Pre-Order Sonic Generations PS3/Xbox 360 at GameStop and Get an Exclusive DLC Pack

Planning on picking up the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of Sonic Generations? Well, if you’re in the U.S. you can bag yourself an exclusive DLC pack by pre-ordering a copy of the game at GameStop.

Here’s what you can get:

* Casino Night’ Pinball Stage: Play through this all-new mini-game inspired by Casino Night’ from Sonic The Hedgehog 2′, and relive some of your favorite gaming memories in stunning HD.
* Super Sonic Costume: Give your avatar the ultimate make-over with the iconic super transformation’ character.
* Theme: Give your console the ultimate Sonic experience with a theme created exclusively for this pack.

Source: GameStop

Thanks to SSMB member Eternal Awesomeness for the heads up!

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  1. Wait, this applies for EVERY Gamestop in the U.S? How do we know we will get this DLC anyway? Do they put the DLC inside the game? Or as soon as we start playing the game, we will see the mini-game??? AHHH! I’m confused, how does this work????? I really want that costume, and stage!

    1. With DLC gifts you’re usually given a code you put into the PS Store or Xbox Live Marketplace and then download the item(s).

      1. So, when I get the game from Gamestop, the person will hand me a card or something that has a code in it? I thought you can’t do codes for downloading DLC. I thought you could only enter codes to get Microsoft Points, or Playstation Store Points? Ehh, I guess Ill just ask the cashier or something when I get it. 😛 thanks anyway.

        1. Yep, this has been done with many games before. If you pre-order instore you’ll get a card with a code on it that will let you download the pack for free (if this offer is instore too) and if you pre-order online, you’ll get sent the code via e-mail. For example, I pre-ordered Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for Xbox 360 online at UK retailer GAME and I got sent a code via e-mail to download Banjo Kazooie from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

          1. When I pre-ordered Dissidia Duodecim for PSP, and I picked it up, they printed the Kingdom Hearts Cloud Costume on the reciept.

        2. You don’t have to ask.

          Most likely the person you preorder with won’t be the same person you get the actual copy from.

          You see, they give you the reciept, you keep it I think. But I don’t think you have to, it’s just helpful.

          When you go to preorder it they look at the recent or you give them your info so they can look you up, see that you preordered and then only charge you whatever you didn’t already pay.

          The reciept they give you for the game should have a code on it for you to go on online and enter so you can get the DLC which is only accessable with that code. (That means you if someone else bought the game but didn’t preorder and they used your code they could get the DLC but then you wouldn’t. So don’t give it away like a dummy. lol)

          Also preordering’s worth it anyways. You play less than full price when preordering and pay less than full price when it comes out due to playing at seperate times and both combined equally full-price. That and it reservse you a copy, so no worries on the “sold out” issue. =P

  2. No PSN or Xbox live and I live in Europe :/ hopefully others will get their share later…

  3. FUCK, I JUST SAW THE LEAKED LEVEL LIST FROM SONIC RETRO & WRECKS! *WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS 🙁 I didn’t wanna look at the list, but I had to! If you really wanna be surprised by the game, DON’T GO ON THOSE WEBSITES 🙁 PLEASE people!!

    1. WTf…only 9 worlds from the websites…..but wasn’t that claimed false by Aaron Webber…unless he was lieing…hmmm this is strange, idk what to believe now

        1. Awwwwwww… least [Spoiler removed] 😀 But then why would Aaron lie to us? And SEGA needs to learn how to keep secrets :/

          Shadzter edit: Please don’t post spoilers from the leaked stuff.

          1. I can’t remember what he said exactly, but whatever it was, he was probably just trying to get people off the scent. He probably didn’t even know the final list himself. I’d wager only Sonic Team and SEGA Japan knew these full details.

          2. Hmmmm, I guess your right, oh and sorry for that spoiler, just saying an opinion, but ill just keep my mouth quiet 😉

        2. I’m not going to spoil it for myself, but there better be a decent amount of old levels, if there isn’t any Sonic CD levels I’ll be rather sad too :/ having the race against Metal Sonic in Stardust Speedway in HD would be so awesome!

        3. Not sure if my body wants…..but I guess I can look. After Gen 5 of the final Pokemon got leaked, it was must have, might as well not stop here with Sonic xD

      1. uhhh… the magazine said the game was coming out in October. He had to debunk it.

        Besides, it was a “Near-final” list. Maybe there’s more?

        Oh yeah, the original list wasn’t sure about Sonic Heroes’ stage yet. lol

  4. It would be cool if this was one of a number of zone-themed mini games. It would allow them to squeeze more zones into the final offering.

  5. Hahaha~ Pre-Ordered. x3
    I’m thinking that posting this up was a very dangerous thing for the useres here on TSS… well, dangerous for our wallets, atleast.

    * patiently waits for release of Generations *

  6. I swear, if someone leaks the stages, I’m personally going to their house and (insert threat)

    Sometimes it does pay to live in the U.S…. but we haven’t heard if EU are getting anything, might be something better, who knows 🙂

    1. I’m afraid you’ll have to pay visits to all the people who hacked the demo. I read on Sonic Retro that stage, boss, power-up, and supporting cast lists have been discovered. Even a model of Knuckles is apparently in the process of being extracted.

  7. Australia better bloody get this as well. I want to play some Pinball lol. I don’t even have a 360 but willing to buy one for this game lol.

  8. I sure hope the UK gets this or an alternative! Chances are it’s GAME lol
    I hope other retailers will have different pre-order bonuses, would be very cool!

  9. Hopefully the Super Sonic avatar costume has an actual MASK on it.

    I don’t want to see my avatar’s face.

    1. right… because it won’t look and play pretty much the same wither way. *sarcasm* XP

  10. Yaaaay, no casino stages on leaked lists. Sad they didn’t include any CD stages, though. Maybe on DLC.

      1. HEhehehe…. i dunno if you are being ironic! I tried to comment about my feelingg without any major spoilers from the list. Hope I could do it!

  11. I saw the list a while ago hopefully those aren’t all the levels…I’m happy with the characters and bosses that are confirmed for now hopefully they will be more appearing too I won’t reveal here though…

  12. just one question. how do you get all of this information……..from a demo? how do you pick apart a demo?

  13. It apparently doesnt exsit where I live cause I went to gamestop today and they never even heard of this DLC so… FUCK!!!

    1. Same here, but the GameStop website says it exists, so I’ll just hope for the best.

  14. That’s actually a pretty awesome deal and seeing how the game will probably cost like 40.00 its even better 2. Games in 1!

  15. I actually pre-ordered it on Sonic’s b-day without seeing the post for the cool add-ons on the game and I didn’t even know about them

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  18. Wow….what an awful pre-order bonus. How about just making a special edition which costs more money and comes with something y’know…good?

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