a face, and eyes, and a mouth, and beyond that… less than nothing.

  7. Ehh i hope time eater is something big and has about 3 phases of death.
    Dark Gaia
    A Void or Frenzy Wisp ?

    Like 1st phase Classic 2nd phase Modern 3rd phase Both. in Super Mode Meh boy

  8. DAMMIT SEGA……I’m getting teary now over how beautiful the HD Planet Wisp will be. NICE THINGS MAN, THIS IS EXACTLY WHY WE CAN HAVE NICE THINGS.

  9. The ‘Time Eater’ indeed resembled Violet Void (Sonic + Violet Wisp) from the DS version of Sonic Colors.

    So ‘Violet’ becomes the final boss in Sonic Generations? That’s the suprise?
    The powered off version of it? Violet Void – Violet Wisp = Sonic. ‘Time Eater’ – ? = ?

    As for the Yellow and red outlines on the ‘Time Eater’. They’re there to indicate which character profile that you’ve selected. A yellow outline indicated a deselected profile, a red outline indicated a profile that is currently selected by the cursor.

    Anyway. A Sonic Colors sequel would involve the Moon. Since after Eggman failed attempt to mind control the entire world, a bunch of purple/violet energy crashed into the Moon and just stayed there. So… this isn’t a Sonic Colors sequel. Besides, this is probably a (pseudo) storybook series by judging the Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass style cutscene. No yellow blond girl in a blue dress? Hmmm… Maria/Helen must have been pretty busy in Kaito R.

    As for the Spagonia screenshot. Play Sonic Unleashed again and see if it was indeed better looking… or not. The resolution is higher there though.

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