Details of Sonic Adventure 2 Anniversary Soundtrack Release

With the Sonic Adventure soundtrack released only a few weeks ago, details of the second anniversary soundtrack installment are now coming to light.

Sonic Scene have obtained a high quality image of the soundtrack cover, along with the full track listing on the album. Many of you will be pleased to know the abridged 30-song tracklist is the cream of the crop, featuring themes of all of the main characters along with Escape from the City, Metal Harbour and Pumpkin Hill to mention a few.

The album will be released on the 22nd of June, and will be the modest price of ¥2,400 (£19/$30) as stated on the Japanese Sonic 20th Anniversary page.

Thanks to Woun for the heads up!

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  1. Well I think they could have come up with a cooler cover than the one from the game itself… Still would LOVE to get this if I was not broke… haha!

  2. Hey guys, what if some of these stages will make it into the cut for Generations? I mean, SEGA did say that all of the music will be updated! That would be so cool if Sonic did a Knuckles stage, though i’d doubt it, due to the song saying “Its me KNUCKLES and I’m BACK!” Lol

  3. @RickyRick
    Ah, yes, but… they could do SKY RAIL.
    If you remember it looks very similar to pumpkin hill.

    1. But classic Sonic can’t grind 🙁 and Sky Rail was one of my most favorite Sonic stages.

      1. Yes, and Green Hill Zone doesn’t have rails at all. But that didn’t stop Modern Sonic in Green Hill Zone did it? 😉

    2. It doesn’t just look like Pumpkin Hill, it is Pumpkin Hill! All the mountains are in the same places, shapes, and sizes!

  4. So glad I have the full version. This one has some really good ones, but… like the SA one, it’s just not complete.

  5. I absolutely adore that the OST is getting another release, but am I the only one who really just wants a remade version of SA2 on the 360/PS3? I mean they did it for SA1 and I love it to death, so why not 2? Just my opinion~

    1. I would love to see SA2 re-release for 360, havent run thru Battle for GC another time, just waiting for the announcement lol.
      And i might pick this up, i have the 2 disc SA2 soundtrack, but disc 1 was cracked when i got it and after awhile became unusable (and i got it off of ebay, so i couldnt return it). But it looks cool, might save my money for Sonic Generations Soundtrack when that comes out early next year.
      Does anybody know if this soundtrack or the Sonic Adventure one will be available in the US or on itunes???

      1. Well, this depends on game rankings. Since SEGA’s best 2 sellers were SA and Crazy Taxi, those got ported first. Idk what rank SA2 is, but I too hope it at least gets worked on this year…

        1. Sadly SA2 sold porly on Dreamcast because it was relased after SEGA terminated the console.
          Bur SA2 is still considered as ind of the best DC games.

          They will probably tell us something on E3 just like it was with SA2.

          And BTW
          I have some sort of evidence for SA2 port coming. I’ll search for my old links but just to let you know. Sega digital manager was answering questions on ps blog I asked him if we will have SA2 port anytime soon.

          At begining he said nothing but later I asked store manager the same thing. He answered that SA2 was in GC only so this might be the problem. All gamers started to correct him so Sega digital manager corrected him then he asked him to „RELASE IT. Stop the madness”.
          Then Sega digital manager answered „Shsh” to be silent about it.
          Later he asked my question and a question of guy who wanted Shemune port. The answer was the same
          „Just beetwen you and me… My lips are sealed but if Sega worldwide annouce something I’ll be happy to tell about it here”

          I’ll look for my links in meanwile tell me what you think about it.

          1. Wow, I never knew that. I only had SA for Dreamcast. Then I had SA2 for GC, I hope SA2 sold well on the GC! That stunk that right after SA2 came out, the DC was just getting terminated…Even though this whole “best-seller” is SEGA’s plan, I think they should just pick the games SEGA feels to port. About that answer to question, I dislike it when they say stuff like” I can’t say nothing, wait for more details” The fact that the digital manager said “Shhs” and ” my lips are sealed” means that he probably desnt know what games are up next for port. Hmmmm….I just hope all those people wanting SA2 comes to SEGA’s mind. I’ve also heard rumours about a DC2. If SEGA does make one, we may finally get our SA3! And its okay, you don’t need to find your links, I believe you and thanks for telling me all this 🙂

          2. And sorry for the mistake, I did have SA2 for DC, I just couldn’t remember it at the moment haha 😛 I remember because the opening shows the SA2 logo being put together, and the background is in space right? Haha and the disc showed Sonic and shadow painted in white XD I still remember the good graphics SEGA made in their time 😀 Also, idk if you had SA2 for DC, but in some Sonic stages, you find Big the Cat stuck in places! XD I still rememeber that, and it was so funny!!

          3. uhh no dude after trying to read your weird wrightings he said IF so no evedince my boy and clearly SEGA would have ported SA2 to the xbox360/pc with the dreamcastcollection and made it downloadebel on psn store

  6. Yes I had but sadly my Dreamcast died 4 years ago so I cant play SA2 anymore thats why I want a port.
    Those Big moments were funny but I was addicted to replaying ARK stages I really like them and I hope they will remade at least one for generetions.

    Thanks that you belive me because while I know where „Shush” scene link is I cant find second link.

  7. seeing shaodw in that picture i got a question : there are a few guys going around youtube saying its hyper shadow but is that true i mean isent a hyper form supose to be with all the colours of the emeralds not to start i war but i think its pretty dumb that people think that

  8. As much I would like to see SA2 re-released. I want to see Sonic CD re-released more. Having all 5 games in the classic series, including Sonic 4 would be a epic win on my book. With both Japanese and American soundtracks for god’s sakes.

  9. Ah,this to go along with sonic adventure 1 complete soundtrack would be an awesome addition!I love listening to this music.

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