Sonic Fans at Comic Con Photo Gallery

Hey folks! Jason here and I just got back from comic Con where I had one of my best years yet! Since Sonic Generations and Sega had such a strong precense at the con this year, I thought I’d check and see how many Sonic fans I could find. There were more folks in blue hats than I could possibly take pictures of! Here’s some fellow fans hanging out at the con.

This young lady was working the freebie table in the badge pick-up area.

A Sonic fan through and through.

For the Shad/Amy fans

Sonic fan hanging out at the Nintendo lounge.

A Shadow fan at the Sonic/Mega Man panel

Another Sonic fan hanging out near the G4 booth.

A Tails fan is pondering…….something.

Just before I left on Sunday, I found a fan in full Sonic cosplay armed with a sword.

That’s it for now! I’ll have an interview with Archie editor Paul Kaminski up later this week followed by a new interview with Aaron Webber.

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    1. A Mario cosplayer came by the Archie booth and played Sonic Generations. It was amazing.

  1. Wow… some of these fans look pretty old.. and seeing them dressed like that. Uhh… looks kinda…. awkward. .___. Well, fan spirit, right? ^^;

    1. and the youngest looking person on there was the second one and she looked like she was 13 or 14. But I’m sure there were littler kids were there. but there is also other reasons like for legal reasons or just didn’t want their picture taken.

    2. last one (I hate when I keep leaving out stuff) that and there are also people that were sonic fans when it first came though so you have to remember that.

          1. I’m 28 and a masive Sonic fan from day ONE. If I had any chance to be at SDCC I would have been there in full Sonic get-up. These guys aren’t old, just HARDCORE!

  2. Something tells me that that the headquarters for sonic stadium is in the UK. cuz on my clock it says 8:42 and its saying that in the comments I just made above say 2:33.

      1. Across from Sonic R (which they made for in the first place) and Sonic and Sega all stars racing. plus have ported a game like this before?

        1. If I remember right. Heroes had PC version. SA1DX had PC version. And Mega Collection plus had PC version too. Sonic 06 was meant to have PC version but it was scrapped.

          1. Not surprising that Sonic ’06 port got s crapped and that somewhat pretty much the only game like generations

  3. The only one I saw out of these guys was the pondering Tails.
    Saw a couple more, but we were easily outnumbered by the Mario/Luigi cosplayers 🙁

  4. Mannn some of you commenter are a bit harsh… A fan is a fan, wether their older or younger, overweight or skinny, dressed well or not. I don’t understand all of this criticism. It really makes me sad to see other fans criticize one another. 8A8

  5. Are you guys going to the New York Comic Con? If so, Classic and Modern cosplayers are gonna be there!

  6. Who thinks that the 3ds version of sonic generations stinks and shoulda made it for PC

    1. @unknown
      Sorry bro but what do you want to achieve? We cant do anything. If PC version will come, it will come. We just have to wait. In my opinion 3DS version should be delayed to be more polished. Relase HD ver. On like 1-4 November (as listed in major retailers) and 3DS version on 25-30 November. Not that I will buy it I dont have 3DS.

      1. I think i know what SEGA is trying to do with the 3DS version. I think that SEGA is going to give the 3DS all of the good stages. The stages that im guessing right now, is

        1. Green Hill Zone (confirmed) (Sonic 1)

        2. Casino Night Zone (confirmed) (Sonic 2)

        3. Ice Cap or Hydrocity or Angel Island or Lava Reef Zone (Sonic 3& Knuckles)

        4. Neo Green Hill Zone (Sonic Advance)

        5. Techno Base Zone (Sonic Advance 2)

        6. Toy Kingdom (Sonic Advance 3)

        7. Dead Line Zone (Sonic Rush)

        8. Coral Cave or Haunted Ship (Sonic Rush Adventure)

        9. Tropical Resort or Sweet Mountain Zone (Sonic Colors DS)

        To be honest, the 3DS version should have more stages, but then again, they probably started making a little late.

        1. plus the 3DS is not as advanced in storage space then the PS3 blu-ray or the XBOX 360’s DVDs. they hold over 6 gigs (but the Blu-Ray is able to have up to 50GB) whilst the 3DS cart can only hold 2GB

      2. True but just saying. But from what I’ve seen from the 3ds it is … crap. Frame rate sucks level design has alot to be desired the notice on segabits that crush3d will be delayed due to 3ds not selling as expected and other things. plus the 3ds version doen’t come out til 2012

      3. my comment edit
        the crush 3d delay I relate to the 3ds version selling. Plus I’m sure people look on youtube to see what the game is like and if they don’t like they won’t buy it. Like what I saw about Wipeout the video game

        1. I know your worried that they might not have a PC version, but they most likely WILL! Its been revealed SEVERAL times, but never confirmed. I believe a PC version will come out, but not the same day as ps3/360. If SEGA hasn’t even confirmed a PC version, then we know that it will come at a later date. Don’t worry, I’m sure a PC version will come out.

          1. The major factor that will decide of game will be ported is reception. Remember Sonic 06? This was the same situation. Retailers were listing it but it never came.

            It was confirmed that 3DS will have 7 zones. I think Advance 1 and Colors will be skipped.
            My list:
            -Green Hill (confirmed)
            -Casino Night (confirmed)
            -Ice Cap (imagine rage if fans wont get it at least here but if its DLC for console ver. Then I choose Hydrocity)

            -Music Plant (advance 2)
            Cyber track (that 6th zone from advance 3 dont know if its correct name.)

            I dont remember Rush titles that much but boss of first Rush level should be Blaze and boss of Cyber track should be Gemerl.

          2. @SA3- Its like we have the same minds! Lol while I was typing my list, I was also thinking to myself that SA1 and Colors DS were gonna be skipped. I just addded all of the major titles because I don’t knoww which game SEGA will skip, so yeah.

  7. Ha ha! I dressed as Sonic for Halloween this (last?) year for school.
    Yet, I lost “Most Creative” to a freakin’ “Brownie Man”. Wut? I mean, if his costume was edible, then he deserved to win…

    Blarg. Oh well. Still have that costume – I’d wear it if I ever went to a gaming expo. Everyone knew who I was in school – they kept telling me to run XD (That was the most fun I ever had senior year).

    Ah, but I ramble…Great to see the fans are coming out. Where is Mario? We need a picture of the two together XD With Pac-man. Oh yeah. The gaming mascots of all time, together.

    1. Pac-Man? I always thought of Mega Man as the 3rd gaming mascot of all time.


      1. Pac-Man is actually the second most popular game icon of all time. Makes Sense because my Mother knows about Mario and Pac-Man but not Sonic (I sighed lol).

      2. Pac-Man, I believe, existed before Mario did, if I recall correctly. So it makes sense he is considered a legend, even to Mario and Sonic.

        I’ve played some of the arcade games. Ironically enough, I fail at them. I’ll stick with Galaga, thank you XD

  8. I love those Sonic hats. they’re comfy and proclaim your love for the Hedgehog at the same time.

    I need to get me one of those and wear it at our church’s harvest festival this year(our town is too small for us to go door-to-door). >.<

  9. Hey, I know i’m getting off topic, but did anybody that went to Comic Con see anyone wearing Minecraft stuff?

  10. Instead of having Classic sonic mute they should have jaleel white voice him even though he’s working with someone on a sonic fan film

        1. @Shadzter
          The director sometimes cancel it and then get back to work like 2 months later. I dont care about them too really.

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