F4F Asks: Would you buy a Fang the Sniper Statue?

Sonic’s circle of friends and foes has grown huge as of recent, but there’s a cheeky purple weasel who dates all the way back to Sonic Triple Trouble (Or Sonic & Tails 2 if you hail from Japan) who has been long since forgotten by SEGA since Sonic the Fighters. Fang the Sniper (or Nack the Weasel, again, depending where you are from!)  has become a cult fan favourite, particularly it seems, amongst like-minded merchandise hunters!

First 4 Figures, the creators of the Sonic, Super Sonic, Metal Sonic and the upcoming Knuckles statues amongst many other Sonic-themed figurines have posed a question on their facebook page…would you buy a Fang the Sniper / Nack statue? Now while this question is likely purely out of interest, how cool would it be to see this character immortalised in figurine form?

If you’re interested, head over to the facebook group and cast your vote – who knows what might come of registering interest!

I’ll take three – 2 regulars, and a special addition…with a working cork gun and light up Marvelous Queen please!

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    1. Mighty’s creator ran off with mighty’s copyrights. lol. so they can’t do nothin’ about it.

      1. Then how is he in City Escape posters from Generations?
        Cant Mighty creator sue Sega for that?

      2. Uh, no. That’s silly rumour form years ago that’s been dispelled time and time again.

        1. To bad that it was confirmed that the final Sonic Universe story ark this year will not be about Mighty and Ray

  1. I dont have any Sonic statues and I never thought of importing (In my country you wont find them) them… One day I shal and first figures I will import would be
    -Knuckles (because those my favourites)
    and Fang because its the only pre-adventure exclusive character I like.

      1. @unknown
        Hi long time no see since SEGA blogs were shuted down. Yeah I kinda dont like Amy now. She was okay in Adventure-06 time but now its Minnie Mouse. Yeah I hate this voice maybe she will improve in Generations.

        1. I can’t believe the blogs have been shut down for this long. And yes Amy may as well be minnie mouse but if you remember she had the same voice in adventure as it was in unleashed. But I don’t know what she sounded like in the black knight (btw really crummy game).

          1. There were actually different voices

            Jennifer Doulliard – Sonic Adventure – Sonic Advance 3
            Lisa Ortiz – Sonic X, Shadow The hedgehog – Sonic And The Black Knight

            Cindy Robinson – Sonic Colors (DS), Sonic Free Riders –

          2. @Truesonic – Ughh, I honestly dislike Amy’s new voice. I hate how SEGA made Amy look like she was on her period in Free Riders. However, in Colors, those mini-voice clips Amy had, sounded MUCH better. Same for Shadow, in Free Riders, he sounded like a human with a flawless voice 😉 and then in Colors, his mini-voice clips sounded like the way he did in ’06, which was really good! (Still like his SA2 voice better.) I hope SEGA has made improvements to the Sonic Cast’s voices, so they could sound better haha. The voices that I’m going to be skeptical about, are: Amy, Shadow, Silver, and Sonic. Sonic because SEGA has updated his voice to sound higher..sooo ya. Haha if it sounds like Jason’s, but a bit older, then I’m fine 🙂 I just hope SEGA doesn’t make Sonic’s voice higher than Jason, because then we will have a problem O_O lol.

          3. @Rickyrick

            Same here…but I’m hoping Cindy can improve on that…I really miss Lisa though :L and the same with Roger I miss Jason a lot (As Sonic and Shadow) but I hope Roger can improve in the future too and Kirk too. I found the mini clips okay but Amy was stilll higher pitched but then she’s even more higher pitched FR XD So I don’t like the voices either way but yeah they sounded decent and better in Colors DS

            My favourite lines are….Impressive, How goes your training, A Failure, good luck xD Espio’ and Charmy’s new voice is okay we haven’t heard enough but I prefer their previous voices (4Kids) better xD (David and Amy)

          4. Actually when I think about it new Shadows voice can be the best of all. Just listen to his shoort clips from free riders or colors (I dont remember) and stop on “handle it”. Listen to it some times… Its a mixture of both Jason and David he is just using different tone for free riders. If he change it in Generations we will have pretty good voice actor.

            Some people dilike Jason. I liked him and God he has talent. He was voicing Sonic, Shadow, Jet and Metal Sonic (!!!) He can do lots of differen voices.

            Silver is pretty good. New voice fits him. But Capella had some Spanish accent in his performance wchich was very fitting IMO 😉
            But I put my faith in Quinton Flynn. He can be nice voice for him.

            The Infamous Roger Craig Smith… If they make him sound like Ryan (SA1-Heroes voice) what he can do. I just feel he can sound like Ryan but his Colors Voice should die in fire.

            The only voice change I dont like and dont see any chance of improvment is Amy… This is madness! No further comments.

            And yeah new Espio Rocks 😀

            Oh and maybe Creams voice… Its a bit tl high.

          5. From listening to Roger’s voice a lot in Colors, I actually liked it, but I agree, his voice was too deep. The voices I’m satisfied with are: Espio, Tails, Cream and Rouge xD Rouge sounds like a hooker w/her new voice!

          6. @Rickyrick, Sa3 2011

            To be honest I don’t like any of the new voices with the exception of Vector,Orbot and Eggman but I’m not gonna complain, write death threats and sign petitions unlike some other people….

          7. @truesonic
            Vectors voice can stay the same
            Orbot needs a more robotic voice
            Eggmans voice can stay the same

          8. @Unknown

            I like Vector’s new voice the best out of all his previous voices but I also liked the past voices too

            Orbot’s voice is actuallly fine….I also liked his voice in Unleashed…maybe they can make it a bit more robotic Kirk who voices Shadow voices orbot IMO he does a much better job with that than his Shadow voice which I really don’t like

            and Eggman still has his 4Kids Voice which I’m happy he stayed I wish the others could of though (4Kids) 🙁 Mike Pollock is awesome 🙂

          9. @Truesonic
            Yeah when they annouced that they are changing voice cast I was scared to even look at forums. I mean for first time in my live I saw Jason haters saying “WE WANT JASON BACK LETS DO A PETITION” I mean WOW!

            I really liked 4Kids cast and Adventure cast. Both were very fitting. And I swear that if they even try to change EGGMANs voice I will personaly fly to SEGA America and sue them 😀 EGGMANs voice in Adventures was really good but for obvious reasons he wont be back R.I.P 🙁

            But I really like some changes for example: Espio, Vector, Silver and Blaze (her 4Kids voice was VERY good and I liked it but this one is more fitting IMO) and maybe Rouge. Kirk just need to change tone while voicing Shadow because it seems he is trying too hard. But in colors short clips we can see improvment I hope he will do better in Generations.

            Now for changes I dislike: Amy, Sonic (Please SEGA make him sound like Ryan or Jason his Colors voice is just… you know) I think thats all.

          10. @SA3 2011

            But I have to admit…I was pretty upset when the previous Cast were being replaced last year July 2010 but…I’ll always think of the past memories…It would be a dream for them to come back but I know it’s not possible now…But I liked everyone from the 4Kids cast and Some people from the Orginal Cast and a few amount of people in the current Cast

        2. @SA3 2011 – I’m actually SOOO GLAD they did not change Eggman’s voice. To me, its as Perfect as it can get. Just imagine if SEGA gave Eggman a new voice, and he sounded like a deep, black flawless man’s voice! XD (no racism) I would laugh so hard if I ever hear Eggman talk like that lol.

          1. @Rickyrick

            Yes HALLELUJAH Mike Pollock was kept….I’m glad at least one person from 4Kids was kept…I can’t imagine Eggman with any other voice Mike is the best Eggman voice IMO 😀

  2. No thanks, id rather see Eggman inside his spherical, flying machine lol (the one that robotnik has, like in Sonic 1)

    1. They have sold Classic Sonic, Super Sonic and have a Modern Sonic confirmed on the way. How many Sonics do you want them to do??!

  3. As much as I’d love a statue of Fang, F4F’s statues are outside of my price range. Way outside of my price range. So I wouldn’t buy one.

      1. Espio? Charmy? Vector? haven’t seen any of those the last time I recall we saw The Silver figure…Where’s a Blaze and Rouge figure or statue? D:

        1. I’ve definitely seen Espio and Vector Jazwares figures. They were in packs with Archie comics, IIRC.

          1. I saw them too. And I even saw Super trio (Super Sonic, Shadow and Silver) and there is even Iblis creature figure so I dont know why they didnt make Blaze, Rouge or Charmy.

  4. I probably wouldn’t buy one (not a fan of Fang), but I know there are people who are, so I think they should make one ^-^

  5. Probably not seeing as how I skipped on fat Super Sonic and Metal Sonic.. I’d still like to see one thou

  6. The more Nack the better. I’d like it if they made him as a little figurine. GE should make a plushie of him and Jazwares should make an action figure.

  7. What a stupid question, of course we want a statue of him..

    Better yet, Sega needs to bring him back.

    1. He could have appeared on Shadow the Hedgehog. With all those weapons, it would have been deliciously funny to see someone using corks.

  8. I don’t really buy statues like this, but if I did I’d probably consider getting it.

  9. OH HELL YEAH!!! I wasn’t expecting a Fang model, but would it be a big one like the Classic Sonic, Super Sonic and Metal Sonic? or a smaller model? Either way YES PLZ!!! OR Knuckles from Knuckles Chaotix with a glowing ring plz :3

  10. I’d buy them all if I had the money. I’d buy just one if I had the money. I’ll stop there.

  11. I think for the sake of the poll, people should vote “yes” anyway, so people who do have the money can at least get it. Better some people than no one.

    1. Not really.

      If only ‘some peple’ are buying the statue, it’ll be a loss for F4F to produce it.

      1. Statues like this usually come in limited quantity…I’m not one to buy them all, but I would spring for Fang for sure. I can guarantee you that the 1500+ figures will all be purchased.

  12. i am still waiting for my metal sonic statue, but yes a fang statue would go nice and a working pop gun. sounds almost too awsome

    1. They lost the licence to do small figures, so you won’t be seeing a series 3 sadly 🙁

  13. I’ve only bought the Classic Sonic statue so far but if I had the money I would definetly buy a Nack statue. As long as it looks cool and he’s got his sniper rifle with him then I’m game.

  14. They are almost at 250 likes! And there are more people that picked “who is he” than “he’s cool – but not statue cool”
    I wonder if they will end up talking to Sega about it or not. If they did a limited run of say 250 statues they could make their money, and maybe Sega will notice Nack/Fang again

    1. Fang is only pre-adventure exclusive character I like but like Lizuka said in interview “they wont ge in games because they are from pre-adventure era” besides I dont how Fang will find his way around. Rouge rival? Doc. Sideckic?

      1. Considering they are doing Sonic the Hedgehog 4, i don’t see how pre-adventure is out of the picture. Fang could easily fit in, and they do know he is popular, as posted back in 2009.
        But yes they did use the “couldn’t fit in” as an excuse. He wouldn’t have had to if they kept using him in the first place. But i digress.

        Story wise :

        Nack is a mercenary, a resident of the special zone (according to Triple Trouble assets), and is after the Chaos Emeralds to sell them to the highest bidder, he is a bad guy, an antagonist, crafty, sneaky, slick, mischievous and only out for himself. He has his gun and his air-bike, the Marvelous Queen.

        Rogue is more of a special agent now, working for G.U.N, and she wants the Chaos Emeralds because they are “pretty”, and believes all the gems in the world should be in her hands and calls herself a treasure hunter in that respect. Plus aside from the odd mean streak and double dealings, the stealing from Knuckles etc. (which does seem to be just so she can flirt with him) on the inside she is inherently good.

        Fang could be a rival for Rouge yes, working on opposite sides of the law, her being an agent and him being a mercenary. Or yes he could be hired by Eggman to steal the Emeralds or just get in the good guys way. Both of those ideas are very good and would work SA3 2011 🙂

        Abilities wise :

        What i don’t get myself, is the whole “where would he fit” “we don’t like having characters that are similar in traits or skills” rubbish. Sonic, Shadow and Metal are all hedgehog characters that can move at great speeds and have similar skills. Silver and Amy are two more hedgehogs that have different skills but are similar to the others being all hedgehog characters. You have Eggman and Eggman Nega, one being a parallel of the other in some ways but a little more psycho, wanting to actually destroy the world and such, but still pretty much similar. You have a group of three Babylon Rogues, that basically all play the same except fit into the “speed-strength-fly” setup and have different outwards appearance. You have Cream who aside from her attacking Chao Cheese is a female version of Tails and his abilities of flight. And last but not least you have the Gamma robots which are all basically the same, except Omega who doesn’t shoot as much as E102 does in Sonic Adventure >.<

        Yes they all have different back stories and they all have unique attitudes etc. But in refining the series to a "Speed-Strength-Fly" formula, all the characters asides from their outside looks, fit into those groups mainly. So both story wise, and abilities wise, you could easily bring Nack back, as there are similarities everywhere in the Sonic Universe.

        Hell why not make a new team of three, characters lost to the special zone that are perhaps a bit bitter. Have Nack as Speed, Mighty as Strength, and Ray as Flight. Or save Nack for a real baddie, working with Eggman or something, and have Bean as Speed, Mighty as Strength and Ray as Flight. I'm just tossing out dumb ideas here. But a reintroduction of Nack could be EPIC if done right. Just as an example, check out this fan art i found, their idea of a Nack reintroduction scene.


        One word…. EPIC!!!

        1. Havent creator of Mighty left SEGA with his copytight for Mighty? So I dont think he would be used.

          I think if Fang would ever return he should be a partner for Doc. And rival of Rouge at once that would make things interesting. It would be hard to find a good gameplay style for him but storywise there arent any problems.

          1. Yea, i don’t know how Sega handles things, but usually when you work for a company. If you create something while working for them, that asset belongs to the company. Including characters in games and comics etc.

            He created Mighty while he worked for Sega, so in theory Mighty should belong to Sega. That and there were art pieces etc of Mighty in the Sonic Gems collection extras, if they wanted to include those and Mighty did belong to the creator, then that would have breached his copyright too.

            So him owning copyright seems like a theory that may have a few holes in it.

          2. IF fang returns why not in somthing based of sonic adventure so you have knux rouge and fang as the master emerald hunters sonic shadow and metal sonic with sonic fighting eggman and metal and shadow just flipping each other off and having races untill the 3 just reach the final boss and tails eggman and wave YES I SAiD IT WAVE so you will have wave just standing in the way of tails while eggman is having problems with sonic (SORRY FOR THIS BAD thing im not that good at making game stuff)

          3. I thought of this idea but people will again bitch about alternate gameplay saying “I want to play SONIC game!” I loved SA2 but yeah this wont return.
            Besides I was thinking about 4 teams
            -Marine? Mighty? Espio? (still thinking about it)
            And EGG team:

            Large cast of characters doesnt it? But I think only Knuckles, Rouge and Fang should have treasure hunting while EGGMAN mech shotting and everyone else will have Speed formula with add-ons (such as Shadow chaos powers and Silver psychokinesis).

            Besides this cast would let us create most epic battles in series I mean just imagine: Sonic&Shadow vs. Silver&Blaze or Knuckles&Rouge&Omega vs. Metal&EGGMAN&Fang.

            Just think about it.

          4. And for last battle Super Sonic, Shadow,Silver and Metal(?) and maybe Blaze all will have to team up because there will be something more powerfull than all of them that would destroy the Earth so all will need to team up to fight it just like in old good SA2 times.

            And when I think about it… This could be real Sonic Adventure 3!

          5. Eggman and Fang together might be a great comic duo for the stories. Of all old characters, the only one I would really like to see back is Fang, because I really think he would fit. The sad thing is, depending on the game, the cork gun might be a little too childish. It would fit in games like Colors and Unleashed, but never in games like SA2 or Sonic 06. Atmosphere changes considerably from game to game in Sonic franchise, so it could be a bit hard to put Fang in there. Still I think he has a place, same way they use Cream in only a few games. They could also make a badass Fang replacing his corks for real weapons, but in that case they would be destroying his trademark.

          6. Yea, from memory the cork gun was Sega America’s idea. At that point in time they didn’t want “real” weapons in the game. Hence why they changed his name from Fang the Sniper to the less violent sounding Nack the Weasel. There was a scene in an early version of Triple Trouble where Fang actually shot Sonic. But they took it out. What with Shadow having proper guns, and the more desensitized attitude towards guns in general in video games now, i would assume Fang would get his proper Magnum’ish hand gun back again. Like you said, a cork gun would not fit in with the whole mercenary thing, and he wouldn’t be taken seriously.

            The only thing Sega would have to be careful with is if they did re-introduce Fang, and they manage to make him a real badass and a real likable and cool character in a badguy way, he may get more popular than some of the other characters, which is what Sega is probably afraid of to be honest. They don’t want to displace any of the characters they have taken so long to get people to be okay with.

          1. Better to be long and in depth and thought out, than short and pointless. Just saying 😛

        2. Mighty and Ray are good, they will never work with Nack/Fang. Bean and Bark would work for Him because they are comfirmed as badguys.

        3. Mighty and Ray are good, they will never work with Nack/Fang. Bean and Bark would work for Him because they are comfirmed as badguys.

          1. That’s true, even in the Archie comics, Bean and Bark are part of Fang/Nack’s gang now. His henchmen as it were.

  15. Didn’t he leave before Gems Collection tho? What i mean is, if he did have a copyright on Mighty and he did leave before Gems Collections release, then Sega shouldn’t have been able to put Mighty’s image’s and artwork in the extra’s section. But they did. So unless he left after Gems Collections release, that would mean Sega does own Mighty as a character. That and if you remember a few years back when they did that poll of what character would you like to see make a return in Sonic games on Sega Japan’s site, Mighty was on the list you could choose from. He wouldn’t be on there if they couldn’t use him. And to fit the Chaotix into a three man squad it stands to reason someone had to go. So i guess it was either going to be Vector or Mighty, both being able to portray Strength and all. But if Sega can find a place to fit someone as seemingly useless as Big the Cat then i am sure they will eventually come up with a place for Mighty and Nack etc.

  16. the statue i’d like to see is sonic vs knuckles from sonic & knuckles when they fight in hidden palace zone, sonic spindashing towards knuckles as knuckles side-steps and is ready to sucker sonic one with full force, know I would definatly buy that! with the mural in the background as well

    1. Like who? This is their classic characters series, they haven’t started on their modern characters series yet. They have announced it tho, and modern Sonic is first obviously. The only classic main characters left with no statue are Eggman (which they said would cost too much based on scale to the other statues) and classic Amy, who lets face it, probably wouldn’t sell as much as the others at a $150+ price tag.

      Then you have the classic Chaotix i guess, but no one on the First4Figures Facebook seems interested in them. Ray doesn’t have a very big following. Mighty does, but his two classic games compared to the four that Fang/Nack has been in, and the amount of requests for Fang/Nack on their Facebook page has piqued their interest i guess.

  17. I don’t understand! If they could potentially make a statue why can’t Jazwares make a figure?

    1. They can’t make the statue yet, they would have to get the character license from Sega first to use Fang/Nack’s likeness, and they are also assessing the popularity or potential buyers of such a character. Both things i would assume Jazzwares hasn’t done.

  18. No. I’d rather just be able to buy one of those awesome anniversary statues that the company decided to only make in limited quantities. I’d pay twice as much for one of those than for a figure of obscure Sonic character #4.

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