Sonic Generations Demo Now Available on Xbox Live & PlayStation Network

The Sonic Generations demo has been made available for Xbox 360 and PS3 users today on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store. As reported yesterday, just Classic Sonic is playable and only in one Act of Green Hill Zone, but with plenty of routes to explore, it will keep you busy for a few replays. Don’t forget, the demo will only be available for 20 days and all downloaded copies will expire after 20 days too. As with all retail game demos, Xbox 360 users will need an Xbox Live Gold Membership to download the demo for the first week. Free Members will get the demo next week.

The Sonic 20th Anniversary bundle has also been made available for purchase on the PlayStation Store today. An Xbox 360 equivalent is nowhere to be seen, so it appears this is a PS3 exclusive. The bundle includes Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, Sonic Adventure (and DX add-on), and the Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 dynamic theme. The bundle will be available for 20 days at the reduced price of (£13.99/€17.99/$19.99).

Have you tried out the demo? Share your thoughts on it in the comments.

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    1. Ooo, ooo, ooo! I know – you’re a fanboy who doesn’t like change! Did I win? I luv Internet Charades!

    1. Just make up a fake free 1 month gold account, download SG, erase the fake account you just made, then go to your REAL account, go to the GAME LIBRARY, then click on SG demo, and enjoy 🙂 if u need any help, just ask.

      1. Thats exactly what I did 😀
        Except I’m keeping the account to get the perks of Gold for a month.

  1. The game is awesome. Sure it has a few changes, what at first is kinda dissapointing. But I played the first level over 50 times and still I can’t stop playing it. It feels like the real classic with more speed, but not at the costs of platforming. I think sega is well on track with this game!

  2. I can’t stop playing this demo it’s too much fun 😐 I don’t even care that modern sonic isn’t in the demo, even though i wanted him in there so bad, pure epicness. Although there is one glitch i found in one of the lower paths which is kind of hard to explain. But basically when you jump you go to the opposite direction, as if you’ve hit something 😐 Only happens at this part in the cave.

  3. ya should put up gold account is needed on xbox360 to be able to download
    *frustrated over not having gold*

  4. The demo’s okay……I didn’t feel any nostalgia though. I wonder if SEGA is even done with the game yet? If so, then they’re probably working on fixing all the bugs, etc.

    Looks like I like Modern Sonic more than Classic 😛 maybe because of the burst of spped in 3D.

    1. its up on psn, FINALLY!!! I notice something on the psn when i saw the demo, ITS says , sonic generations demo #1 , is this means we are going to have a another demo about modern sonic?

      1. Did it really say DEMO #1? If so, then maybe on July 12th or later, we could play as Modern Sonic!! 😀

        1. Don’t think it says that on the EU PSN. Weird. It could just be because they’ll release a proper demo closer to release, but it would be cool if they’re going to release another early demo.

  5. Its like being transported back to 1991! OMFG its amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The graphics are out of this world Green Hill has never looked better, so far ive done 4 different paths so far, the animations look fantastic, it plays just like the original my god why the hell aint this out now! Only 1 minor complaint…. no animals in badniks so far but hey were 5months away from completion so you never know.

      1. Uhh, yeah it is! PSN just still doesn’t have it up yet. Glad I have an Xbox 😉 just wait haloteen, ur so impatient…those japanese people probably won’t be able to play the game AT ALL! And your complainingfor the game not being here yet?? just being a couple hours late?? Get outta here!

  6. Yeah it just went up on the PSN I’m downloading it right now. I’m glad it says demo #1 so there’s chance for the Next Gen Sonic Demo as well. 😀

    1. Either that, or PSN is trying to pull our legs. If we don’t get a demo for modern, I’m gonna slap SONY to another dimension, for lieing (that is if they do lie)

  7. I downloaded it this morning and played it several times. It’s almost exactly like the genesis games except for a couple of things:

    1. Spindash is too strong in this game. Also when you do the spindash you can’t instantly cancel it like you could in the past. Hopefully they change that up a bit.

    2. Sometimes Sonic feels like he’s heavy or something. Especially at that lower part of Green Hill where you’re in the cave

    3. There are some ramps where you go up it in ball mode and you’re forced backwards instead of going straight up or able to go forward.

    Other than that this game is looking to be ace! Happy 20th to Sonic today!

  8. We as Sonic fans are some of the most dedicated and loyal fans of any game,cartoon,comic etc. but we also are the most picky and ridiculously hard to please.Sega has been trying to appease to our every whim starting with Sonic 4 but they will not recreate the classic Sonic The Hedgehog game because that was in the past. ATTENTION SONIC FANS this is 2011 not the 1990s we need to move forward not backwards; this is not to diss the demo but we wanted ,or at least I wanted, to play as modern sonic in the Generations demo. Other than that, great demo and Im definitely buying it (for modern sonic).

  9. First time I played I got dizzy. It goes so fast! I love how it’s coming out. The physics are really in play for the game, and I had a blast playing it over and over. There’s so many paths throughout the level, which makes it even more entertaining. I am definitely going to be replaying this level until the download expires.

    Happy 20th Anniversary Sonic!!!!

  10. I downloaded it not too long ago and I’ve been playing it ever since. I’ve been on every route you can go on the Green Hill. The graphics are amazing and the spindash is extremely fast. I couldn’t believe how fast Sonic went when I let go of the button. I can understand what you mean when you that Sonic feels heavy, but all in all it plays a lot more like the classic Genesis stages than Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 does anyway.

    They must have just gave us a unfinished version of a demo, because if you watch the trailer you can clearly see classic Sonic doing his motion when he looks like he is going to fall off the platform when he stands near the edge of it. However in this demo he doesn’t do this. Try standing near the edge of a cliff or platform, he doesn’t do his balancing stance for some reason.

  11. The demo is great. It’s a polar contrast to Sonic 4. Instead of no momentum, This game has tons of momentum, perhaps aliitle too much. The only grip is with too much momentum, the control can get alittle loose. But other than that. I have no objections with Sonic Generations. It’s looking great Sega, Keep up the good work.

  12. So.. the demo 🙂
    I was nicely surprised by how they managed to capture quite a lot of what made the originals so fun. Mainly, SONIC HAS MOMENTUM! Hallelujah.

    There’s a couple of things I would improve on between now and the final release however.
    1) When you’re holding down and press jump once (to spin dash) Sonic does this weird pathetic roll which only takes him about half a foot infront of himself. However, if you press twice he speeds off like a god-damned rocket! It would be nice to have a little more control. In the originals you could use the spindash to clear gaps you otherwise wouldn’t be able to jump and having control over the speed of your dash was crucial to making those precision roll-jumps. I just don’t feel I have any control over Sonic in Generations when I spin-dash and then jump. He’s like a bowling ball out of control.
    2) The camera is too zoomed in, making it hard to see what’s coming up in-front of you.
    And finally…
    3) In the originals (and trust me, I’m not just saying I like this BECAUSE it was in the originals) you could roll up a wall and then press jump to jump off the wall and use the d-pad/analog stick to control more which direction Sonic went in. If you ask me, one of the things I love most about the originals and the Sonic Advance games is how fun it is to just mess around with the physics. While the physics in Generations are serviceable I just don’t feel the same joy when the game seems to throw a hissy-fit whenever I try and jump into the arc of a loop, or angle a jump off a wall.

    I’ve always found it odd that even though Sonic 4 was made by Dimps they chose not to use their Sonic Advance engine for Sonic’s movement. I don’t think anyone here will disagree that it is by far the most accurate representation of the original’s physics system in any Sonic game since the Mega-Drive/Genesis era, and just as much a joy to play and to experiment with what crazy shit you can get Sonic to pull off.

    In summary, Classic gameplay in Generations is, at present, a HUUUUGGGE improvement over Sonic 4 Ep1, but there’s still some way to go before we can feel the same thrills we once felt just having fun with the physics and considering the completion of the level almost as an aside. It comforts me that as you load up the demo the first thing you are greeted by is a message from Sonic Team stating that this is a work in progress and does not necessarily represent the final product. I hope it will not…

  13. i like how hey did it i only saw one flaw when you go through the wooden loop at the end of it sonic ends up facing backwards its not any trouble but thats the only problem i caught in the game its fun cant stop playing P.S. i beat the stage in 58 seconds who can beat my record?

  14. I downloaded the demo on both the Xbox 360 and PS3 and I’m loving it! He goes awesome fast! I like how if you hold the X/Square button he’ll spin dash without you having to crouch down and charge it. I hope we get a Modern Sonic demo once this one runs out.

      1. LOL. Don’t get your undies in a bunch there little fanboy.

        I expected both versions of Sonic. Hardly too much to ask for.

        1. Thank you. You think for a game who’s whole gimmick is two versions of Sonic, you think we get to try out both. It is not mandatory that EVERY SONIC FAN squeeees at an HD remake of old levels; some of us just wants another good Sonic game.

          That is why if the rumor about the time unlocking feature in the demo (which will gradually open up more levels to play) doesn’t come true, I’m not gonna bother with this game. I’m not gonna buy this game where I’m not part of the target audience 🙁 Oh well, always next year 😉

  15. So apparently since it’s rated RP right now, no one can get it? I just tried and it’s said cannot download because of rating or sumthin?

  16. Yeah, since I don’t have an 18+ account, I’m not allowed to download the demo. I even spent like 20 minutes on the phone with the Xbox support line, and he said I can’t get the demo because you have to have a 18+ account to download RP content.


  17. @tthew ray
    I got 54 seconds.

    And to whoever said it I got Sonic to do the balancing animation you just have to get REALLY close to the edge.

    1. Really? I will have to give it a try. Obviously this isn’t the final version of the game as it states it before you start playing the demo so they will probably make the animation a bit better when standing near the edge. Honestly though even if they didn’t fix this it wouldn’t bother me, the whole demo is awsome and I’ll probably spend most of my time speeding through the levels anyway on the final version to notice. However, knowing that they are still working on the final version is telling me that Sega (Sonic Team), released the demo not only for fans to celebrate Sonic’s 20th Anniversary, but to get fans feedback on the demo itself.

  18. sonic needs to jump higher…you feel like knuckles in sonic n knuckles, needs more freedom while comin of a ramp at the bottom near the end…..ova all the rest feels like original….its awesome!! 🙂

  19. Only two complaints with this demo… There is a bit of a delay on the playstation version between pressing the button and jumping, throws your timing way off, don’t know if this is just mine or not since i haven’t seen anyone else mention it yet. The other is how high you jump and how heavy you feel when you jump. Sonic should jump a bit higher than he does right now. Other than those two things awesome demo and a real return to form for sonic. Can’t wait for the full game!

  20. My best time on the level is 58:74. Trying really hard to get it lower, but finding it hard to even when using the top path and managing to stay up there.

  21. I so called it. Green Hill Zone as the only playable level in the demo. However I was expecting a play through with both modern and classic sonics. What really caught me off guard was the single button spin dash, so by pushing/pressing the X/Square button (360/PS3 respectfuly) Sonic would automatically spin dash. at least you can still do that the old fashioned way by pushing/pressing Down on Control Stick or D-Pad and press/push A/X (cross) (again 360/PS3 respectfully). This reminds me of the Sonic 3-D Blast control scheme where A/C was to jump and B was to spin dash (or you can reverse the controls) Meh you all have me beat the fastest time for me was 1:31:36 the slowest for me was a little over 2mins.

    1. Your not Takashi Iizuka! He doesn’t talk like that! >:( Quit impersonating people! You can go to jail for that sh*t.

  22. My best time is 49.96, and I have a video on youtube of it being slightly under 54, 53 something.

  23. A modern sonic demo will be coming after this one expires methinks. On PSN it says Demo #1. No other demo has that, so I’m 99% sure I’m not wrong in theorizing this.

  24. ★ SG (PS3) DEMO ISSUES ★

    -If you fall onto an enemy from a high point, you’re supposed to bounce back up to the height from which you fell. No matter the distance. Even if you fall from the top of the level you should bounce equally as high up.

    -If you spindash onto a halfpipe and then jump midway through, you’re supposed to gain far more airtime! That’s a pro-tip from the oldschool.

    -If you hit a spring while running, it’s not supposed to stop your momentum!! Nor should you be pushed forward by a mysterious force when casually rising out of a halfpipe at full speed!

    -Sonic is too heavy. His jump definitely needs some strengthening.

    -Orbs don’t stop when rolling downhill…. Seriously, who doesn’t know this?

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    – The Sonic CD vertical spring animation should’ve been used IMO… It’s nicer to look at. Also, the ‘death’ animation is absolutely wrong and the camera is a bit too far off from Sonic.

    -Sonic’s Classic model should be more similar to the Sonic CD template, which is essentially a vastly improved Sonic 1.

    * * * * * * * * * * *

    Despite my critique, the game is looking fantastic and is beautiful. I’m confident that most of the issues listed above can be fixed by time the game’s officially release later this year. Cheers!

    PS: Sonic CD is the 3rd entry in the Sonic franchise (but takes place before Sonic 2). It deserves more respect and recognition from fans, and especially from SEGA! I’m keeping my fingers crossed to see Collision Chaos , Wacky Workbench, or Stardust Speedway in this game.

    1. Totally couldn’t agree more with your Sonic CD perspective, and using some animations from Sonic CD would be a nice homage especially if it does not appear in a level form in the game. I would have at least liked to see the race between Sonic and Metal Sonic portrayed in the game. Metal Sonic does make his first appearance chronologically in Sonic CD, and the race was epic back then, it could be made into something really awesome now.

      1. I don’t think this is giving out a Spoiler, but in the leaked list I saw from Retro/Wrecks/google searches, I didn’t see one single Sonic CD stage 🙁 I was slightly dissapointed, even though I only played the game very little. I think SEGA didn’t put any CD stages on, is because I remember seeing this one SEGA article, saying that Sonic CD is not part of the Sonic the Hedgehog Original Series. I think SEGA also said that this game was not as popular as the Sonic 1&2 series, and that not many people knew about the game.

        Don’t give up hope yet, I can say that the leaked list was VERY SHORT for the classic levels. Since this was only info obtained from the demo, this probably wasn’t even the final stuff. The leaked stage list looked incomplete, and very questionable.

  25. I Love the demo, this shit takes me back to when i was 11 years old. Thank you sega for releasing the demo without that 3d shit you have been putting out lately, This is sonic at its best please release a full game like this without 3d stages and modern sonic.

  26. I enjoyed it but to be honest it did feel a bit stiff? for lack of a better word when it came to the actual platforming part.
    Some of the areas seemed to force momentum on you too such as the S bend thingy in the wall.
    Loved the colourful imagery though!

    Just my 2 cents =)

  27. The only problem I saw with the demo is the motion blur was a bit headache inducing. Scenery moving that fast towards you is one thing, going right to left is another.

  28. There were a few issues with the demo but all in all it was pretty solid. A few strange momentum pieces here and there, but watching back the City Escape trailer they don’t seem to be present in the current build, or at least the spin-dash has been toned down. They have quite a few areas where they’ve got strange boundaries for platforms and you can ‘float’ in midair, which is strange considering they’re using Havok physics…

  29. really enjoyed the demo, got it on PS3 🙂
    Just got it last Friday! just in time.
    loving the retro sound effects, glad they didn’t change the music too much.
    Hoping to get the bundle too, anyone got it yet? could someone tell me their thoughts on it?

  30. After playing it for hours, I have a few things I thought about the demo.
    1. Momentum was forced at times, and it was very noticeable
    2. Graphics aren’t that great, I honestly don’t give a crap about graphics, but the lack of anti-aliasing on sonic was sorta noticeable. I expect this to be fixed in the final version of course.
    3. The spindash is cheap, haha, no way around saying that, it really just needs to be tweaked a little.
    I really like the demo regardless, and i know in the 5 months of production they have left, they’ll make it better.

  31. I have only been able to replicate it a few times, and only on the jumping fish baddies in the demo, but if you spam the jump button after you rebound from some of the enemies Sonic looks like he does trick poses. I got him to do some kind of jump kick motion and a weird finger pose in the air, but its kinda hard to do, it seemed to work best on the fish baddies on that first double bridge bit.
    Just wanting some conformation that i am not in fact seeing things, anyone else accidentally pull this off at all?

    1. WAIT, Did you do that on PS3, or 360? Because this one guy did it to a crabmeat, on his ps3. I tried doing it on my 360, but idk how sonic does that cool pose! Can you please try it again, and let me know exactly how you did it? 🙂 Also, let me know if its possible to do it on other badniks 😉

      1. Yea, I was just playing the demo and after it hit one of the fish baddies that jump up from under the bridge, I absentmindedly hit the jump button again (too much Sonic 4 and new generation games I guess) and then to my surprise Classic Sonic did what looked like some kinda skater pose in the air pointing his arm and finger out and all. So I tried it again and nothing, but after a fee tries it happened again but this time he did a little kick with his legs out in the air.
        Maybe it’s a bug or maybe it’s an Easter egg. But it doesnt happen every time, and personally I’ve only got it to happen on the fish badniks. Pretty nifty tho 🙂

          1. Either that Sonic Pose is a PS3 exclusive. Now I understand….I’ve been trying it for a while, and it still doesn’t work, because I have a 360. I’m actually kinda glad that pose isn’t for 360, because say there’s a chain of enemies, and when you hit the first one, Sonic does that annoying pose, and gets hit by the next badnik. XD

  32. I played the demo and it was amazing but like some of you guys I wanted the modern Sonic stage. I mean I enjoy playing the retro Sonic games but i am more into the 3d perspective Sonic games like Sonic Unleashed and soon to be played Sonic Generations. Also I think the leading platform for every sonic game should be the xbx 360.

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