Sonic Generations City Escape with Modern Sonic – All the Way Through!


If you just can’t wait to see the Modern City Escape from Sonic Generations all of the way through, then checkout this video from the GamingClerks filmed at this week’s Gamescom event, where the demonstrator plays through the modern Sonic level in its entirity, complete with the Uber-Truck chase.

For those of you disappointed this was not available for play at SoS and Sonic Boom, don’t be – according to TSSZ News this stage is still only available for demonstration and was not playable at the Cologne based game show.

Source: TSSZ News

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  1. That guitar solo is so AWSOME! And reminded me of It Doesnt Matter. And I am in love with new verse rythm. SEGA just let me preorder soundtrack please!

    1. Sadly, I could barely hear it. Give me a clean rip, or even one with SFX but no people talking in the background, and I’ll be a very happy person. Not the Demo/Trailer version, mind. That’s already on my iPod.

    2. Didnt they add lyrics that said “It doesnt matter”? Oh wel, either way, i cant hear it that well.

      Guys im just pointing this out right now. Not EVERY single song of Generations can be mixed with other classic/modern songs, and ill tell you why.

      LONG SPOILERR!!!!!!!!!!

      Classic GHZ: cant get other music remixed in it, because its Classic Sonic’s theme, and it was only supposed to have updated music, nothing else.

      Modern GHZ: ehh, SEGA didint remix any moving on

      Classic CPZ: same reason as Classic GHZ.

      Modern CPZ: I didnt hear the full song, but its likely that SEGA added other music in.

      Classic SSZ: Same reason as Classic GHZ.

      Modern SSZ: Same reason as Modern CPZ.

      Classic Speed Highway: Since this stage belongs to Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic will be getting the remix and possibly other added music in it.

      Modern Speed Highway: Since this theme belongs to Modern Sonic, Modern Sonic will be getting the same music, but with updated insruments.

      Classic CE: Since this theme belonged to Modern Sonic, Classic got a remix with Endless Mine in it too.

      Modern CE: Sonic got an updated version of this song, containing new lyrics, bass, etc.

      Classic Seaside Hill: Same reason as Classic Speed Highway.

      Modern Seaside Hill: Same reason as Modern Speed Highway.

      Classic CC: Same reason as Classic Speed Highway.

      Modern CC: Same reason as Modern Speed Highway.

      Classic RR: Same reason as Classic Speed Highway.

      Modern RR: Same reason as Modern Speed Highway.

      Classic PW: Same reason as Classic Speed Highway.

      Modern PW: Same reason as Modern Speed Highway.

      Do you get what I mean? 😛

      1. @Rick
        Its not It Doesnt Matter mixed. But it reminded me of It Doesnt Matter sure. I mean that Guitar Solo.

        1. Actually, it is! It’s a remix of the intro to SA2’s version of It Doesn’t Matter.

          Makes me wonder if the lyrics following it are from It Doesn’t Matter. I can’t hear them clearly enough to tell.

          1. Actually IT IS! It was faster so I didnt recognize it.

            But lyrics no. They are brand new you can clearly hear “Follow me” in them (I mean new ones)

    1. Yes I can
      when you think about it every Sonic game have it’s faults:

      Classic games: too short
      Adventure games: Knuckles, Rouge or Big gameplay
      Shadow: guns and camera
      Sonic 2006: do I need to
      SATSR: on rails (kind of)
      Sonic Unleashed: Werehog
      Advance and Rush games: too Short
      Colors: It was suppose to be a 3D/2D game but it was over 75% 2D. It was somewhat Short

      This is only my opinion but the point is Generations is the ultimate Sonic Game it has almost anything a Sonic fan could ask for.

      1. Whoa Whoa Whoa, I liked Knuckles and Rouge missions in Adventure games and Shadows guns brought something new to the table although it could use work. 06 just needs to be patched up and Unleashed Werehog is GOD TIER. Advance…meh, adventure were actually long enough, mostly on Sonic Rush Adventure because you still had a crap load of islands to find. Then again everyone has their own opinions.

  2. Imagine the hackers getting ahold of these demos, we’d either be rewarded by them or punished by sega >w>

  3. OMG I listened to as much of the Modern Version of escape from the city as I could and I LOVE IT!! I couldn’t pick out the whole thing though, so I can’t decide which version I like more yet. I agree with HUNTER297, the guitar solo ROCKS!!!!!!!

  4. Lizuka says that Classic Tails is going to talk unlike classic Sonic. What do you guys think?

      1. Oh, on tssz……dang. Im GLAD Classic Sonic isnt going to talk (His classic VA’s were just annoying.) but Classic Tails is?! w.t.f. I guess its cool that Classic Tails speaks for C. Sonic, but the only thing im worried about is Tails’ VA. What if his voice is not good? D: The only reason im worried is because last time SEGA picked new VA’s for the whole cast(Colors&Free Riders) Some of the voices were just plain terrible. I hope SEGA doesnt screw Classic Tails up! D:

        Oh and btw, in this one interview, Iizuka said that Tails will have one of the most important roles in the game. So this makes sense for Classic Tails, since he’s going to be a translator the whole time, but what about Modern Tails? I hope he gets just as an important role as Classic Tails! 😀
        and i wonder if Tails will invent a new machine or mechanism, like he did in Colors. Seriously though, i cannot wait to play this game and see the last scene! It’ll probably show Sonic and Freinds going back to their own time or something. Im gonna lol and cry a bit, if someone cries(like Amy or Cream) when they have to go, heheh. I hope SEGA leaves a tiny cliffhanger or something that represents that there will be another game with Classic Sonic. 🙂

        1. Oh ya, and i also in one of the cutscenes, they explain why Classic Sonic wont talk, lol tha’d be funny. Also, i hope other Classic characters like Knuckles and Amy can talk too! it’d be a little weird if only Classic Tails talks, though im sure SEGA explains everything in the game. For once im happy SEGA is letting Happy Tree Friends write this game. They did a terrible job in Colors, but surely they’ll improve, and its his 20th Anniversary, so they better be serious at times. Though after Gen. SEGA must use differernt writers.

          1. Sonic’s voice in colors ABSOLUTLEY SUCKED! I wish his old voice returned. :,(

          2. @Ricky
            Some voices Rocks! I really like new Silver and Blaze voices. Shadows new voice has room for improvment. Espio Rocks!

            About writers. Well this games plot wouldnt even make sense. I think it will be erased like 06 in the end so those writers are good choice for it. BUT I WANT MORE SERIOUS STORY NEXT TIME! With more chars. I think storybook writers can handle this. Of course when they will be lead by main series writer (Happy Tree Friends workalone)

            Classic Tails will have same actor/(actress 🙂 as modern Tails. I don see a reason why they would change it.

            And I want to see new actors TRUE performance. I mean those short clips from Free Riders wont do. We need to hear more in Gen. Especially Shadow and Silver since they are bosses.

        2. I don’t think any classic ones are going to talk considering their voices have changed over the past 20 years

        3. It would seem a bit weird that Classic Tails can talk but C-Sonic doesn’t who would voice him though still Kate higgins? or…. who knows? but we shall see how it goes it does seem quite interesting and I saw the trailer I can’t wait and more stuff will be revealed next month and October too only a matter time before november comes up too but It’s nearly the end of the holidays which is quite sad

          That Truck is on a mission to kill Sonic 😛 I’m loving City Escape and the music too 🙂

  5. I am very surprised that no one has noticed this, but at 5:27 you can see another poster, similar to Mighty and Ray’s Wanted poster. This one, however, features Bean the Dynamite and Bark the Polar Bear from Sonic the Fighters!! WOW!

    1. I Noticed, but I don’t think these things are anywhere close enough to bringing back some old, awesome characters. I WANT TO SEE FANG AGAIN!

  6. @Hunter297
    Did you consider going to this cuz poland is right next to germany. not that it’s not a far drive

    1. It is unknown. Its nearly 1000 Km to Cologne from Warsaw (Capital). I planned to go but family things ocurred. Well there is always 25th Aniversary 🙂

  7. Hi Everyone,
    Played this stage at GamesCom today. I was presently surprised with the level. It felt closer to SA than I expected, but sonic is still a bit too twitchy at slow speeds, like with Unleashed. The guy in front of me accidentally went off into a pit with a slight movement, like the wall and floor was covered in butter.
    Anywhoo, I enjoyed the level. Got an S Rank, but so did everyone else really. I hope they re-balance the rank ranges, or that these were simply demo values.
    Bottom line from me. At best, it’s a great ride with the high speed fun of Colours and technical execution of SA2. At worst, it’s fumbally at low speeds and a little easy for experienced fans. *ahem* pre-orders

    1. I just want to say that at first I REALLY hated this games announcement. I was fresh off of Sonic 4 and to hear about this game right afterwards and the concept just pissed me the hell off and I felt like I was ready to choke someone at Sega. The more I look at these videos though the better I feel about the game, that it’s not just going to be another grotesquely designed and programmed pile of crap designed to appeal only to my nostalgia from when I was a kid, that Sonic Team is actually getting better at what they’re trying to do, they actually know how to learn from their mistakes and actually care about the character past how far they can throw him.

      I’m still keeping my hands near my back end though to make sure I don’t fall into that potential Sonic Cycle again and get fucked.

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