UK & Spanish Retailers Listing Sonic Generations Special Edition For PS3 & Xbox 360

UK retailer GAME is now taking pre-orders on their website for a Sonic Generations Special Edition for PS3 and Xbox 360. This edition of the game is priced at £37.99 for Xbox 360 and an higher price of £39.99 for PS3, which is £5 and £7 higher respectively than the game alone. What’s weird is that the Special Edition is said to contain the content GAME has recently been advertising as a pre-order bonus for the game in-store. The same content is also advertised as a pre-order bonus at US retailer GameStop. Hopefully SEGA will clear this up and announce official details about the Sonic Generations Special Edition soon.

Sonic Paradise last week reported that Spanish retailer Xtralife is taking pre-orders for the Sonic Generations Special Edition in that territory. The website also heard from SEGA Spain that the company hasn’t yet decided who will be doing the voice dubbing for the Spanish version of the game.

Source: GAME UK

Thanks to Major Ziggy at the SSMB for the heads up on the GAME UK listing!

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    1. Lol! I remember that mess. Never trust Argos with pre-order promotions again, SEGA. No other UK retailers are currently listing it, so it might turn out to be a GAME exclusive.

  1. Well this is kinda crappy.

    The Xbox 360 special edition is cheaper than the PS3 version, but the 360 version includes avatar costumes? Game once again fails on it’s pricing. And they wonder why they’re going under?

    1. It could be the manufacturing costs of a Blu-Ray disc vs the costs of making a DVD – that’s one thing that the retailer can’t hope to change.

    1. Oh yes please!! I’d really like them to confirm a PC version so I can pre-order!!

  2. I have a feeling that those are just placeholder prices.
    I will import it if its GAME exclusive because they support my country.

  3. This just pisses me off. If it comes with exclusive content that can’t even be found anywhere else, I will loose my mind.

      1. Ya but this exclusive content can be found in other places, in this case: Gamestop

  4. If North-America doesn’t get anything good, I’m going to be pissed right the hell off. We’re the biggest demographic of fat, lazy-ass video-gamers…we need our fix!

    1. North America is getting Casino Night Pinball Mini Game, Themes, and a Super Sonic Avatar, you would have known that if you read the blog andor old ones.

  5. Let’s just hope Game Mania will offer the special edition too (in the Netherlands).
    At least they did with Sonic Colours.

  6. In all honesty I really do hope it comes to the U.S. (If there really is one) Lol every day I have been checking in on new info on a possible collectors edition, I like that kind of stuff, and especially if it has anything to do with Sonic.

  7. Spanish dubbing? So this means Sonic will actually be able to talk in Spanish, rather than subbing? If so, then I could get my Dad to like this game! xD

  8. It better have Japanese Voices for Modern Sonic with English Subtitle

    Other Information : there is someone who will miss all other sonic games + the next Summer of Sonic why I say it because my sister Nadine Wilkinson is also a sonic fan, but there is one problem she passed away and the cause is (!Cation! this may shock/upsetting) Cancer -.- I know I were upset because of that but we will remember her memories so please pray for her *Sob*

    1. Hm? The default language for your version will be the English dub. I sincerely doubt SEGA will do otherwise. However, you’ll likely be able to change the dub in the options menu.

      And I’m sorry to hear about your sister.

      1. You can always change your PS3 language (if its your version) this way I can play 06 and Unleashed in Japanese.

        I am sorry about your sister… Its sad but everyone will have to die (sooner or later) We just can hope we used our time how we wanted too.

        1. Sorry about your sister 🙁 I too hope that she got the time to do things she wanted to do in her life. May she R.I.P. :’)

  9. ohh i cant wait to hear sonic in dutch (sarcasm) but really why must EVERYTHING BE DUTCH HERE IN HOLLAND even sonic is now part of the damn videogames that will get a bad rep here in holland thanks to the dutch dub OH BOY YOUR GONNA LOVE THIS

      1. I know that feeling.
        Feels bad man, normally when I’m a slowpoke I get to the news late but when I’m checking around the clock news is slow c_c
        On the bright side, days later I finally saw the spoilers that everyone was talking about at the Sonic wikia.

    1. @iiLunar_Sonic
      Because its the time between E3 and Tokyo Game Show. by the time Tokyo Game Show comes there be more BOG NEWS!

  10. Chemical Plant Zone has been confirmed by Sega and so has the Sonic CD Race against Metal Sonic (Console Version, srry 3Ds) :O

      1. Look in TSSZNews. Sonic paradise asked SEGA Spain.
        Also they confirmed that bosses arent exclusive for Sonics because when asked wchich version of Sonic will fight him they answered “both versions will fight him”

        1. Ya, I just looked it up now. Thanks btw. Looks like SEGA might be revealing the stages by order haha. At least this is good news for the people who didn’t look at the spoilers! 🙂 although probably most of us did XD. I think there’s only a few people that didn’t look.

          1. It also means that even though we will be speeding through only 9 stages, the boss fights will be in different stages. Remember when you would fight Shadow in SA2 in Green Forest or Final Chase? And how about when you fought against Silver in Soleanna? I bet SEGA knew we would get pissed at the lack of variety in the stage list that’s why they’re making the boss battles have their own stages as well.

            This game, is and will be: Amazing

  11. Any news on a Ps Vita version of this game? I would love to have this game on the vita 🙂

    1. I think its false rumor. Vita version was only mentioned once and I think we wont see it but dont worry SEGA definetly have something for us (future vita users). They said that besides Virtya Tennis they have 4 other games in development 2 of them being brand new IPs and 2 of them being new games from most loved SEGQ series (Sonic is almost confirmed)
      I would prefer to have brand new game on Vita than just port.

      1. Sorry for those mistakes I am always writng comments from my phone and I have only virtual keyboard and its not always good thing.

      2. yeah i agree right now i am trying to decide if i should get a ps vita or a 3ds so having generations on the vita would realy help my decision. I hope the vita gets lots of fun sonic games though 🙂

    1. “The report also provides some information on the 3DS version, claiming that the special stages will be those of Sonic 2. Therefore, if Tails does happen to be following you, prepare to jump a few seconds early.”


      1. Lol you didn’t need to put in the second sentence. That was just a joke/funny tip from the person who wrote that.

        1. And that’s a lie. The special stages aren’t going to be based off of Sonic 2. REMEMBER THE SCREENSHOT of heroes’ special stage? I think SEGA was talking about how the stages will be based off Half/Full Pipes.

          1. @Ricky
            There will be specials for modern and cllasic remember that.
            There can be two different types of special stages one from heroes for modern and one from sonic 2 for cllasic.

        1. I can see it now…

          *after beating Chemical Plant Zone*

          Modern Sonic: Brings back memories, huh little me?
          CSonic: mmhmm ^^
          Modern Sonic: Guess we should head off to the next time zone, right?

          *Time hole pops open and both of them fall into Stardust Speedway*
          Modern Sonic: Ow!! What the..
          *Classic Metal appears*
          CSonic: *glares at him in fighting position*
          Modern Sonic: Aww look at the little Metal Sonic, smaller than ever I can seem you sure have grown up a lot in the future.
          Metal Sonic: *gets in racing position*
          Modern Sonic: Haha, well then – If it’s a race you want, then it’s a race your gonna get.
          Classic Sonic: *ready as well*
          *All 3 of them run through the Speedway*

            Or in Shadow boss fight at ARK.
            Sh: FAKER!
            Sonic: No! YOU!
            Sh: NO YOU FAKER!
            Sonic: NO HIM *points at classic*

            Or Silver
            Silver:I finally found him the Iblis Trigger.
            Sonic: Wha?! Hi Silver dont tell me you dont know me like Shadow?
            Silver: Oh I do know you Iblis Trigger! *see classic* Mephiles what I need to do?
            Mephiles voice: Kill blue Hedgehog…
            Silver: ITS NO USE THEY ARE BOTH BLUE!!!

          2. @ SA3
            Well since this is a ‘time travel’ adventure, Sonic would kinda shrug off Shadow and Silver trying to kill him. He beat them once and friendship leaned towards his favor, he can do it again.
            Dx I do hope for Mephilis to be a boss, hes the greatest next to Metal Sonic and Eggman Nega.

  12. GUYS! IMPORTANT INFO! The article on sonic paradise also confirms that there will be transitions beetwen sonics in boss fights or there will be 2 completly different boss fights! Because ‘Both Sonics will fight him”

    1. Can’t wait to see Classic Sonic kick Perfect Chaos’s ass.

      I also really wanna see Shadow’s reaction to getting pwned by a pipsqueak like Classic Sonic.

  13. I already have my 360 order from Gamestop. This probably isn’t a “Special Edition” – it’s companies offering bonus content that is used to entice people to preorder with a cost. What a scam :/

  14. Reason for lack of Avatar Costumes for PSN Home: Sega already made Sonic’s shoes. To make a Super Sonic costume, they’d have PSN turned on in Japan. Then, Sega has to make a PlayStation Home Environment created based on the Sonic Games, with various places, like a Station Square Hub where they can talk about Sonic, and a Chao Garden where they can raise their own chao, and offer up stuff on PS Home’s Shops, like Sonic Costumes, And clothing based on other games.

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