Leaderboards and DLC Confirmed For Sonic Generations

An update to Sonic Generations‘ product page at the official Xbox website Xbox.com has confirmed the Xbox 360 version’s Xbox Live features. The game will feature online leaderboards and support downloadable content, though whether the downloadable content support will extend beyond the Casino Night Zone pinball mini-game being given away through pre-orders in the US and via Special and Collector’s Editions in Europe is unclear.

Source: Sonic Generations Xbox.com product page

Thanks to SSMB member K.K. Driller for the heads up!

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    1. I hope that’s the case as well. I mean come on this game is a DLC magnet.

      Even people whodon’t like DLC that much they think about how *insert stage* is gonna be in HD etc.

      1. you know whats kind of funny. Since i buy my first hd console since christmas, i didnt know you can buy stuff like psn card or xboxlive card points instead of using a credit card??

  1. It’s pretty much a pointless feature for the 360. I wonder if SEGA is going to bother with the hackers this time. Got a PS3 so it doesn’t it apply to us… yet xD. No surprise on the DLC as every mainstream Sonic game has some but I wonder what we can expect.

  2. Why don’t they just ban hackers from the leaderboards? Not saying they should lock the players out of the game or anything, but keep them off of the score boards. No reason they should get to spoil the fun for everyone else.

    1. If Super Sonic is anything like he was in Sonic Colors, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about Super Sonic taking over the leaderboards. Maybe the time attack stuff, but score attack will be owned by normal Sonic.

  3. I don’t think DLC will add new stages in terms of entirely new zones not featured in the initial release, but I think it will add additional acts for existing stages as SEGA did with Unleashed.

  4. if they are going to make new stages for DLC, which SEGA would make a lot of money off of, i would love Radical Highway from SA 2.

  5. you know wat’s funny is that I told sega on their facebook page ideas for dlc, i said their should be stage packs that include all missing stages, like classic pack 1, which would represent all sonic 1 stages and so on and so forth, but we’ll see, ps sorry if i seem like I’m bragging

  6. Stage Pack DLC 1:

    Ice Cap Zone- Sonic 3
    Carnival Night Zone- Sonic 3
    Twinkle Park- Sonic Adventure

    Stage Pack DLC 2:

    Pyramid Cave- Sonic Adventure 2
    Grand Metropolis- Sonic Heroes
    Egg Fleet- Sonic Heroes

    Stage Pack DLC 3:

    Radical Train- Sonic 06
    Quartz Quadrant- Sonic CD
    Mystic Cave Zone- Sonic 2

    Stage Pack DLC 4:

    Sweet Mountain- Sonic Colors
    Windmill Isle- Sonic Unleashed
    Sand Oasis- Sonic and the Secret Rings

    1. Switch Radical Train with Kingdom Valley (cuz of it’s symbolism and it’s similar scenery to Radical Train) and switch Quartz Quadrant with Wacky Workbench (cuz I heard supposedly Iizuka would’ve liked to see that stage in Generations and so it seems like it’d been more likely. lol)

  7. I’d love to see some of the stages from the 3DS version get an HD overhaul via DLC for the consoles. I want Emerald Coast with lush HD visuals! Wave Ocean doesn’t cut it!

  8. Level packs are a great idea, they would sell like hotcakes. Ice Cap sounds like it would be first if they did do that, the fan base has been rather vocal about that one. A new remix version of Ice Caps music would be most welcome too.

    I’ve always liked Mystic Cave and Lava Reef, a cave type level would be nice, and Ice Cap does have that if you go the bottom pathway. Lava Reef with Hidden Palace tacked on the end (since it was a small zone) would be cool, it could end with the Knuckles fight. Tho that would probably be asking a lot, and Sonic 3 could use a zone so I’d be happy with Ice Cap.

    Like a previous post said tho, if it’s like Unleashed they may just re-use the assets already at their disposal and do extra acts for the existing levels. Doesn’t stop us crossing our fingers and hoping Sega continues this awesome streak they are on 😀
    They have probably already started on DLC now that the game is done.

  9. They’ll probably just do some hard modes, and then some short challenge acts. Like in Unleashed. There is no way that they’ll do more than 1 extra level.

  10. Now that is some interesting tidbits, can only fathom what the DLC content could be.
    But leaderboards? Er wait like Bayonetta? o.o oh this is going to get interesting

  11. i just want to see casino night zone make its way as it’s own level to the consoles. the vibrancy and the music (especially the music) make that my favourite level of all time in a sonic game. as mentioned above, mystic cave would also be quality.
    i preferred emerald hill to green hill myself, i reckon that would have been a better starter level for the main game.
    also i hope the updated music for chemical plant zone is something like xenogenocides metal guitar version, that rocks!

  12. What I want for DLC:

    1) Spring Yard

    2) Emerald Hill

    3) Carnival Night

    4) Ice Cap

    5) Lava Reef

    6) Final Fortress

    7) Kingdom Valley

    8) Savannah Citadel

    9) Jungle Joyride

    10) Starlight Carnival

    •BONUS: Palmtree Panic, Whacky Workbench, Angel Island, Marble Garden, & Flying Battery!

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