E3 2011: Sonic Generations City Escape Gameplay



GameSpot.com showcased a live demo of the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Sonic Generations this evening with SEGA’s Patrick Riley and the game’s director Hiroshi Miyamoto. In the demonstration is more of Green Hill Zone as well as an unexpected showing of the newly revealed stage City Escape, which was only shown behind closed doors up until now. Like with Green Hill Zone, the stage has been revamped for both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic, and as we told you in our eyes on preview, the GUN truck returns and is now more dangerous than before.

Anyway, what are you still reading this article for? Check out the gameplay videos of both Acts above courtesy of SSMB member Dusk Golem.

If you want to watch the whole demo, including more footage from Green Hill Zone and the full Q&A, SSMB member Woun has uploaded the whole thing to YouTube. We have that for you below.


Thanks to Dusk Golem and Woun at the SSMB for the YouTube uploads!

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  1. GUN is flaming vicious! and it can scale walls? guess that means all cars in Sonic’s world can traverse those crazy paths as in radical highway (and other city like levels) are built in loop de loops, cork screws etc.

  2. Seriously GUN? You still can’t tell it’s Sonic even in his Classic Model? XD The boarding in the Modern version gives me a HUGE Crazy Taxi vibe!

    1. Actually Shadzter I’d call it expected rather than unexpected since they showed GHZ gameplay as soon as they showed the GHZ Trailer. lol Plus it’s E3!

      But I really wanna hear a clearer version of Modern Sonic’s “Escape From The City!” >w< lol

    2. Woops. I didn’t meant to post that as a reply, it was just suppoed to be a comment. Hm, weird.

      Tho I was gonna reply to you that of couse GUN knows it’s Sonic that’s why they’re chasing him! They thought Shadow was Sonic, they think Classic Sonic is Adventure Sonic!

      All for the same reasons too. You gotta remember at the time not many citizens had seen Sonic up close or very clearly as he’s fast. Seeing him run on screen, they can’t tell the difference, especially if they only expected ONE super fast hedgehog to exist. A mere appearance difference could be a desguise as far as they know, otherwise they look similar enough. =)

  3. Nice, this is like a death-killing stage 😀 never expected that from city escape :O

  4. do they ever shut up? i would rather like to hear the stage music. but no, they have to hear themselves talk the whole freaking time

    1. like “see here we have a giant truck weaving in and out of the background” like we can’t SEE that you moron

    2. And the dude hardly answered a single question that the other guy asked. It was always, “were not talking about that yet… unfortunately were not talking about that just yet… yeah but were not…” really?? why did he even attend? Did he expect the questions to be trivial?

  5. Epic… The Killer Truck wow This is getting interesting Haha unexpected 😀

  6. The commentary is nice with all the new information and what-not, but;


  7. Awesome the level is twice the size of the original! That truck is even more meanacing! I can’t wait to see what they have cooked up for Emerald Coast’s “Killer” Whale chase scene, that is if Emerald Coast is planned for generations

  8. If Big that cat is standing on the side of the road during the truck scene I might just die lol

  9. At 10:56, there’s a question mark instead of the name of the stage City Escape. Look for the reflection on the background…

  10. “This is an incredibly vertical city.”

    Wish I could hear that in real life!

  11. “This is an incredibly vertical city.”

    Wish I could hear that in real life!

    P.S. According to the large man who eats well, the name of the truck is GUN. That’s right. GUN is no longer the military force but instead a giant buzzsaw armed truck. Why is it always dimwits who demo the Sonic games? Remember the chick who demoed Sonic Unleashed?

  12. Anyone catch the “wanted” poster for nack?Maybe he has something to do with the plot.Would be cool to see him back.

    1. Didnt steven king wright a book on a killer car?LOL had to make that reference. Sadly the name of the book escapes me.

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