Five New Sonic Generations Screenshots Leak at, New Stages Revealed

Five new images from the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Generations have been leaked via the game’s product page at the official Xbox website The images were quickly removed, but K.K. Driller over at our very own SSMB managed to grab them beforehand.

The images show the Rival battle against Shadow the Hedgehog at the Ark from Sonic Adventure 2 and our first glimpse of Planet Wisp from Sonic Colours. We also get to see Classic Sonic battling the previously teased Eggman mech battle at Sonic 2’s Death Egg and get a peek at a cutscene which sees Modern Sonic looking at his Classic self. Finally, we have another image of the picnic scene.

You can check out all five images below:


Big thanks to K.K. Driller at the SSMB for grabbing the images and to Edward for the heads up!

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  1. That boss fight better have the drum and bass music or it will fail infinitely for replacing it with something of a different genre.

    1. lol yeah I was curious to see how For True Story will sound remixed. It may sound distorted but even with Shadow’s appearance, different animation, different voice and slightly different portrayal, the music will somehow make it feel like you’re seeing the good ol’ SA2 Shadow again.

      1. I’m not sure I want it remixed, haha. I think it’d be perfectly okay if they just used the original. ๐Ÿ™‚ But if they can successfully pull it off to where it’s still in the same style (and not electronic-fied…) that’ll be nice. ๐Ÿ™‚

        ARK battle FTW! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. YES!! I knew Shadow would get a Boost! Space Colony Ark looks so much more different. Planet Wisp looks SO amazing in HD! Th cutscene picture looks GOLDEN too! I cannot freaking wait for this game!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Me Neither. It kinda takes sonic’s uniqueness away. Hopefully they make slower than sonic’s or something

      1. But then how will Shadow keep up with Sonic in a fight where their speeds were originally equivalent? o0 (Actually in the fight the AI was always a bit better at keeping up his speed unless you spindashed then the AI would teleport)

  3. It’s just unbelievable that a Sonic game in HD and 3D could be this great! Fantastic! I haven’t been this pumped for a new Sonic game since the original Sonic Adventure first showed up with screenshots!

  4. pic 1:man I swear they better have the right music for shadow boss fight.
    pic:why does it look like a part of a stage?
    pic 3:Planet wisp look BEAUTIFUL, HANDS DOWN
    Pic 4:Its like im looking at my past self
    Pic 5:Find The Candle!!!

  5. WHY IS THE MOON FULL?!?!?! >:(

    But in all seriousness… HOLY — … Dat Planet Wisp. Dat flying Shadow. Dat… everything! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    1. I’m gonna try and hold myself back with the art and beauty of the Wisp Planet but it is gonna be beautiful running through there again <_< Funny how SEGA haven't revealed my two favorite levels (Crisis City and Planet Wisp) but now its just one ;3


    Awesomeness….Could the months be anymore slower…D: Hurry up November….

  7. I think Shadow is in midโ€“step which is why it looks like he’s flying.

    I wonder if we are getting a boss trailer like Unleashed. I wouldn’t be surprised if it only showed Robo Eggman, Shadow, and Metal Sonic

  8. OMG planet wisp looks awesome in HD plus no factory in sight there may be some in the stage but this pic just shows how beautiful the planet is without eggman killing nature and shadow vs sonic looks awesome cant wait to do that fight i am freaking out right now why cant it be november

    1. Yeah! That’s what I’m hoping for as well. More of the green fields unlike in Colors which was really nothing but factory. It would be a really sweet touch if they do that. I’m really wondering how they’re going to do the music for that stage. Planet Wisp Act 1, as I call it, was beautiful to listen to.

  9. Argh, I spoiled this stuff for myself AGAIN, like I keep saying I shouldn’t do.
    ……..But….it’s just………..SO………..BEAUTIFUL…….T-T

  10. This=AWESOME.
    I wonder if it’s possible to unlock Shadow as a skin/voice clip set or something. Maybe as DLC?

  11. This=AWESOME.
    I wonder if it’s possible to unlock Shadow as a skin/voice clip set or something. Maybe as DLC?

      1. How many times do Sega need to say it, ONLY SONIC IS PLAYABLE!!
        Some of the other characters are turning up as helpers and will follow Sonic during replays of the zones and in mission mode which has been outed by the descriptions in the press releases and the strategy guide descriptions. But Shadow is not one of them, he is a boss, a rival, not a helper, nor did he show up in the demo files as one either.

        They might do some DLC later perhaps like with ’06 and have the helpers playable or something. But for now, none of the other characters are playable in any way shape or form. This isn’t Aventure 3 >.<

        1. Dude, calm down. You’re like: “OOH, LOOK AT ME, I COMMENT ON THE INTERNET, I’M RIGHT AND YOU’RE WRONG” I am fully aware of what Sega has said. I was only inferring that since Shadow has abilities and appearance similar to Sonic, they could easily make a DLC pack with Shadow as a playable character. No new abilities, just a skin, some voice clips, and some animations.

          1. Which is why I said they could do DLC later, we will have to see. It does pay to read a full post before replying and looking like an asshat making presumptions about somebody. All I stated is what is currently known to be true, it’s quite easy to be right when you stick to the facts your given.

            And for the record the bold type was to be noticed so people hopefully read it and understand, it was not yelling or upset, I’m totally calm. You however may wanna take a breather for a few seconds, all that pretending to me me and failing must take quite a bit of energy >.<

        2. On Sonic Retro it was said from two sources (who couldn’t give their sources) that ‘skins’ would be available/usable in the game. What would be easier to skin than Shadow into Sonic?

          I’m not saying the whole “friend of a friend” story is credible, nor is it something that gives credit against it being unlikely, but still.

          Also, this picture argues with the fact that he’s a special snowflake compared to others in-game:

          Those are on-screen names, and those are the only ones in the leaks entirety. Cream shows up in the missions, but she has a special on-screen name like Sonic and Shadow? Why doesn’t Metal Sonic or Raiden have this? Or any other of the “helpers” other than Cream? There are holes, and your opinion and input isn’t the be-all, end-all.

          1. I never stated my opinion in either of those posts. My opinion is that it would be wicked if they did do skins or let you play the single player missions with the other characters as optional DLC, Tails is my favourite character besides Sonic and I’d love a chance to play as him again.

            What I stated is what is in Sega’s official press releases and on the back of the strategy guide blurb. That the other characters are rivals or helpers only in the bare bones release of the game. And Sega themselves have said numerous times only Sonic is playable in the story mode.

            All the characters names showed up in the demo hack title cards and such except Shadow and Silver and Metal Sonic. While interesting that pic could be from the rumored multiplayer mode or from the Sonic & Cream vs mission, maybe they are vs Shadow. We won’t know for sure untill we play the game.

        3. Calm down dude, they may not be playable during the MAIN game, but maybe for Multiplayer, I mean you cant exactly play multiplayer with just Sonic can you ?!

          1. uhmm there is no multiplayer and if the game had multiplayer i think you would be playing as CLASSIC sonic but then it would be weird because of the 2D and 3D-2D

  12. Sega,has really hit the nail on the head. Putting all three eras of Sonic in one game ,in HD I’m still freaking out about it.

  13. Im so glad i just switched my peice of shit squarebox tv and finally get an hd tv in my game room. Im soo proud of you sonic team! I can see that you guys are now working on the cutscenes.

    1. The cutscenes would have been finished a while ago. The ESRB rated the game a few days ago, too, so we know the whole thing is finished now. We just haven’t been shown any outside of bits in the trailers and screenshots.

  14. O…M… GAIA!!

    …I think I just pee’d… lemme check– nope. I came.

    This game.
    The longer I have to wait.
    The more I cry.


    SEGA… I think I Love you again. [:



  15. Shadow is an exact clone of sonic anyway, since he boosts now too, we’d totally be able to play as him. Please make dlc for that lol. Though thats the last thing i want them to work on haha

      1. i think he might be player 2 in the 3ds version because that C. sonic and metal sonic race looks 2 player from the player names on the bottom




  17. Hmm…I only wanted to view Shadow’s fight. I highly doubt he’s flying (despite the fact he did it in his very first scene. Show off!), it’s like someone else said – maybe in mid – step. However, judging from his arms and the fact that his speed comes from his shoes, it’s much more logical (in a video game, that is) that he is sort of flying. Kicking it up a notch <3

    It also appears that this is the start of the fight (the building behind them seems to be the building they talked in briefly before the fight…And where David delivered the ultra sinister line "Your adventuring days are coming to an end". Miss you David!).

    …Still…They had to add a boost for Shadow – otherwise you'd just keep outrunning him, and that wouldn't be fair (Chaos Control, Shadow. Use it for more than just teleporting!).

    Here's hoping Chaos Blast makes it in, and correctly this time <3

  18. I love the way Sonic looks all hunched up for speed but kinda stretched at the same time with his foot out in front like that in that shot, caught at just the right moment. And that Giant Egg Robo battle looks a lot different, good job! There seems to be panels or something on the floor, perhaps you have to launch something at him rather than actually hitting him?

  19. Awww its Sonic 2 Death Egg,

    Please Note: Death Egg should be in – just not the Sonic 2 version. Because that is just Chemical Plant.

    Has to be said – That Vs Shadow and Sonic looking at Sonic look good.

  20. Fuuu.. I’m freaking loving that pictures. ๐Ÿ˜€
    To bad that Death Egg is the Version of Sonic 2 again… but I’m totally relieved that it’s not a copy of the original gameplay .

  21. This is incredible Sonic vs. Shadow, Death E.G.G Battle, Planet Wisp in HD, and new cutscenes its like Im crying with excitement.

  22. Its probably like shadow is using chaos control in the speed way like he did in black knight and shadow the hedgehog game. Still, it IS freaking AWESOME

      1. Nah. He’d be covered in a blue shade, if his game is anything to go by.

        He’s boosting…Er, flying. Boost flying. Took him long enough to remember that he can fly a little like he did in the intro to his game XD What a dork. We love him for it, though.

  23. HOLY SHIT I have never been so excited for a sonic game like EVER !!! That Sonic + Shadow battle looks amazing, I was really hoping they would put that in once I heard they officially confirmed shadow in it !! I CANT WAIT ANOTHER MONTH AND A BIT, WHY DO YOU TORTURE ME :(!!!

  24. Ahhhhh!! I’m suffering from Sonic Generations deprival symptoms! And I don’t even have the game yet!!!

  25. I wish SEGA could make 2p mode once more…

    This is gonna (still) be the best sonic game since… since S3&K. Can’t wait!

  26. Why is the Moon yellow? (I’ll assume it’s something to do with the fact that it’s supposed to be half-blown up there)
    Why is Shadow flying?
    Why is Sonic absent from his own Birthday party? (My guess is he’s in front of them all just behind the camera)
    How comes Blaze is at the party but Silver isn’t, neither is Shadow?

      1. Again, I doubt it. Chaos Control = instantaneous transportation and a shade of blue, from the games after Shadow that continued the trend. He’s using his shoes to boost, a feat he was able to do in the intro to his game but seemingly…He forgot about it until now, apparently. Silly Shadow!

        The moon being yellow? Well, it could be from being half blown up (it might be on the other side, so we can’t see it. SEGA has done their research, so I doubt they forgot about that. It’s a bit hard to miss XD), or the way the sunlight is reflecting off of it and onto the ARK. (Dear lord I’m trying to apply logic to a video game O.o )

    1. Silver and Shadow are already kidnapped by the “mysterious Force”.
      Don’t forget they are Rival-Bosses. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    2. Silver is from the future so how can he be there? lol and Shadow we all know wouldnt go to partys.
      Blaze is there because…well i dont know, Blaze is Backstory confuses me lol first shes from her own world the next shes in the future with silver? unless she leaves her world at somepoint? well all i know is Blaze is a Fan favourite so thats probly why shes in this game.

    3. Shadow has a line in Sonic Chronicles, beginning of chapter 4, something along the lines of (not a direct quote) ‘I’ll help you just as long as I can find Omega, but don’t expect me to go attending parties or picnics.’ SOMEBODY PLEASE BACK ME UP ON THIS.

  27. *final boss defeated*
    M Tails: Hey Sonic….?
    C Sonic: ?
    M Sonic: Whats up little buddy?
    M Tails: How come we dont remember this?…..
    C Sonic: 0_o
    M Sonic: Oh crap…
    *universe implodes*

  28. What i find funny is, the leaked list is coming true lol oh and the fact the bosses with shadow and metal sonic both seem to be racing type boss battles, ill laugh if they randomly make the boss with silver a race too.

  29. COOL SONIC MEETS SONIC AND VS SHADOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IVE SO GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Hmmm….seeing that Shadow can match Sonic, seemingly…does that open up the possibility that he could be a downloadable or unlockable skin for Sonic? <:

    1. Once again, Sega has said for billionth time, Sonic will be the ONLY playable characters, no skins, no unlockables, no nothing….just sonic.

      1. DLC, if anything. You want to play as a different character? You gotta pay for it, lol. That’s if they do decide to add him as an OPTIONAL (key word here) playable character.

        …Heh. If you played as Shadow, would that mean you’d face Sonic instead? Lol. Memories~

        1. And yet, you deny the fact that you cant play as shadow, I swear they have said this over and over again, They are not planning on making other characters playable….this game is all about sonic….why cant you people just stop hoping shadow is playable cause ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

          1. I agree it’s very unlikely, but SEGA could make DLC for other playable characters due to popular demand. But yes, it’s extremely unlikely. (and yes, I know SEGA have said Sonic is the only playable character)

          2. Why are you getting angry? I was only pointing out what SEGA is likely to do in that event. Do I wish Shadow was playable? Yes and no. Yes because I am a fan, but no because there would be no difference to the game play and wouldn’t make the story different.

            I’m not denying anything because while Sonic is the only one playable at this time, there is always the chance they could add more characters through DLC. In my eyes, there is always a chance as the human mind is fickle in its decisions.

            …Not only that, but it is also Shadow’s tenth anniversary, and I feel he should get a little gift done for him as well.

          3. @ Grassy, btw I didn’t get angry, I agreed it’s possible and I’d like it to happen, but I’m guessing You weren’t talking to me.

  31. Hmm… There’s 9 characters at this picnic, there’s missions for the characters, and I’m assuming one stage per game, so that would mean…
    Tails – Green Hill
    Amy – Chemical Plant
    Knuckles – Sky Sanctuary
    Vector – SA1
    Rouge – City Escape
    Charmy – Seaside Hill
    Blaze – Sonic 06
    Espio – Rooftop Run
    Cream & Cheese – Planet Wisp (Im sure they can say something about Cheese looking like a Wisp)
    Hopefully after you do their missions you can choose which character is your partner, cause I know having Knux as my partner through levels would be all kinds of epic.

  32. It’s official, Sonic Generations is a modified storybook series game.
    Judging on the Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass style cutscene.
    So… Sonic Unleashed’s sequel… Doko?

    Also there are 10 characters in the party screenshot (minus Sonic, Shadow, and Silver) and there are only two chairs (light pink and light blue), where will all of them sit? Unless they will sit somewhere else and the chairs are reserved for other guests.

    Sonic and ‘Shadow’ certainly didn’t race at the Moon, since the yellow Moon is on the background. It also doesn’t look like Space Colony Ark, since the machineries are too different (they resembled the ones in Modern’s Chemical Plant Zone). It feels more like Sonic Colors’ Asteroid Coaster (ransacked from Sonic Colors?). The thing that made people think it’s Space Colony Ark is because ‘Shadow’ is in it. The other character probably wasn’t Shadow and is actually a model swap.

    Planet wisp certainly look pretty good in higher resolution. But they could’ve done better. Though considering Sonic Generations was originially developed as a Wii game, it will do.

    1. I disagree, and many with me.

      The models look EXACTLY like those from SA2 except HiDef.
      It also looks as if they’ve just left the building where the cutscene is in where Sonic says “I’m just a guy who loves adventures” (offtopic: that cutscene made me squee as a kid).

  33. Shadow: Before this is Over, I’ll show you the true power of CHAOS CONTROL!!!

    Sonic: Alright Shadow, Time for me to FINISH๏ปฟ THIS!

  34. With the power of the Hedgehog Engine (Unleashed made me cry with happiness).
    Oh man, I cannot wait to see what more surprises we’ll get to experience in this one.
    Plus “man in the mirror” an mj nod? hmm..

  35. It’s great to see so many people excited to see Shadow. He really is a cool character. Honestly, there seems to be only three groups of people who hate him. 1. Hardcore Classic fans (Of coarse). 2. Shadow the Hedgehog game haters (It was ONE game, guys). 3. Game critics (I’m talking about you IGN). Sonic 06 wasn’t a very good game, but that was when Shadow “redeemed” himself. I still can’t believe all the people who booed him (Or just his game) in that interview a while back.

  36. There are too many city levels in sonic generations (if the leak is true, which it has been); they should have included a space level, and Final Rush on the ARK would be great to play just before the rival fight with shadow. But I guess not, oh-well it’ll still be a great game.

  37. FACEPALM FOR ANYONE who doesn’t remember the SA1 room with the mirrors the one with sonic looking at classic sonic COULD BE TWINKLE PARK

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