Sonic Generations Release Dates

Our friends over at Sonic Extreme are reporting that IGN has inadvertently let slip the release dates for Sonic Generations in both US and UK territories. Extreme reports that before the above adverts were taken down, the images featured a US release date of Tuesday, 1st of November 2011 with the UK release coming three days later on the Friday, 4th of November 2011.

Although not independently confirmed elsewhere, the banner above, now hosted on Sonic Extreme would certainly indicate these are the launch dates.

Looks like we’ll be staying in this Guy Fawkes night!

SOURCE: Sonic Extreme

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  1. Thanks for linking back to Sonic Extreme! πŸ˜€

    IGN has now put the advert back up on it’s UK page with the November 4th release date but the US page hasn’t been changed back, I guess SEGA will officially announce it shortly…

  2. If Sega is taking down stuff like this, then why didn’t they get Amazon to change their product page?

  3. Hell Yeah!

    Well 4th-no 3rd November until 10th November i will be really sick and the doctor will say to me to play a lot Sonic Generations. The awesomeness will make the illness to go away.

  4. well alright, lets see, i already got $40, i need $90 for sonic generations and halo combat evolved anniversary. so i got like 13 weeks to get $50 more, and i atleast earn $30 a month, yup. i’m all good! :DD

  5. You was fast Shadzter. SSMB guys are always first in those matters. πŸ™‚

    So lets start the countdown! It should be 71 days if I am not wrong!

          1. D8
            Well I hope it’s for the best! Cuz you were my favorite news provider. XD Will you still at least point out updates if you find them first even if you don’t post the articles yourself? X) lmao Wait that’s more work for you. XP

            *sniff* what a sad day. jk XD

          2. Well you probably had a reason so I wont ask. I hope you will still post here and on SSMB πŸ™‚

            Register on SSMB! We always have updates there!

          3. @HUNTER297
            Does the SS stand for Sonic Stadium? XD Cuz I always thought TSSZ might be like The Sonic Stadium Zone or something but never really knew for sure.

            Wait wait, I think I got it. The Sonic Stadium Message Boards right? o: If so, I’ll go check it out. o3o

  6. I would complain that it’s close to Skyrim, but Sonic games take like 2 days to complete anyway. (And they’re just the funnest 2 days ever)

  7. And now I know the date to start combing Youtube for videos of gameplay and cutscenes because I don’t want to shell out hundreds of pounds for a new console for the purpose of playing one game.



      1. ._. Right after Halloween. Lets see, I play Sonic games with two fans blowing on high, add in a crap load of candy and I think I’m gonna act the same way I act when I play rainbow road under the influence e.e

    1. Retailer listings aren’t official dates -_-‘ Yes, they got it right this time, but that doesn’t mean they’re always right. Lots of other respectable UK retailers were listing other dates in the month.

  8. Here in the Netherlands, Nov 4th. But i’ve also seen Nov 1st and 30th. So i’m kinda sure it will be Nov 4th in Europe if more countries here are noting the same date…. Still tooooo long away πŸ™

    1. I dont know about Netherlands but Eastern Europe get games always on Tuesday (US relase dates) so I will get in on first Nov. πŸ˜€

  9. THANK YOU Sega for being the only video games company to release an eagerly-awaited game immediately BEFORE my birthday! *cough*skywardsword*cough* Best birthday gift ever.

    1. Retailer listings aren’t official release dates. Yes, they got it right, but it doesn’t mean their dates are set in stone until SEGA gives the official word.

  10. SEGA should’ve just released the game on Nov.1 worldwide. I wonder why they put it off, for other places, till the 4th? Hmm, well I guess its because the UK got Colors first, so now we get Generations first, but still SEGA should’ve just released them worldwide all on the same day πŸ™‚

    I too just realized this is the day after Halloween, but I’m not gonna rub it in, because there are some people who dont/can’t celebrate Halloween.

    I’m gonna try to make the game last me a month. All I’ll do is play 2 acts every day. Then after I’m done w/the acts, I’ll do 2 missions every day. Then Ill play through any 2 stages, and collect as much red rings as I can. Then ill do whatever else the game has to offer πŸ˜›

    And btw, why are you guys saying “fuck yes”…? Can’t you just say “yes”? Are you trying to sound cool or something? xD

    1. Games are always released on a Tuesday in the US and a Friday in Europe. Some of the higher profile games get worldwide releases and I don’t know how that works, but yeah, SEGA’s just going with each territory’s usual day for video game releases. I’m sure they aren’t trying to show any preference.

    2. I will play whole game AT ONCE!!! And after story mode I will clear missions. Get all S-Ranks. Get all Red Rings in meantime. Then collect all stuff. And finaly replay game to get high scores and as much rings as I can.

        1. Slepping is cheating πŸ˜› But yeah just kidding I hooe I will clear story mode in 1-2 days.

          1. Lol, nice πŸ™‚ I did the same thing w/Colors. I said to myself that i would make the game last a week, when i passed it in 2 days xD. I probably might do the same thing for Generations, but im trying really hard not to πŸ˜› btw im also hoping this game has as much cutscenes as Unleashed had.

  11. What about other places in the world? I live in Singapore, which is in Asia (and it’s part of the PAL region). When will it be released?

  12. I might get this before Christmas then, as I really want the DLC Pre-Order Deal!
    I will definetly get the 360 Version but I’m still not sure about the 3DS one, I’ll just have to wait for a review on that.

  13. if you go on Gamestop website and look up Sonic Generations, they have confirmed it for November 1st in the US and I knew this long before IGN slip this.

    1. Retailer listings aren’t official release dates. Yes, they got it right, but it doesn’t mean their dates are set in stone until SEGA gives the official word. By the way, IGN isn’t slipping this info. These dates are from an official SEGA ad showing on their website.

    1. As I’ve said in reply to other comments: Retailer listings aren’t official release dates. Yes, they got it right, but it doesn’t mean their dates are set in stone until SEGA gives the official word.

  14. Holy crap! i need to get money and fast! I REALLY NEED THIS AND ASSASSIN’S CREED REVELATIONS AND MW3!! even though i will give first priority to Generations πŸ˜‰

    1. Sell some old stuff on ebay, classic beyblades ect, i sold my old 2001 beyblades made Β£110 then got a 3DS and Street fighter IV 3D

    2. @nicomg – As much as i LOVE MW2, MW3 is being rushed, and is gonna be just as bad as Black Ops. If I were you, I would look up gameplay/online/storymode when the game is out, before making a bad move. Even though i dont like Battlefield, I have a feeling Battlefield 3 will be more realistic, and better.

  15. As bad as i hate school and the teachers are gonna probably try to screw us over shitload of homework and trying to show our parents our grades, This is not stopping me from getting generation and I will play the hell out of this game

  16. !!!Yes yes yes!!!
    I’am not going to school that week or maybe the whole mouth(I wish:( ).
    Right after school I’am going to gamestop pick up per-oder sonic generations and go home play my !!!SONIC GENERATIONS!!!

    1. The advert says ‘Coming Soon’ for the 3DS version and EU retailers are listing it for a November 25th release, so it appears the 3DS version will be released later in the month. That version must have needed more development time. I expect SEGA will announce a date for that version within the next month.

  17. I think it’d mean more if it was released on Sonic’s birthday, but whatever. We’re getting it sooner this way >:3

    Can’t wait to tear things up on my 360!

  18. Now I can get Generations as well as the new Megadeth and Metallica CDs all on the same day.

  19. πŸ˜€ The stages are cool ! I have a good feeling crysis city is gonna be awesome πŸ˜€

  20. i am curious will this come out for the PC too? GAME posted it but…? I live in the US

    1. We will just have to wait and see….there are 2 ways at looking at the PC situation:

      A) SEGA is porting Xbox and PS3 versions for PC version, and is coming soon.

      B) SEGA was making a PC version, but then thought it wasnt a good idea, so they scrapped it.

      C) SEGA was making a PC version, but then had too much in their hands, that they decided to not do a PC version.

      In this situation, I would choose A.

  21. This is so awesome… I gotta get me a PS3 before then(thank the Lord Almighty Sony lowered the price). Screw Skyward Sword, I wantz me some Sonics! I haven’t played a good Sonic game since i got Colors for Christmas!

  22. @ricardo thanxs i really want a PC version I WAS thinking of getting a 3DS version but nah.

  23. Hey so I have a 3DS and I’ve been to every gamestop that’s close to me and I’ve checked the release date for the 3DS version and they all said January 2012 for 3DS… is this true?

  24. Whoa… I just saw an Similar amazon advert, with the same release dates,as an AD on this website! I don’t believe it…
    I’ll try to get a picture up, but it’ll be hard… Anyone else seen it?


  26. i heard the other way around as far as releases go… at my local EB Games (Game Stop), they said it’s being released on November 1st… although it is very well possible that they were wrong. just stating my point =)

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